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Christine P.

Springfield, VA
Teaching Locations:
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Teaching Locations:
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Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio
Levels taught:
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
General singing lessons are for those who simply wish to improve their voice without necessarily committing to a particular style.

You will learn what I call the technical non-negotiables to great singing. I have broken down systematically what is exclusively necessary to singing at a high, yet achievable level in every given style.

Once this is established then what we are left with can be categorized as artistic choice and preference.

As a vocal coach, you will find that I work from the perspective of a technician. My work is only enhanced by my knowledge and specialization of vocal intonation, which has allowed me to make these distinctions. This is precisely why I am not limited (nor confused by) to any one style.

I genuinely teach all legitimate vocal styles and how to approach them successfully. You will achieve this while exploring and expanding your natural ability (mostly unrecognized) regardless of style.

This includes those who are already very fluent and comfortable in a particular style.

You will learn to sound and be more like your authentic self as a vocalist/artist by approaching the music you already know from a much more refined technical and artistic perspective.

All singing lessons start at the age of 13.

About Christine P.

The Exquisite Voice, Inc. 

Christine is a professional vocal coach with an exceptional reputation. She is the owner of The Exquisite Voice, Inc., and now resides in Springfield, Virginia. As a D.C. native, Christine has taught extensively in the DMV area for 10 years.

She is considered an expert in her field for helping students achieve a high quality vocal technique that can be implemented in all legitimate vocal styles. She creates solid vocal technique all foundations and specializes in vocal intonation and expression that allows her to work with all styles of singing. Intonation itself is what gives a voice it’s character and ultimately it’s uniqueness in quality. I always say whatever is there is already there physically and cannot be created, but given the right understanding and tool can be accessed. I am simply showing singers how to enhance, even discover their natural capabilities through technical means.

Christine is an insightful, confident and generous vocal technician with a heart for helping her students learn more about themselves as artists.

Under her direction, expect to achieve straightforward, professional results that honor your natural voice, while learning the fullness that your individual instrument has to offer.

Christine is able to rapidly diagnose a full range of vocal issues and to work immediately towards strengthening needed vocal areas.

This is implemented by her giving clear and easy to follow exercises and rep selected to highlight the student’s particular capability. This will encourage continued advancement each lesson.

Christine has a resourceful and extensive method of highlighting vocal concepts in relatable ways in order to achieve success. She carefully explains the process of singing so that each student can make their own personal connections necessary to achieve and develop techniques for themselves. She tailors her instruction based on the student’s learning style.

Christine’s main goal is for her students to eventually feel confident and knowledgeable enough to instruct themselves. She thinks this should be the goal of every teacher so that a student realizes that they are in control of their voice.
She addresses how to have a healthy relationship with your voice to stay motivated and encouraged.

My personal thoughts on current vocal technique:

I believe it is necessary that a student knows what is already amazing about their technique so they do not expel or replace it while working on their challenges. I cannot emphasis this enough from my personal experience. I have found this to be the biggest issue with passing on good instruction in the last 40 years from all institutes of voice.

Even a voice with the most challenging issues have some things right because we all use the natural process of breathing and phonation while singing. They just are lacking other supportive elements and the insight to discipline the voice further. Which is why the order in which we work matters.

Therefore I identify a student’s natural ability and teach them techniques to build upon.

A little more insight about myself as a teacher:

I am extremely generous and enthusiastic as a teacher. I will always have your best interests at heart. I promise to do my part and give everything I have in terms of knowledge and insight.

I provide a safe place to work on lessons. You can be completely new to singing or a professional.

I am a dramatic soprano, with coloratura capability have a B.M. in Vocal Performance and I have continued my vocal studies vigorously with Fabian Bravo, a long-term principal singer at The Met, who was taught extensively by Luciano Pavarotti. I recorded a full adult contemporary pop album that released several singles on the radio in Europe and made The Billboard indicator charts.

I am very confident in the Italian Bel Canto technique, as well as in all popular genres, including jazz, ballads, R&B, Broadway, traditional, etc.

Technique covered:

Learn to apply proper body support (alignment) and muscular release/directing air that creates the entire singing process. This will be relative to one’s current technique.

Both elements (body support/muscular release and use of air application and their subsequent subcategories) are directly responsible for all vocal capabilities and the singing process itself. Everything is created from these two fundamental elements. We will learn how to discipline and coordinate both of these simple building blocks to build solid, sophisticated vocal technique that allows the voice to be cooperative, strong, flexible and to render expressive freedom and beauty of the natural voice in any genre or style.

