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Brandon teaches: Ages 5 and up
Special needs
Teaching since: January 2004
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What do Britney Spears and Beethoven have in common?

They're both pop music! One just happens to be 200 years old.

Berklee College of Music graduate from Boston, MA with a passion for all genres, though mainly popular music. For me, music has always been about having fun and doing what feels natural, and I try to pass this on to my students.

In all seriousness, if it's not fun, why do it?

I'm super laid back, but I refuse to let you spend your money, or someone else's, on lessons like it's going out of style. I believe that the more fun you have with music, the more you'll want to play, and as a result, the better a musician you will become.

*** Lesson Details ***
Together, we will create daily, weekly, and monthly goals for you to achieve. In this way, we can both easily identify areas where you are excelling, as well as struggling.

Every student has a different motivation for taking lessons. Whether you simply want to show off for that special someone or you're trying to get into an elite music school, it is my objective to get you there with a smile on your face.

Want to learn the top ten guitar solos of all time? And nothing else? Just say so!
Want to learn piano theory until you're dizzy? We can do that too!
Always wanted to play drums but think you're too uncoordinated? No such thing!

Or, maybe you're already a polished musician lacking the theory to get into a top notch music school - no matter what your motivation may be, together we can make it happen.

You don't have to listen to a specific type of music to be a real musician. Yes, believe it or not, Britney Spears is a musician too! We'll work on the types of music YOU enjoy, not the stuff your parents, friends, or coworkers consider 'good' music.

Whether you want to learn Justin Bieber or Rachmaninoff, it's cool with me - believe it or not, the two have something in common...don't believe me? I'll prove it!

*** Specialties ***
I specialize in online music lessons. I have an extensive background in computers and technology, and incorporate a lot of unique tools to my online lessons to greatly improve the user's experience, such as multiple camera angles; picture-in-picture views; displaying sheet music on your screen and being able to highlight, point, and change pages for you; as well as interactive games similar to Rock Band that I control on my end as the student participates on their end.

Musical styles I cover are mainly pop, pop/rock, rock, hard rock, metal, classic rock, and classical.

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Music Instructor Jan 2004 - Present

I've been teaching music lessons for over eleven years. Part-time for the first eight years and full-time for the past four.


BA Professional Music Sep 2003 - Jun 2008
Berklee College of Music
Bachelor Professional Music Sep 2003 - Jun 2007
Berklee College of Music

Languages Spoken

English Fluent / Native Proficiency
English Fluent / Native Proficiency
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63 Reviews on Brandon B.

Nibedita D. May 27, 2015
Piano · Online
Verified Student
I have taken few online piano classes from Brandon, and I am very impressed with his way of teaching. I was initially skeptical about the online learning experience, but actually I like it much better than traditional way of learning. He organizes lesson plans based on my need and wishes which makes the class interesting. Instead of being restricted to a book like in traditional way of learning, his organizes my homework's from different resources based on my goals. I enjoy using the online resources he points to for theory and notes practice. I don't have to leave home to take classes, and still I get the best experience of learning piano.
Joe Galardi May 22, 2015
Guitar · Online
Verified Student
I have only had my first lesson with Brandon. I am an intermediate-level guitar player who has been searching for a mentor to take my playing and understanding of music theory and composition to the next level.

My immediate impression of Brandon is that he has an amazing depth of understanding of music and guitar. In my first 45 minute lesson, Brandon was able to assess my current knowledge and abilities and begin to build a development strategy.

His use of technology during the lesson with regard to video, communications, demonstration, and instruction was efficient and effective. He is professional and approachable. I never sensed any condescension or arrogance, as I have with one or two teachers in the past.

I cannot compare him to any others available through, however, I believe that he is easily better than the credentials that are listed in his profile.

I would highly recommend Brandon to anyone looking to learn to play guitar, or advance their abilities.
Luke V. May 11, 2015
Guitar · Online
Verified Student
I've been playing guitar for about eight years. I'm proficient at rhythm guitar, but recently I've been wanting to improve my lead guitar playing by learning scales, modes, etc. I looked through many internet tutorials, but none of them really helped me to understand how to get better at soloing, so I decided to try online lessons with Brandon. I was extremely skeptical at first about online lessons, but Brandon is incredibly friendly and made me feel comfortable right from the beginning. In the first lesson we identified my strengths, weaknesses, and goals for taking lessons so that he could devise a curriculum for us to follow. After each lesson he takes very detailed notes on what was accomplished during that session and what should be practiced during the week. Also, Brandon is very flexible when it comes to rescheduling. I contacted him to move a lesson, and within ten minutes we had the new lesson scheduled. Brandon made learning lead guitar a much less daunting task than it had seemed, and he also made it very enjoyable. You will not be disappointed by taking lessons with Brandon!
Samantha S. May 1, 2015
Guitar · Online
Online lessons are the way of the future. Period.

