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Music is my passion. I've been playing music since I was a child but didn't get serious with it until I was 14, that's when I got my first electric guitar. So, from then on I've been playing and studying music for over 16 years. I play and teach guitar, piano, drums, and bass guitar. Aside from taking years of private lessons with a number of teachers I also studied music and audio engineering in college. I'm constantly learning more. I keep my chops up by practicing and reading books by other professionals and songwriters. So, I have an arsenal of books and musical knowledge. When I'm not teaching I spend most of my time writing and recording my original solo music. I have a rock band that I've been playing with for over a decade. We are currently in the studio recording our first professional album. *** Lesson Details *** I'm a very patient teacher. I understand that not everyone learns the same way so I specialize in breaking things down and making music as simple as it can be for each kind of student. I don't use just one method, I pull from my arsenal of acquired knowledge, books, and my own studies. I keep lessons fun and interesting. A normal lesson with me would consist of two parts the first 30 minutes we would focus on learning and practicing warm ups, exercises, licks, notes, scales, chords, arpeggios, timing, rudiments, dynamics, ear training, theory, technique, etc. And the second half we would work on a song or jam together. Depending on the age and level of student, after spending six months studying with me you will be a rock star! LOL. Well, you may not have a recording contract, but you will have gained a volume of knowledge and taken your playing up a few levels. It's all about how much time and practice you put in and how much you want it. Every student has there own pace and desire so I do my part to help them become the best that they want to be. *** Studio Equipment *** Home Studio: drum set, practice pad, piano and keyboard, guitar amps, chairs, parents can sit in on lesson. Broken Arrow Music Studio: drum set, guitar amp, piano, and lobby room for parents. *** Specialties *** I specialize in working with beginner to advanced level students. I teach all styles of music.

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I enjoyed learning from Christian today. I am 70 years old and did not feel out of place. He made me comfortable and he is very knowledgeable about how to go about teaching. He was very polite and patient with me and was able to go over things and explain professionally in a manner that did not insult my intelligence. He seems dedicated to teaching and does it very well . I highly recommend this man to anyone that wants to learn how to play the Piano.

Posted Aug 31, 2021