When learning and coordinating one’s full capabilities of body support and use of air in various ways that are natural and responsive to what is needed/appropriately balanced allows for a selection of elevated and healthy potential of choice for a singer. Knowing exactly how to work these fundamentals as well as that making it conducive and approachable to the individual’s natural capabilities by capitalizing on their range of ability is the most difficult and challenging for professionals to both understand and teach. Every voice is extraordinarily different and must keep the person in mind as the instrument, the beauty of singing. Therefore it requires experience to work from the right elements to progress.

We will enrich and maintain the integrity of all singing elements. This will include resonance, depth, range, core/cut, flexibility, movement, timing, efficiency and use of legitimate dynamics, phrasing and more. Thus rendering a full range of intonation colors, artistic choice and highest potential for continued successful singing.

We will also learn many performance and artistic practices as well as how we can directly influence and enhance the technique itself pulling from what is most natural to us or by integrating and capitalizing on the already exception parts we have currently.

On a personal note, I am Italian-American and I absolutely love socializing with people, which is part of the reason I love teaching. :) I love to share my experience and hospitality. I love sharing a hot cup of tea with a good friend and surrounding myself with family and my adorable pups. Often I will make up cute songs for my dogs and find myself doing a song and dance for them. I am not a complicated person. I love life and take time to reflect on it. I often find a meaningful lesson or joy at the end of the day. I work hard, and find that little things and moments make me very happy.

Looking forward to working together!

Very warmly,
Christine Padua


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20 Reviews
Profile-location-home Student's Home

I have been singing opera for 7 years now, and Christine had the most thorough teaching process by far! I found my real voice underneath all the conformity I had been taught through choir and am now moving through singing more powerful and with my "real voice." She is open to workshopping repertoire that you are interested in, and suggests things that will help you grow your voice while not pushing an agenda, so you feel as though you have lots of artistic freedom.
Also just a super warm and authentic person. Overall a great experience!

Posted Jul 26, 2019
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Christine is extremely talented and provided me with positive yet technical feedback each practice.

Posted May 12, 2019
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Christine is a Godsend! Prior to working with her, I studied classical voice and opera with several instructors. Christine is by far the best teacher and wish I had met her sooner!

As an accomplished singer herself, she is able to identify challenging areas and help improve technique. I’m now attempting pieces with confidence that I never would have attempted previously. And, I find the sessions very relaxing and enjoyable. She inspired me to push myself further and feel like I’m getting great results! Well worth the investment.

Posted Feb 17, 2019
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

I had an exciting, fun, very educational first lesson with Christine. I can’t wait for the next one!

Posted Jan 12, 2019
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Christine was very thorough and patient! She gave me great direction and reassurance!

Posted Jul 11, 2018
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

I have some musical experience as a hobby (piano, violin, choral arts), so I can be somewhat critical when I meet musicians. I have to say, though, that Christine is an extremely talented vocalist and instructor - I daresay a vocal genius :) The way she describes and encourages understanding of abstract concepts about air direction and body support is very unique. While it remains technical, it also makes you think differently about your body in terms of physical and emotional space. If, like me, you're a technical-minded person in the more general sense, this kind of approach is helpful because you have to engage both sides of your brain. I'm always challenged at Christine's lessons, and there has been great improvement in my voice from 7 months of lessons with her. I'm also having fun in this process, which is why I continue to come back!

I highly recommend Christine. Give it a shot; you won't regret it.

Posted Mar 12, 2018
Thomas M.
Profile-location-home Student's Home

She is incredibly talented. And truly understands how sound is created through voice. I highly recommend her to anyone. I am a beginner, by the way, with zero vocal experience. I'm looking forward to my next lesson!

Posted Feb 16, 2018
Vesela D.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Lessons were extremely useful for me. Christine is great at explaining the technique of opera singing and helping the student feel and find their own voice. Christine is an amazing vocal coach I would recommend to everyone.