We get so much more done in the same amount of time I've had with prior instructors that it makes me sad just thinking about how much money I wasted before I started guitar lessons online with Brandon.

I love the fact that he stores everything in the cloud, so I'm able to view assignments from my iPhone or pull up any of our materials regardless of where I am or whose computer I'm on - super convenient for someone who travels as much as I do!

Brandon is very bright, kind, easy to get along with, and overall a fun person to spend time with. You can also tell that he really wants you to succeed; he really cares that you get value from each lesson. He's also never charged me for a last minute cancellation (something I can't say about past teachers), which means a LOT to me since I'm not made of money!

It shows that Brandon loves what he does and has the best intentions for his students.

Oh, and for anyone who thinks an online lesson isn't as good as normal lessons, it's the opposite. Brandon really knows his stuff when it comes to computers and takes full advantage of it. I looked at other teachers who were offering online lessons, but after a trial with Brandon, realized that the other teachers weren't doing much beyond sitting in front of a webcam. Brandon, on the other hand, essentially takes over my screen and uses it to display sheet music, he turns the page for me, he'll explain theory using a white board complete with pictures and movies, uses multiple cameras so I can see his fretboard better than if we were in the same room, and a lot of other awesome things I'd never seen anyone else do. Check him out.
Rand S. Apr 29, 2015
Piano · Online
Verified Student
There is a reason Brandon is so highly rated and has so many great reviews. He is an outstanding educator! I’m a 58-year-old self-taught, intermediate-level piano player looking to get to the next level. After little more than a month of online piano lessons with Brandon I’m making great progress. He is teaching me techniques, sight-reading skills, and strengthening my understanding of music theory and song structure. All this while keeping it fun.

At first I wasn’t sure about the whole online lessons thing but now I’m convinced that online is the best way to go. First, with his help the set up was easy. Second, online lessons are incredibly convenient (no commute, no picking up the house before a visit from a teacher). Finally, Brandon takes full advantage of the technology to share sheet music, links to relevant websites, music video and audio files, etc. and uses piano graphics to illustrate what he is doing at the keyboard. He can play a passage and on your screen will appear the notes as he plays them and/or the keyboard graphic will show his key strokes. It’s brilliant!
Mike P. Apr 16, 2015
Acoustic Guitar · Online
Try the online lessons with this guy, you won't regret it. Brandon knows his stuff. As a pianist and guitarist, I love how Brandon is able to translate knowledge between both instruments for me. Even though we do guitar lessons, he explains how everything also maps onto a piano, which I find incredibly valuable since most of my previous guitar teachers couldn't do this. Makes music seem downright simple.
Sam M. Apr 6, 2015
Guitar · Online
Been taking guitar with Brandon over Google Hangouts for a few months now. I wasn't sure if I'd like taking lessons online, but now I'm sold. It works really well and rescheduling is much easier. Brandon is very organized and an all around cool guy!
Crystal P. Mar 18, 2015
Guitar · Online
Got into Berklee College of Music because of this guy!!! Brandon is the man!

We've been taking online guitar lessons for about 9 months. He helped prepare me for my auditions. I also placed out of three classes which saved me nearly $10,000!! His rates are a little more than most teachers out there (though he's still half the rate of some teachers in NYC), but with Brandon you get more than what you pay for!
Jerry N. Mar 13, 2015
Piano · In home
Where do I start...

Brandon recently contacted me out of the blue via email, something along the lines of, "I think you used to be my piano teacher 20 years ago...can you leave me a review?" Without having to read much further, I immediately recalled him as a student amidst the hundreds of other students I've since had. One word: savant.

Brandon was one of, if not, the most gifted students I've ever had. Within about a year, I remember progressing from scratch to level 8 pieces by Rachmaninoff and Chopin - something unheard of for a student of his age and experience. I distinctly recall him being one of my few students who never needed to be told by his parents to practice - something that certainly stands out after 35+ years of teaching!

From what I've gathered, he's since attended Berklee College and is now teaching as well. When I knew him, he had a nurturing and supportive family, an enthusiastic personality, and an unusual ability to pick things up so much faster than my other students that I had to completely shift the way I taught. Come to think of it, he probably taught me a lot as well.

Thought it's been many years, and I can only speak of him as a student, I have only distinctly positive memories and wish him the best. You would be amidst one of the finest should you enroll in music with Brandon.

Glad our past has helped pave your future,
Christine D. Mar 10, 2015
Guitar · Online

I was extremely hesitant to take online music lessons at first. I've been taking guitar lessons at a studio or at my apartment for a few years. I took a break and decided to resume. I read a lot about online music lessons and how they're quickly gaining popularity over traditional lessons, so I figured why not!

So glad I took the plunge! Lessons are so convenient and Brandon is an amazing teacher! He really tailors to my needs and makes each lesson fun and extremely productive. We get more done in one hour of our online lessons than I'm pretty sure I ever got in two hours of my previous traditional lessons!

Definitely give online lessons with Brandon a shot - you won't regret it!