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Charles delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
Teaches students:
Ages 15 to 75

Teaching since:
March 1988

If you have ever wanted to really learn how to sing correctly, I can help you. I have personally taken voice lessons twice a week for well over 15 plus years from a master voice/opera singer who was trained by Master Vocal instructors in the Greater New York City area and also in Europe. These Master Vocal Instructors had deep ties with the New York Metropolitan Opera. In addition my Master Voice teacher was associated with the New York Metropolitan Opera, as well. I enjoy working with each of my many students to exceed their initial vocal goals. Many of my students are professional singers, church choir members, actors, musicians, and I even train a Hollywood producer's Arizona clients!

I have taken graduate level courses at Arizona State University in Speech and Hearing Sciences. I've worked in the Radiology Department of a major hospital for over 10 years, seven years as supervisor. I have gained a very in-depth knowledge of the anatomical/physiological aspects of the human voice and body. My in-depth knowledge can help free your tired, sore, and/or hoarse "instrument".

I love to work with anyone truly interested in expanding their vocal horizons. I enjoy making people laugh and help them develop their vocal aspirations into reality. My credo is singing must come from within the heart and soul of every artist. If we are too serious about so much of the technical stuff, our art will suffer and then singing becomes more of a job then a passion. It must remain a passion within us to truly touch others.

My vocal training background is Bel Canto, the Italian School of Singing. In addition to Bel Canto, I am also cross trained in the German School of singing by the SAME instructor. This is very unusual since most singers which train Bel Canto do not generally cross over to German, due to language/vocal placement issues. The Great Pavarotti never sang in German due to this very issue. These two schools of singing when blended together produce solid, progressive vocal growth. They also nurture an unbelievable beauty of tone within the singing voice which, can be astonishing. This is what truly separates a singer with an unbelievably, incredible voice from that of another who has a singing voice.

Please be assured that I WILL NOT ever force any of my students to sing opera. So if you are interested in learning how to sing to the best of your ability, I can certainly help you.

A good majority of my voice students are professional performers and some are people just interested in developing their voice for their own personal fulfillment. I currently have a student who is a family physician and another is a musical composer of a world famous pop song. One of my students recently sang on stage with the great Andrea' Bocelli. This same student sung with another student of mine at Carnagie Hall in New York. I work hard to shed the light of vocal knowledge to all my students. My in-depth knowledge base is there for anyone who wishes to train with me. I NEVER frown upon training individuals who have not had any prior vocal training or cannot read music. I am delighted to work with everyone who sincerely wishes to learn the great art of singing.

*** Lesson Details ***
I spend a good 35 minutes on vocal exercises to help strengthen and expanded the vocal range. I then move on to vocal musicianship and songs. Some of the songs I select are for specific technical instruction. The student is always welcome to select his/her own music as well. I use specific songs as benchmarks to track vocal growth. I make sure my students are always cognizant of proper diaphragmatic/abdominal breath support coupled with a freed throat. I am a product of the WELL GUARDED secrets of the "Bel Canto" school of singing. It is through the Bel Canto school of singing that some of the world's greatest voices developed over the centuries. Often times my students find themselves surpassing their initial expectations! Often times my students become emotional because they find themselves doing something vocally they never ever thought they could do vocally. High notes are never an issue because the voice is freed to produce them. Vocal projection is never an issue because breath and voice are fused into one. The ability to sing softly is the result of a well freed up throat. When the throat is freed everything begins to develop beautifully. Each lesson brings forth incremental vocal growth.

I carefully work one on one with each of my students making sure that their throat and oral positioning are correct. The throat should never feel tired or tight during or after a voice lesson. My students repeatedly tell me that that notice steady vocal growth during and after each voice lesson. This makes it very exciting for both the student and me. This feeds the fire of passion to learn and grow!

*** Studio Equipment ***
A 100 year old grand piano, a full sized electronic keyboard to transpose music on the fly, and suspended computer monitors over the grand piano to aid in musical development. Karaoke support is also available using a 50 inch monitor. In addition, a 60 year player piano is available, should the student wish to use it.

*** Specialties ***
Bel Canto Italian School of Singing
German School of Singing
In addition, I read and speak Italian

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Voice Coach
Aug 1995 - Present
Private Voice Studio

Voice Coach


Art History B.A. & Masters Of Science Leadership, MSL
Jan 1980 - Jun 2011
Arizona State University and Grand Canyon University


Limited Proficiency

Photos & Videos

Two 27 inch LED video monitors are elevated to student's eye level over the grand piano to allow both instructor and student to view music.

I strive to create a relaxing environment for both student and guests.


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Crystal Newhope May 9, 2015
Singing · In home

Was very knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable. It was my first lesson from a real professional and he had the ability to see the potential that I had always been told I have but never truly felt. He has made it possible for me to conceded the fact that my wish is in fact going to be a reality.

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Brent S. Dec 11, 2014
Opera Voice · In studio

Charles is a top class professional instructor with the qualified training, experience and tools to make any singer into a head-turning extraordinary singer. As well as being extremely patient, he understands the human voice to the extent to make it progressively evolve and advance at a surprisingly fast pace, while at the same time respecting it's limits.
My voice grows during each lesson and just into my 3rd lesson, there has been no plateau point at all. Great teacher!

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Katie L. Aug 20, 2014
Singing · In studio

I have learned and improved more in 3 lessons than I ever could have imagined. His methods are like magic!!

david R. Jun 10, 2014
Opera Voice · In studio

I'm an Italian cantor for already a few years, I had other voice lessons before from other teachers and stopped working with them.
When i started with Charles, besides being a very nice guy and patient, something I realized right away is that he is a real voice teacher that learnt properly how to teach
from lots of real professionals.

After only 3 lessons He helped me discover ways to use my breath and voice that i never new before. Now By practicing with this methods I truly believe I can get better results from my voice.

Thank you

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