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Bulent delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
Teaches students:
Ages 9+

Teaching since:
January 1997

Bulent G. Voice / Singing / Speech Lessons


"It's incredible to hear the difference in someone's voice who has worked with Bulent." - Deirdre F.


Bulent G. is an award-winning singer, voice teacher, coach, educator, a member of National Association of Teachers of Singing and the inventor of the G. Vocal Method.

Mr. G's teaching method is surprisingly simple, direct and effective. Developed over 25 years as an active singer and voice teacher, the G. Vocal Method explains the whats, hows and whys of vocal technique in a manner easily understood and immediately put into practice.

He has helped singers accomplish in their introductory lesson things they have not been able to accomplish even after years of prior vocal training. Reviews speak for themselves. His students come from diverse backgrounds such as classical, opera, musical theater, jazz, pop, R&B, bluegrass, country, rock, heavy metal and public speaking.

Beginner to professional, all ages and voice types. Come as you are.


"Amazing! Simply amazing! I've taken lessons before, but none have ever stood out as much as this first one... Can't wait for the next one!"
- Nestor C. online from Texas (R&B)

"I’ve been singing all my life and I never met such an amazing coach... I learned so much in one session and I cannot wait to learn more."
- Yasmine K. in-studio (Jazz)

"Bulent worked with me - a total stranger - with great care, deep knowledge, and a gentle desire to see me improve. And this is all the FIRST LESSON... I give my highest recommendation."
- Geoff L. online from Tennessee (Pop)

"... just in one lesson I vocalized to high C with the knowledge he gave me. I actually, for the first time, knew how I did it. It was incredible. I was so happy that for the first time in years of voice training in upstate New York, 10 years in Manhattan, New York City, studying with teachers who sang at New York City Opera and the Metropolitan Opera, and not one of them was able to teach me what Bulent taught me in one lesson..."
- Fausto Di Ianne in-studio (Opera)

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Jan 1997 - Present
Bulent G. Music Studio

Soloist and Section Leader
Sep 1999 - Oct 2017
Quincy Point Congregational Church

Voice Faculty
Sep 2010 - Nov 2012
A Street Music, LLC

Voice Faculty
Jul 2008 - Oct 2010
Quincy Point Music Academy

Soloist, Member
Dec 2006 - Jul 2009
Boston Opera Collaborative

Aug 2006 - Apr 2009
Opera del West

Soloist, Member
Dec 1998 - Jun 2002
Cambridge Community Chorus

William Thomas, founder

Drummer and Percussionist
Feb 1996 - Nov 1997
Istanbul State Theater Orchestra


Graduate Performance in Voice / Opera
Jan 2000 - Jul 2003
The Boston Conservatory
Transferred to Boston Conservatory
Jan 1999 - Sep 2000
Longy School of Music
Transferred to Longy School of Music
Sep 1990 - Jun 1998
Istanbul University State Conservatory


Fluent / Native Proficiency
Fluent / Native Proficiency


Certificate of Recognition
Mar 2009
Thomas M. Menino, Former Mayor of Boston


Official Recognition
Sep 2009
Thomas Menino, Mayor, Boston
Official Recognition
Apr 2009
The Massachusetts State Senate
Grant Award
Feb 2009
Natick Cultural Council, Massachusetts
Omaggio al Bel Canto Best Interpretation Award
Jan 2009
Italian Cultural Center and Boston Opera Collaborative
Honors Competition Winner
Jan 2001
Longy School of Music


National Association of Teachers of Singing
Mar 2018

Founded in 1944, National Association of Teachers of Singing, Inc. (NATS) is the largest professional association of teachers of singing in the world with more than 7,000 members worldwide.

Boston Singers' Resource
Jan 2007

The mission of Boston Singers' Resource is to support and strengthen the New England singing community by providing services and a centralized resource for singers, vocal organizations, and others who are interested in singing.

Photos & Videos

Bulent Guneralp, Opera and Concert, 4-min. Compilation
Official Citation, Massachusetts State Senate

Certificate of Recognition, Thomas Menino, Former Mayor of Boston

Dottore Spinelloccio, Gianni Schicchi by Puccini, Opera del West

Rehearsing Ride On King Jesus at QPCC
Some Enchanted Evening, South Pacific, Rodgers and Hammerstein
When I Fall In Love, Heyman and Young
Sing To Cure MS Concert

Bulent Guneralp and Olga Lisovskaya on CCTV
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Angela Jun 16, 2018
Singing · In studio

Working with Bulent is a really great experience, because he is an extremely helpful, attentive, caring, friendly and happy person who seems to know exactly what kind of help you need and on which detail you still have to work.
I definitely recommend him as a voice teacher and I personally think that it's hard to find a better teacher.

