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Chicago, IL

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Cecilia teaches: Ages 3 and up
Special needs
Teaching since: July 2004
Last sign in: More than two months


I am a South-american violinist and violin-music teacher who loves music, dancing, arts, nature, and animals. I am a social, kind, caring, persevere and self-disciplined person.

I started teaching 9 years ago when I was studying my Bachelor'€™s degree. In my country, I was the teacher of 25 lovely children and youth, with whom I created my own violin studio. It started only with 3 students, and after 7 years we were a wonderful group that performed in different recitals, festivals and trips around our country. Together we learned about violin, classical music, popular music, folk music, singing, etc., but most importantly we learned about sensitivity, sharing, self-discipline, respect, creativity and many other personal skills that music helps us learn in such a joyful way.

In Boston, while doing my masters, I also had the opportunity to teach two children in English with new methods I was learning in my string pedagogy course. In addition, I have taught adults and elderly (70-72) to play the violin, and find their smiles and learning process more than satisfying. Finally, I was the music teacher in a kinder garden, and had students from 2 to 4 years old. I like to teach people with different ages because I learn from them and their different needs.

I have also had some few students with different abilities such as Down syndrome, Asperger's syndrome and Dwarfism. I cannot say I am an expert but I am open to learn from these students if I have a good orientation and support from the parents and specialists.

Right now, after finishing my Master'€™s degree in Boston, I am living in Chicago because my husband is studying his PhD at Northwestern University. I miss teaching and sharing my love for music with others, that is why I really want to find new students that want to join me in their musical journey.

*** Lesson Details ***
I believe every person is talented and can learn music. I think that the best way to learn music and arts is from the experience, where the person can develop not only music and instrumental skills, but also creativity, originality, joy and love for music. These are skills that are needed to enjoy and learn music, but also to be a more sensitive and rounded person. My goal is to build a professional and positive environment where the person can develop his/her musical abilities as well as his/her personal skills. In order to achieve this goal, it it usually better to have the lessons in my own studio instead of the student's house. That way we can work with a complete music environment and the student can benefit 100% from the music experience.

I have learned in the process that regular practice and a consistent schedule encourages not only progress but great motivation. Also, I have found that a experience-based approach helps them keep motivated because the students learn much faster and gain a deeper musical intuition than with a theoretical and approach.

I think it is important to give the students the time to talk and share their thoughts about the music. I like to guide them discovering how their bodies feel more comfortable with the instrument, instead of telling them the "correct form". I like to make them clap, sing, move and feel the music before telling them how to play it. I like to introduce music theory and reading from the beginning encouraging them to use their knowledge about music.

In addition, I have found that following the literature of more traditional methods with scales and etudes, helps the students to develop completely in their instruments, with a great technical foundation. That is why I like to mix experience-based methods such as Suzuki, Kodaly and Dalcroze, with traditional books such as Essential Elements, Wolfhart, Kreutzer, etc.

I usually start with Suzuki, The Blue Book, and some personal material that I create for each student depending on their needs. After a while, I start to introduce some pieces of different parts of the world or different styles while introducing scales and etudes. This way I maintain the student's motivation and give them a broader view of music, while developing important skills for their instrument. Then, when the student is ready, I introduce more difficult pieces and solo repertoire.

For adults, I try to adapt my method to their particular goal in music, giving them both fun and the best level they want to achieve. I give them material that is adequate to their needs and also to their preferences.

*** Studio Equipment ***
I have several materials for children and adults. Music cards, music games, toys, puppets, etc.
I also have books to start our journey.However, the student will have to buy his/her own books once we start.
I own one 4/4 violin that could be rented for a tall or adult student. I also own a 3/4 violin for rent.
Smaller violins would have to be rented or bought.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I can travel to the student's house with my instrument if it is within my travel limits (5 miles) and if it is accessible via public transportation.

*** Specialties ***
- Suzuki method mixed with some traditional books and world
- Experience with Alexander Technique, Dalcroze, and Kodaly.
These methods deal with music freedom and tension free
- Music performance work with professional musicians and
conservatory student (effective practice, musicianship, tensions,
creativity, etc.)
- I speak Spanish fluently (that is my mother tongue), and could
teach in Spanish if wanted.
- Folk dances from Peru: Marinera Norteña, Festejo, Huayno, etc.

Photos and Videos

This video is a summary of my experience as a violin and music teacher.


Violin and music teacher
Mar 2004 - Present
Chicago Center for Music Education, Pizzicato Violin Studio

I currently teach violin and group lessons in the Chicago Center for Music Education and have taught for three years in the US.
In Peru, I taught for 7 years in Pizzicato, my own studio with around 25 violin students. We had violin lessons (individual and group lessons), music theory classes, recitals and played in ensembles. We also participated in national festivals, traveling with a groups and performing in different cities of Peru.


