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Learn to sing on Pitch with Harmony! Choose from Gospel, Hymns, Contemporary, Popular or Kids Choir
This is my full singing course for families, groups, churches, ensembles, facilites etc. for vocal training for **GROUPS OF 2 OR MORE.** Each person must sign up individually but all can occupy the same time slot. You will learn pitch, sight reading, range, harmony and group dynamics through powerful song selections, vocal theory, troubleshooting and practice. Works well for churches that cannot afford musicians! Lessons can be weekly or bimonthly. ***Workshops are 150 minutes per day through the duration of the session. Length of sessions vary according to subject or singing goal.****
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I have been teaching for many years and would love to take you on a fun, flexible and step by step journey to attain your goals in Piano, Organ, Voice, Reading and Phonics, Math or Typing in a group or private class format. I hold a Bachelor's Degree and have been active in voice, piano, organ, public speaking and writing all of my life. Reading and Phonics is a weekly or Bi-weekly Program. It can be taught as either a full learn to read program, homeschool course or as a tutoring program for problem or challenging areas. Math learning is in attainable and non-stressful increments designed to foster a complete understanding of mathematical concepts and their relationships and to foster an "I CAN DO IT! ATTITUDE! Do you want lessons that will cater to your needs or the needs of your child and not a book? My Reading and Phonics lessons are made to dazzle and awe your child into an understanding of letters, sounds, and the written page with several learning enrichment programs as well as numerous supplemental material. I also love to work with teachers when possible and use placement tests to determine where to start and periodically to know how to continue. (The kids just think they are games). All of my lessons are designed to foster a love for reading, math or music and focus on your reading and Phonics goals or your dream in the music world as well as build knowledge and expertise for all three! Whether it be a specific genre, general, academic reading, computation, repertoire, not wanting to stumble over words or just wanting to play or sing the songs you enjoy, I have the curriculum and supplemental material to reach your reading, math or music goals! Beginner? We can get you started on the right foot! I have experience with tweens, teens, adult beginners, seniors and children of all ages. I have special curriculum and activities that enhance interest, reduce stress and help you to maintain what you learn. Pre-schoolers have a curriculum all their own that teaches phonics, reading or music through lovable animal characters with games on tablet, computer and other resources that teach, reinforce and excite their hearts to learn and retain what they learn. Does your child have some knowledge but just has not excelled in math, phonics or reading? We can tailor lessons for just that. Maybe you have some music knowledge but just can't play or sing that special song? We can tailor lessons for that, too! Maybe your child knows letters and sounds but just hasn't made the leap to reading? We can tailor the lessons to get your child from point B to Z! Perhaps math is a dirty word or causes your child to cringe or have great anxiety! I would love to help them to enjoy math instead of feeling annoyed at math. Can you read music but not play on your own? Can you play by ear and not read music? I have experience bridging the gaps. Is your dream to become a Soloist, harmonizer or karaoke star? Accompany yourself or others or just play for fun? Then why not you and I embark on that exciting journey together! Is your dream just for your child to be able to read at grade level or above? I will give it my all for them to do so. Is your dream to become a church musician or play for a choir? or Are you already a church musician but need help with a particular song, program or musical? Does your Church just sing Hymns? We can do Hymn Lessons. Does your Church sing only Gospel? We can do Gospel Lessons? Does your Church only do Contemporary Christian? We can do Contemporary Christian Lessons. NEW 12 WEEK SHORT COURSES: --Piano for Song Writers --Piano for Worship Leaders --Piano for Band Leaders NEW 24 WEEK SHORT COURSE: --Beginning Church Pianist I Want to learn it all? Worship to Him and service to others is the reason that I do what I do! Try us! You'll be glad you did!!!! *** Lesson Details *** I am a very laid back instructor, though the classes are very well structured. Usually, we progress with a chosen curriculum according to the student's or parent's vision and initial overview during the 1st few classes. However, all curriculums are supplemented to enhance student performance and comprehension. Our supplemental material is used to go swifter for material that you grasp well and understand, and slower with more repetition for that that you need more practice, without being monotonous. It is also used to provide appropriate but exciting reinforcement of all material to ensure that material is retained. We are forever updating material and also incorporate games and enhanced activities to keep lessons interesting and refreshing as well! I also have experience in teaching autistic, ADD, ADHD and those with varying degrees of brain damage. *** Studio Equipment *** Organs Keyboards with midi/Earphones Karaoke Machines with microphones and stands/TV capability Amplifiers Tablets Computer with music/reading/phonics games and software/TV capability *** Specialties *** Pre-school and Elementary Children through adults of any age especially for traditional theory, technique, performance creativity and all around fun lessons in phonics, reading, piano, singing, organ, music theory and keyboard. Beginning Organ lessons for any age including beginning church organist training. Also Children, Adults and Teenagers in ear training, chording song specific and church music.

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She is a great instructor, and I will continue taking lessons.

Posted Dec 14, 2022