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Elena teaches: Ages 3 and up
Teaching since: August 1996
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I have always had a great passion for music since at the young age of seven. I was featured with my first Piano Instructor in an article with a superior plus top rating for an excellent performance. Accomplishing the highest scores for piano instruction were fulfilled from Wagner Music Conservatory, Inc.

Played in church choirs for piano accompaniment with incorporated improvisation. Henry M. Flagler Elementary School in Miami, FL Music school functions for children ages five to eight. Learning various playing styles enables a pianist to enjoy and play in any genre by incorporating different styles to invent his or her masterpiece to call their own. Throughout my teaching experiences, my commitment in contributing to the student’s success was the most rewarding feeling.

Currently working with the Greater Miami Youth Symphony (GMYS)

Berklee College of Music-Desktop Music Production-Miami Dade Community College - Wagner Music Conservatory - Piano Instruction


Piano Instruction
Jan 1990 - May 1997
Wagner Music Conservatory

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Fluent / Native Proficiency


Piano Instruction
May 1997
Wagner Music Conservatory

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Elena Ramos
Elena R.

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