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Gabriel W.
New York, New York
Find YOUR voice and increase range, power, dynamics, ease, stamina and control with a great teacher!
My approach is best defined with one word: natural. Everything about you is unique, including your voice. Imitating denies this simple fact. So I'm all about stripping away all imitation, getting you in touch with your voice and then making that signature voice of yours strong and flexible. Your voice should be as unique as you are. I work with all levels and if you don't like my lessons - I will give you your money back.
About Gabriel W.

I have been helping singers of all levels for over 15 years. My passion for professional singing began with listening to pop and rock singers on the radio back in the early 90’s and continued evolving into the early 2000’s when I discovered musical theater. The sounds I hear on the radio and on Broadway today continue to inspire me as much as ever. My objective is simple: to assist you in discovering and refining your signature, one of a kind voice. Although I appreciate classical music, my true passion lies in helping contemporary singers bring out their authentically fresh, reliable and unique sound. Classical singing and contemporary singing are different artforms. Unless you want to be an opera singer, I would not recommend that you study with just any kind of voice teacher. I learned this the hard way when I was in college. My voice training then was quite frustrating because I wanted to sound like ME, but my voice teacher was teaching me to stand, breathe and sound like an opera singer. I work with singers who want to sound like who they really are inside. In opera, the goal is to create a sound that projects through the orchestra without a microphone. That’s why opera singers tend to sound so alike, they’re going after a very specific sound. Contemporary singers tend to sound very unique from one another because we have the great luxury of a microphone. This allows us to be our natural and intimate selves and sing however we intend to. This is what lessons are for – to get better at singing how YOU enjoy singing, not to follow a recipe from a heavily biased voice teacher. It’s nice when others believe in you, but it’s much better when you believe in yourself. I am a very strong proponent of a simple and reflexive approach to singing. I don’t have complicated, flashy or intimidating instructions. I am ALL about results. I train my students in a way that gets them to find their true voice, expands range, builds strength, prevents damage, significantly increases vocal options and ultimately develops an unshakable deep trust in their vocal abilities and skills. My clients report that they experience a great boost in confidence and ease in themselves and in their voices. I gradually and steadily challenge the voice of my client so that it continues to grow and improve. To read what some of my students have to say about taking lessons with me, check out Reviews I work with singers of all levels who are over the age of 14. *** Specialties *** ALL CONTEMPORARY GENRES! Confidence Building, Warming-Up, Releasing Tension and Strain, Eliminating Stage Fright, Expanding Range, Improving Tone, Developing Vocal Power and Presence, Eliminating Doubt, Simplifying Singing, Strengthening The Voice, Improving Pitch, Building Stamina, Increasing Creativity, Performance Tips, Artist Development and Songwriting.

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