Master is Violin Performance
Sep 2011 - May 2013
Boston Conservatory
Master's degree
Sep 2011 - May 2013
Boston Conservatory
Mar 2003 - Dec 2010
National Conservatory of Peru

Languages Spoken

Fluent / Native Proficiency
Fluent / Native Proficiency


Master in Violin Performance
May 2013
Boston Conservatory


First Prize in the National Violin Contest of Peru
Mar 2004
National Conservatory of Peru

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Octavia B. Oct 16, 2015
Verified Student · Violin · Online
Cecilia is an amazing teacher. She is able to adapt your lessons to what you need. Makes things easy to understand and makes me feel comfortable with playing. I highly recommend her for other students.
Mitchell M. Dec 12, 2014
Verified Student · Violin · Online
Very good instructor!
All of these reviews are very consistently themed because of her adaptive abilities.
She knows how to find exactly what you personally need to practice, and helps you find the joy of perfection!
Kate A. Nov 10, 2014
Verified Student · Violin · In home
Cecilia has been an incredible teacher - she is patient, create and has customized the experience for our daughter to meet her exactly where she is. She is also thoughtful, and has come up with creative ideas to get our daughter to practice more and be engaged. I highly recommend her!
Bonnie Z. Aug 28, 2014
Verified Student · Violin · In home
Cecilia was an absolutely amazing violin teacher! She not only had a great method of teaching, but she would treat me not only like a student, but like a friend. She always took special time to address the issues I was having while playing, and carefully adjust my method to ensure better playing. She allowed me to rent one of her violins and gave me the best advice on everything one would need to know about caring for a violin. She even guided me through the process of bringing the violin on an airplane when I traveled. I would definitely recommend Cecilia for violin lessons (or any type of lesson!) because she is such an amazing teacher!!
LaraG Mar 6, 2014
· ·
Sharing the love of music

Cecilia introduced both of my children (6 and 9 at the time) to violin. She was their first teacher, and not only taught them good technique, she also cultivated their sense of rhythm and musical appreciation. She combines tenderness, playfulness and patience with firmness and structure in perfect proportions, helping children achieve progress step by step. I wholeheartedly recommend Cecilia as a teacher for both private and group lessons!
VeronicaM Mar 6, 2014
· ·
Excelent teacher

Cecilia was my violin teacher for 5 years. I started learning violin when I was 30 years old and was lucky enough to find Cecilia. She's an extraordinary teacher, always very patient and encouraging. She has an excelent technique and she's definitely a very gifted violin player. She was always a very concerned and responsible teacher. She did not only teach me how to play violin but also reinforced my love for music. I enjoyed every class with her!
CamilaC Mar 6, 2014
· ·
An excellent teacher. By far, the best I have ever hadC

Cecilia is by far the best teacher I've ever had. Seriously, I have had teachers with more credentials and with more teaching experience (years) than her, but she is superior than them, by far. She has an incredible charisma, a great teaching methodology, and she really cares about your learning experience. As a senior violinist, I tend to ask many questions about my technique in certain pieces, and she always knows the best answer.
After each class, I just feel relax and happy because I was able to interiorized new meaningful concepts. My interpretation has improved significantly since I started my lessons with her. She helped me a great deal with my technique, my sound and my posture.

I started with her a year ago having classes face to face once a week. Then, she moved to another city and we started with the online classes that have worked just perfect. For me is even more practical to have online classes because I don't have to waste my time traveling for the class…and she is as amazing teacher online as when we started, face to face.

Moreover, I know Cecilia from long ago as well as many of her past students. You can clearly see Cecilia's work in those students. They all have an impeccable technique.

In summary, I would say that if you are deciding to take violin classes and you are so lucky to have her available, just don't think it twice and hire her as soon as you can, because this professor is just too good to be true. I ensure you will get the whole learning experience…which will be fun, relaxing and, above all, high-quality.
douchkal Mar 6, 2014
· ·

Ceci is a wonderful human being, the best teacher for my daughter, not only taught her to play violin, also discipline,responsibility, timeliness, respect for others and to love their instrument, have a lot patience with childs.
Melissa O. Mar 6, 2014
· ·
Awesome teacher

I'm a violinist and teacher myself; Cecilia has helped me a lot with my playing and teaching skills, improving my technique and showing me new tricks. She has a natural flair to help you have fun with what you're doing, and classes are even better with her. She keeps you motivated and knows how to keep a clear view of the objective you want to reach, and how to reach them with clear and simple concepts. Cecilia’s helped me a lot with my posture and playing tension free, which has improved immensely the sound of my music. You shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity of having classes with her. Strongly recommended.
FabiolaR Mar 6, 2014
· ·
Excellent teacher

Cecilia is an excellent teacher and a great human being, of whom I have the best memories. One of the main qualities I see in her is that she is a very intuitive person, perceiving what the child's learning style is and what each child requieres to succed. As a teacher, she is always motivating her students, while being cheerful, optimistic, and trying to innovate. She would organize violin recitals for children ages 4 to 12 years, allowing each child to participate and feel important with their performance. Cecilia taught my daughter violin for 5 years. During that time, not only she helped my daughter in learning the violin, but through the violin, she helped her in many aspects of human development, such as to persevere and overcome her fear of public. Cecilia's ability to combine music lessons with life lessons makes her an amazingly unique teacher. I highly recommend her!
Cecilia Pinto
Cecilia P.

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