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Jessica Apr 30, 2018
Piano · In studio

I was looking for a teacher who could introduce my elementary-school-age daughters to basic music fundamentals, and Bulent exceeded my expectations! He created a lesson plan that combined vocal work with piano study, and tailored it to my girls' respective ages. Both girls worked with a standard piano method book and the Concone sight-singing book, developing both their piano technique as well as their knowledge and use of solfege. In addition, Bulent helped the girls build a strong musical vocabulary (with correct pronunciation!) along with a solid understanding of rhythm and meter. As they got older, my daughters became interested in learning different instruments, and they were able to transfer so much of what they learned from Bulent to their new studies. Bulent nurtured an appreciation and understanding of music that will stay with my girls throughout their lives, no matter what they choose to do. We were very lucky to find him!

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Jo Apr 23, 2018
Vocal Training · In studio

In my very first lesson Bulent draft the anatomy of body to explain me how human body works as an instrument, no one didn’t really explain the functions of each part of this instrument so thoroughly, he opened my eyes of how to treat and use my body to create better voice experience. He also has different exercises focusing on different purposes, whether to sustain your air flow, or to correct your enunciation have better control on harder pitches and extra... I feel his class is all in all scientific. He finds where my problem is when practicing, and after his explanation I could already feel my performance was getting better. He’s very friendly and encouraging, the class is serious yet relaxing, we often end up laughing (usually I started it) when doing new exercises. I recommend going to him if you are looking for a vocal trainer.

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Nestor Apr 11, 2018
Singing · Online

"Amazing! Simply amazing! I've taken lessons before, but none have ever stood out as much as this first one. Over the last 2 years I've built up bad habits that have left my voice strained after singing just one song, but with Bulent's guidance and knowledge, I was able to immediately feel the difference in my vocal stamina and range. Furthermore, Bulent emphasized the importance of proper breath control with simple but effective techniques - something that I essentially lacked. It was overall a wonderful experience!! Can't wait for the next one!" - Nestor C

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C Ching Mar 23, 2018

I'm a retired senior who loves music, especially classical. I always wanted to learn to sing, but thought I didn't have much talent. I wanted to find a voice teacher who teaches wholeheartedly, and who can work on a varied repertoire ranging from opera to pop. After I met Bulent and took his introductory lesson, I'm very glad to say that I found my teacher!

Bulent is very friendly. The introductory lesson is very comprehensive, and covers all the fundamentals in detail. His teaching method is very well-designed and complete. The first lesson had a very positive influence on me, and gave me lots of confidence. Just in one hour, I started to see the improvement in my voice and singing, and I realized that the progress will continue. I started to believe in my ability, and take my voice seriously. Only a true teacher can have this kind of an impact on a student.

I like the cozy studio too. It's a very musical environment, surrounded by instruments, and full of energy. I'm very excited and looking forward!"

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Isabelle Mar 17, 2018
Singing · In studio

"Bulent is a fantastic voice teacher. Very professional, knowledgeable, dedicated, caring, attentive. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher. I did not have much of a voice prior to starting lessons and with Bulent's teaching and guidance, I discovered and continue to develop my voice. "

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John Mar 16, 2018
Vocal Training · In studio

I'm a singer / songwriter and bassist who has been playing in original and cover projects for the better part of two decades in the Boston area. I've studied on and off with other voice teachers over the years, but I never worked with anyone who improved my overall musicianship as much as Bulent.

I was on a plateau for years and really didn't understand what I didn't know and more importantly what I didn't hear. I was confident going in to my lessons that my vocal ability would improve, but I didn't anticipate the larger influence these lessons would have. I've been so very pleased to see my training having a positive impact across my musical experience. My abilities to transcribe new repertoire on other instruments, recognize chord structures and improvise have all improved. Bulent taught me how to effectively work on bettering my overall musical craft, how to listen and how to practice. The tools and wisdom he provided each week have permeated all aspects of my musical journey. And yes, his knowledge of, and ability to teach vocal technique have helped me get out of my own way to unlock my internal instrument.

Working with Bulent truly helped me move off that plateau and opened up a wider musical world. I would highly recommend studying with him.

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Geoffrey Mar 14, 2018
Singing · Online

Bulent worked with me - a total stranger - with great care, deep knowledge, and a gentle desire to see me improve. And this is all the FIRST LESSON. I sing live a good bit in a popular style - but need better techniques to keep my voice healthy and improve my longevity per gig. Bulent understood this. I give my highest recommendation. I will work with him again soon."