Posted Jan 20, 2018
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

So far so good. Christine has an interesting approach and she is very engaging

Posted Sep 28, 2017
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Christine is engaging and has a particular way of teaching how to play the piano. I enjoyed the session as Christine was patient yet pushed to make sure I understood her approached. Good so far!
I look forward to our next sesssion

Posted Sep 27, 2017
Profile-location-home Student's Home

We moved to Mt. Vernon area less than a year ago, and we needed a piano instructor for our three children who was affordable, but both my husband and I are from musical backgrounds, which makes finding a teacher a difficult process, as we aren't interested in taking just anyone who happens to have a degree in music. Christine is a rare find. She teaches in what I would describe as an immersion style that keeps the lessons steeped with concepts from theory to technique to artistry. She surrounds the children (mine ages 5, 9, and 11) with explanation, demonstration, analogy, and encourages them to learn at their own pace. "Do you understand?" is her gentle motto, probing for areas where the children need reinforcement. When they admit they aren't getting something, she will circle back to explanation from many different angles, illustrating a deeply empathetic reading of individual learning styles. My 5 year old began lessons 3 months ago and is already reading music. She listens to the children and asks thoughtful questions about their personalities. Christine is exacting in the best way an invested parent could hope for. Masterfully, she challenges the children to perfect themselves as she allows the time for such training and evolution to take place. I have been so pleased and excited over the children's experience, that I am seriously considering taking voice lessons with her, myself. I could not more highly recommend a piano instructor.

Posted Sep 14, 2016
Robyn S.
Profile-location-home Student's Home

It was truly by chance that I found Christine after another instructor didn't work out, and I am so fortunate! Day one, I was impressed with her professionalism, passion for music, and patience with a first time adult piano student.

I've always wished I had played an instrument growing up; now that I'm stable, I decided to go for it! However, I was very nervous, considering I had no musical experience. Christine has been nothing short of encouraging. In addition, my 8 year old son is taking lessons with her. It is evident that she has a gift when it comes to teaching. She has constructed her teaching methods in a way that is suitable for all ages. Although I'm learning to play at an accelerated pace compared to my son, we're able to communicate and play together because of Christine's consistency with her teaching methods.

Christine's goal for all of her students is that they will leave with the confidence and ability to go out and teach others how to play the piano. As a healthcare professional, I love knowing the rationale for things; that's what you're going to get with her. No memorization over here!! With each week, I'm getting better with reading music, understanding the WHY behind what I'm doing, and becoming more familiar with my instrument.

Posted Sep 1, 2016
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Christine is undoubtedly an accomplished expert in both piano and voice (she taught my 7 year old daughter both) and has an unique ability to translate this expertise into "laymans" terms for even the youngest student. I watched my daughter grown during our time with Christine, in not only her musical abilities but also as a young lady -- taking responsibility to practice at home, wanting to do her best, and reading her lessons to make sure she was on track. Christine is pleasant and engaging, and yet has a gentle firmness when my daughter needed that extra nudge along the way. I could not give her a higher review, for any student, at any age ... with Christine as your teacher you will learn, grown and achieve your goals. (I say "was." as we moved across the country, otherwise we would have been with Christine until my daughter went to college ... my daughter, and I, think the world of her!)

Posted Jul 24, 2016
Profile-location-home Student's Home

First lesson was great. I was impressed by her teaching method and eagerness to teach with warmth

Posted May 15, 2016
Domonique S.
Profile-location-home Student's Home

Very knowledgeable and prompt. She is NO amateur of the piano nor at teaching. My daughter enjoys their weekly sessions. We will definitely continue with Christine as long as she's offering the lessons and my daughter is still interested!

Posted May 7, 2016
Profile-location-home Student's Home

Christine is great - she is very patient but a great for an active 7 yr old.

Posted Apr 9, 2016
Israel A.
Profile-location-home Student's Home

I felt really motivated taking the lessons today

Posted Apr 7, 2016

Christine is an outstanding piano teacher. My son's skills and love for playing the piano have flourished under her tutelage. She focuses on both theory and practice and listens to her students and their parents to ensure a positive experience.

Posted Feb 29, 2016
Katherine R.
Profile-location-home Student's Home

Your are a very great teacher. The most patient teacher ever

Posted Feb 22, 2016
Carlos C.
Profile-location-home Student's Home

Christine kept a very open and fun atmosphere which made for a wonderful learning environment. Her knowledge in her art and ability to tell what I was doing wrong and being able to correct it just by listening was impressive and inspiring. She has mastered the ability to explain the mechanics and fundamentals of singing in a simple and easy way to understand. I look forward to all future lessons with Christine and am excited to see the things that I can learn and accomplish with Christine's guidance. I would recommend Christine for anyone of any age to take lessons with her.

Posted Feb 9, 2016

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Private vocal and piano instructor
Jan 2011 - Present

Private studio

Private vocal coachings based on proper technique, artistry, interpretive skills, diction, acting, mentality, movement and more.


Vocal performance
Sep 2004 - Dec 2009

George Mason University

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