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Jamie Mar 14, 2018
Vocal Training · In studio

Bulent is a warm, highly trained musician and voice teacher who is totally dedicated to the art of vocal training. Whether you sing opera, Broadway show tunes or rock and roll, Bulent will teach you the most effective use of your voice and help you develop your full singing potential.

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Jodaelle Mar 14, 2018
Vocal Training · In studio

Bulent has been very great in helping me improve my singing. My sound has improved drastically since starting with him and I would recommend him to anyone looking to take voice lessons and experience results!

Brian Mar 12, 2018

Bulent is a great vocal coach.Very professional and high energy.had a blast and learned so much .Also great working environment. 5 stars

Harrison Mar 12, 2018
Vocal Training ·

Bulent is an excellent vocal teacher, and so much more too. Many aspects of my life were changed for the better after working with Mr. Guneralp. Not only will he help you bring out the best of your musical potential, but he can offer great insight on how to live a healthier and more wholesome life. I'm honored to call this man a mentor, and a friend. Thanks Bulent!!

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Abiola Jan 25, 2018
Singing · In studio

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to learn from Bulent. I have no prior experience in music and decided to take voice coaching lessons so I can begin singing in my church. Bulent clearly has a vast knowledge of music and patiently taught me the fundamentals which I found very valuable for a beginner like me. I learned so much from the first lesson and was so motivated I immediately signed up for weekly sessions. Despite his many accomplishments and impressive music career, Bulent was down to earth, patient and friendly which made for a session where I felt more comfortable and more receptive to learn. I am very excited and optimistic to see how my voice improves over time!

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Myrna Jan 9, 2018
Singing · In studio

Each lesson is a sheer delight! Bulent is extraordinarily talented and an excellent teacher. He is patient and kind and a warm human being whom I have come to treasure as a good friend. I feel very lucky to have found him. I could not be more pleased.

Nikka Jan 9, 2018
Classical Voice · In studio

I studied with Bulent for about eight months and only stopped because I moved across the country. This is the first formal voice training I have had. I was immediately impressed by Bulent’s deep knowledge and passion for music. My first class was quite unique, in that he spent a lot of time going over the anatomy of all the organs that are used when one is singing. I found that foundation very useful when working on different aspects of my voice. The classes consist of two parts — fundamental training and repertoire building. Bulent observes the student and gives instruction based on performance. He will also assign exercises for the student to do while at home; these are important because they are helping to train the relevant muscles. Bulent’s instructions are very detailed and personalized, and most importantly they come from a place of love; it is rare to see a teacher so in love with both the field of music as well as the people he encounters. This love provided an exceptional setting for being able to focus on learning the truths of music, without fear of judgement or ridicule. Not only did I improve my vocal abilities while training with Bulent, my awareness as a singer also grew tremendously. That awareness allows me to help myself improve while I practice on my own.

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Alexander C. Nov 18, 2014
Singing · In studio

“I studied with Bulent for 3 months this past summer. Bulent is a fantastic teacher and every single lesson I noticed a prominent increase in my vocal talents, including my range and my breathing. He helped me do exactly what I wanted with my voice and was able to emphasize how I should be practicing to work on certain parts of my voice. He was always very effective and excited about teaching and I had a lot of fun learning from him. I was really grateful to have Bulent as a teacher and if I had the chance I would learn from him again!”

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Marie P. Oct 14, 2014
Piano · In studio

"For the past three years my high school aged son has taken piano lessons from Bulent. In all that time he has been consistently patient, kind, enthusiastic and inspiring. Bulent used every minute to provide the best instruction, correction and encouragement. His love of music is evident as he often shared suggestions and links for video and live performances. I recommend him unreservedly! I have read some of the other positive reviews of Bulent and I can attest to the truthfulness of all of them - there is no exaggeration. Bulent is a remarkable human being and a wonderful teacher."

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Jessica P. Sep 18, 2014
Drum · In studio

Bulent a very knowledgeable and talented instructor.

Kirk A. Aug 28, 2014
Piano · In studio

Bulent is very welcoming, sincere and friendly; also he is patient and understanding of my pertinent needs in being challenged and having limited vision. Also Bulent is very knowledgeable in all piano teaching methods. I highly recommend him for all students of piano and singing.

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Neslihan D. Apr 27, 2014
Piano ·

excellent teacher

I picked up piano lessons after a 15 year hiatus and Bulent was the perfect teacher. He gages the lesson according to the student's performance and requests. His very friendly and great at communicating if you want to make changes to your scheduled lesson. I highly recommend Bulent to piano enthusiasts at all levels. His young (toddler) clients like him very much too!!!

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joyce I. Mar 7, 2014
Singing ·

bulent is very experienced.

As a beginner i didnt know a lot about singing, but after my first lesson with bulent he showed me the benefits of doing breathing exercises and how it affects your voice which i have been practicing daily. my voice is sounding a lot better than when i started. He has also taught me about different keys and recognising pitches which i am so greatful for. i know i have more work to do so i definetely will continue until i reach where i want to be. thanks bulent.

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Amelia C. Feb 2, 2014
Opera Voice ·

Great teacher!!

I've been taking opera voice classes with Bulent for a short while but enough time to see how great and outstanding he is.
Bulent is an incredible teacher, extremely nice, knowledgeable and patient. I intend to have him as my piano instructor as well in the future.
I'll be away from Boston for a while but definitely resuming my classes with him when I'm back.

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Jack R. Jan 26, 2014
Singing ·

Bulent is an exceptional and unique teacher

Bulent is an exceptional and unique teacher. Blending great clarity, passion, knowledge and warmth, he has provided me with the tools to dramatically enhance my vocal talents. Whether breathing, posture, legato, tone, control, phrasing or otherwise, Bulent is remarkably attentive, engaging and effective. As layers of insight and achievement are unlocked, his vocal wisdom and musicianship contributes to my ever-deepening understanding. In a profound way, Bulent teaches me to “not-do”, to get out of the way and let my body do what it naturally wants to do; although this may sound like a blithe Zen epiphany it is anything but…it requires extensive explanations and refined explanations, often attempting one sound many dozens of times before the smallest breakthrough. It requires great patience and caring on the part of the teacher. I unequivocally recommend Bulent and earnestly thank him.

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Kathy W. Jan 21, 2014
Singing ·

Best voice teacher ever!

I have been taking lessons from Bulent for about a year and it has been the most pleasurable experience I have had singing in a long time. From my very first lesson with Bulent I came away with more confidence in my singing than I had in a long time. I took lessons throughout my life but none were as successful for me as my experience with Bulent. He is very patient and fun to work with. He taught me breathing, singing scales, other exercises that I have been doing for many years without realizing the full benefit of them. I have even become more aware of my speaking voice and using it to my advantage. I have felt much more confident in singing in the chorus I belong to and have had compliments from other singers as well as the director on the strength of my voice! These compliments have obviously made me feel good and encouraged me to sing out and not be afraid of making mistakes; we all do sometimes and it’s not the worst thing to happen. I continue taking lessons with Bulent and learn something new everyday about singing, how to breathe, etc. I would recommend Bulent to anyone (young or old) interested in learning the basics of singing as well as any professional needing a bit of refreshing. Bulent shows a great interest in what he is teaching and that can only transfer to the student in a good way.

Kathy W.

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Rohan J. Oct 30, 2013
Piano ·

Excellent teacher!

I've been taking piano lessons with Bulent for over 2 months now and he's been fantastic! He really teaches how to play with a lot of feel for the music and helps hone your intuition for how a piece should sound. He's very precise and is great at identifying areas for you to develop skills on, or what things to practice etc.

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Fausto D. Oct 30, 2013
Speaking Voice ·

Bulent had taught me what no voice teacher in New York City could not do.

"What can I say about Bulent... As a tenor I had no idea how to sing the high notes. When I sang, they used to come out, but sounded tight, so I never got a part in an opera. Well, just in one lesson I vocalized to a high C with the knowledge he gave me. I actually, for the first time, knew how I did it. It was incredible. I was so happy that for the first time in years of voice training in upstate New York, 10 years in Manhattan New York City, studying with teachers that sang at New York City Opera and the Metropolitan Opera Company, and not one of them, was able to teach me what Bulent taught me in one lesson. He is very clear in his teachings. He taught me how to breathe and use my abdominal muscles. AMAZING. I'm so excited to have found Bulent. I've never given up on my dream, at times I wanted to, but now Bulent has given me a new hope that hopefully within a year I can actually audition for a part in a opera. Now I can actually call myself a tenor. A Dream Come True. Thank You, Bulent."

Fausto Di Ianne - Tenor

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Lis A. May 13, 2013
Piano ·

Fantastic piano teacher

As adults, how many times have we said “I used to play the piano”? I wanted to play piano again, but had been unable to find a teacher who met my needs as an adult learner. Then I found Bulent Guneralp. He answered my inquiry in a timely manner. We set up the first lesson and then I looked forward to the second lesson. I am now taking piano lessons weekly. Aside from his technical expertise, I think that one of the greatest things he gives his students is hope. I’m playing again, I’m practicing again. Sitting at the piano has become both easy and fun, not a chore. Maybe because I am a teacher (of a different subject), I know what good teaching is about. Bulent is a fantastic music educator because he is neither too easy, nor too critical. He is pleasant, inspiring and meticulous. Most of all, I am hopeful about taking piano lessons again.

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DENISE A. May 6, 2013
Piano ·

Outstanding instructor

Bulent is and excellent outstanding instructor with the personality to match. He is enthusiastic, competent, patient and attentive. My child was playing a song the first day there. He goes over and above. I myself enjoy sitting in on the classes. Even though this is very educational, they still find time to get to know each other and have a little fun. we HIGHLY recommend if you are lucky enough to have Bulent as an instructor, you will not be dissapointed. He is also readily available any time you have a question. In our opinion, he is one in a million and we are very very satisfied and grateful.

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Allyson P. Mar 4, 2013
Singing ·

Wonderful with children of all ages

"Bulent is a fun loving teacher who loves music, and is wonderful with children of all ages. He has taught our daughter for both voice and piano lessons and our son for drum lessons. His technical knowledge is wonderful, he is exact with the students in regard to technique, breathing and stretching exercises, and body alignment. His lessons are fun and he is full of enthusiasm which rubs off on the students. He helps make younger students feel at ease, and has a gentle manner, which makes lessons very enjoyable. We would recommend Bulent to anyone, regardless of musical ability."

Allyson P. and Jason E.

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Mikhail Z. Feb 11, 2013
Opera Voice ·

Excellent teacher!

I've started out my formal vocal training with Bulent from scratch just a little over a year ago. In just 8 months I've started out participating in professional opera productions, such as Commonwealth lyric theater, Lowell House Opera, etc.
What attracted me the most was the discipline, structure and passion that are always present in Bulent's teaching approach. He helped me to discover my operatic voice, helped to strengthen it and find ways to make it more like belcanto style. Through the solid groundwork and constant encouragement, he taught me how to breathe, how to use diaphragm muscles, how to avoid tension in vocal chords. Bulent radically changed my perception on what human voice is, and how it's connected with body, mind, and overall well-being.

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Oleg S. Feb 6, 2013
Singing ·

Superb voice teacher and coach

"I am a singer / songwriter and I have been studying voice with Bulent for 6 years.

I was an extremely anxious and unskilled performer when I started. I lacked confidence, my pronunciation was terrible and I had no idea how to style my writing vocally.

Bulent is very thorough with the basics - body posture, breathing, focus. As time goes on and you get better vocally, he also works on performance skills and style. He is an excellent performer himself and knows what it takes to perform in different genres whether it's opera, rock, pop or musical theater. He is also phenomenal at pronunciation training. Especially in regard to the English repertoire, I believe he is way better than any native voice teachers, because he had to go through this training himself to perform in operas and musicals.

After a couple of years of practicing I started gaining confidence and getting positive feedback from people on my performances. I gained a crucial understanding on how to make a song work lyrically and vocally in an artistic way. My training with Bulent transformed the way I view music and performance. I have had some voice coaches before I met Bulent, but I decided to stay with him, because he is very focused, attentive, skilled and on point EVERY time we have a lesson. He is also a very nice person, always smiling and polite - a rare individual in the music scene. I highly recommend him."

Oleg Shinkazh, singer, pianist, songwriter; Boston, MA

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Mary Ann M. Feb 6, 2013
Singing ·

Bulent is a wonderful teacher.

My daughter has been a student of Bulent's for the past four and a half years. During this time, she has developed from a shy six year old to a confident eleven year old, who has no problem performing solos on stage in front of an audience. In fact, she has won talent competitions performing songs that Bulent has taught her. With Bulent's never ending patience, and kind manner she continues to perfect and expand her musical repertoire. Bulent is a master in his craft, who takes great pleasure in sharing his knowledge and love of music. He starts each lesson with breathing techniques, and stretches. He is very careful to teach how not to damage the vocal cords. Bulent is very encouraging, and motivates my daughter to try new approaches to singing. My daughter is very proud to be able to sing in Italian, and is looking forward to working on a German song soon. Bulent is also very accommodating and willing to work around schedules. I would highly recommend Bulent Guneralp.

Mary Ann M.

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