Amely Guanipa

Amely G.

Coronado, CA

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Amely delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
Teaches students:
Ages 5 to 90

Teaching since:
September 1987

Amely grows mostly traditional music of Venezuela and Classical.
Artistic career: Her Musical Career started when she was 7 years old. She studied music in the Elias David Curiel Music School and in the Juan Jose Landaeta Foundation.
She made her debut in 1970 as a member of multiple chorus & Orchestras in Falcon State where she played the Cuatro and the Mandolin and in the late 's 70. She was a founder of Venezuela Global System of Orchestras and Choirs at the Falcon Youth Orchestra where she grew up and where she performed the Viola. In 1992, she also was a Founder of Falcon Symphony. Amely is an expert interpreter of the Cuatro and Mandolin, which is associated with many of her presentations. Amely appearances has been in different cities of Venezuela as well in Curacao Netherlands’ Island, Montreal, Canada and San Diego, California in the USA. She has performed with The Venezuelan Pianist Carlos Duarte and Flutist Felipe G. In 2001, she was invited to attend a Summer Pop concerts organized by the San Diego Symphony in San Diego, California. She also has performed with San Diego Academy as Venezuelan Music Ambassador and San Diego Youth Symphony. Amely has studied with recognized professional Musician such as, Raul Penso,Yolanda Correa, Manuel Pachano, Maiolino Conte, Abraham Guanipa, Felipe Guanipa., Manuel Pachano of Venezuela. In San Diego, California she studied with Teresa Bullot, who is a Professor of San Diego University and Palomar College as well with Voice Coach Lorea Herald of San Diego. Among her music teachers and conductors are Raul Penso in the Mandolin, Lacatucho Constantine in the Viola, Bebe Henriquez in the Viola.

In 80's and 90's, Amely worked as a Music Teacher for the Venezuela Educational Ministry, Francisco de Miranda University as well as with Catholic Schools Colegio Salesiano Pio XII and Maria Auxiliadora€ de Coro, Falcon Venezuela. Amely has also several university degrees such as, Master in Business Administration with specialization in Human Resources from National University, San Diego, CA, AA in Arst from Palomar College, San Marcos CA, Specialization in Auditing from The €œLizandro Alvarado University, Barquisimeto, Lara state, Venezuela, and a Bachelor Degree in Public Accounting from University of Zulia of Venezuela. She has worked for, Universidad Catolica Andres Bello, Universidad Francisco de Miranda and The Universidad Politecnica Alonso Gamero in Coro Falcon State, Venezuela. Amely's goal is to present the traditional music of Venezuela. The responsibility is chosen to broadcast her music inside and outside Venezuela. The reason is clear: it is a spectrum of sounds rich and varied rhythms.
Currently (2015), Amely plays the first mandolin At San Diego Mandolin Orchestra and teaches Violin, Mandolin, Cuatro ,Guitar and Ukulele in San Diego, CA. Teaches Guitar at San Diego French American School and Sings as Soprano for the University California San Diego Catholic Choir (Newman Center) and Guitar in the Classroom, San Diego, CA.

*** Lesson Details ***
The Students can expect from me punctuality, knowledge, dedication and passion to make them to love music. I am not strict but I expect fro the students to practice and parents to help. t is not that the student will play a song or composition tomorrow it is a matter of dedication and steps to follow. For Instruments such as Ukulele, Guitar I will use my on curriculum for Violin, Mandolin. I will use, Kayser, Suzuki, Lu-Yan Guo, All Strings, etc & workbook for strings & Forest Etling for music & workbook ( theory)

*** Studio Equipment ***
Music Stands, Tuners, Books, Computer, Folders, Sheet protectors

*** Travel Equipment ***
I provide some music and techniques. Student should have his/her own instrument, music stand, electronic tuner, extra strings and method

*** Specialties ***
Suzuki, Kayser, etc for the classical and others for folk music

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Oct 2013 - Present
UCSD Catholic Church Choir

First Mandolin
Jan 2005 - Present
San Diego Mandolin Orchestra

First Mandolin

Guitar Professor
Jan 2014 - Jun 2015
San Diego French American School, San Diego, CA

Guitar Professor to children Elementary School

Religious Music Teacher
Oct 1987 - Jul 1996
Colegio Salesiano Pio XII, Coro Falcon, Venezuela

Elementary, Middle and High School

Religious Music Teacher
Oct 1987 - Jul 1996
Colegio Maria Auxiliadora, Coro Falcon Venezuela

Elementary, Middle and High School

Jul 1978 - Jul 1995
Falcon Symphony Orchestra. Venezuela

Play the Viola


Master in Business Administration & Human Resources Manageent
May 2007 - Oct 2009
National University, San Diego CA
Associate Degree
Jan 2003 - May 2005
Palomar College, San Marcos California
Nov 1989 - May 1995
University of Zulia


Fluent / Native Proficiency
Spanish -English
Fluent / Native Proficiency


Guitar in the Classroom
Aug 2015
GITC. San Diego Unified District

To teach from 0 to K12 through the music

Viola Player
May 1992
Juan Jose Landaeta Foundation & Falcon Symphony Orchestra

Viola Player


Student Achievement
Mar 2007
National University
Will Embassador
Jan 2001
International Rotary Club

Photos & Videos

Photo by Amely G.
Guitar in the Classroom. San Diego,CA

Instrument. the Venezuelan Cuatro. Newman Center  Coffee House 2014, University of San Diego, California.
Amely is  Singing  with the San Diego Mandolin Orchestra. Christmas Concert 2013 at Saint Paul Methodist Church, Coronado, CA.
Josefina's birthday party. November 2014.

Photo by Amely G.

Photo by Amely G.

Photo by Amely G.

Photo by Amely G.

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Xander Oct 7, 2015
Violin · In home

Amely is very patient and good with kids.

Jeanne W. Oct 7, 2015
Ukulele · In home

Amely spent a lot of quality time with my introductory lesson, but unfortunately, it is very difficult for me to physically reach all chords and I am unable to advance as quickly as I would like to (if at all, due to my physical limitations). But I can at least play several of the chords, although slowly. I would recommend Amely to anyone willing and able to play the ukulele.

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Ariadna Jul 27, 2015
Violin · In home

Amely is a great music teacher! She's patient, kind, and teaches very well. She taught me how to play the Venezuelan cuatro (currently learning how to play the violin) and learned a lot. She also knows how to play a lot of other instruments, which I find amazing. She's the best music teacher I've had so far.

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Jennifer E. Jul 18, 2015
Mandolin · In home

Amely is an excellent instructor. She arrives promptly and is always prepared. She remembers where we left off and what work was assigned, often better than I do at times. She has shown such patience and support and kept me upbeat when I have gotten frustrated with myself at my own lack of progress. I continue to move forward and learn from Amely. She works with me and offers great advice. I enjoy seeing her every week. I would recommend her highly for any age range and any level of skill. She is superb.

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Susie F. Jul 18, 2015
Ukulele · In home

Amely is a very kind, patient, fun, and knowledgable music instructor. I take ukulele lessons, but she has shown me her talent with other instruments when she is teaching me to play along. I adore Amely! She is great with adults, children, seniors, animals!!

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Lisa Jun 29, 2015
Mandolin · In home

Amely is a friendly teacher with a great love of music. I would highly recommend her for music lessons. She can teach many different instruments and is patient and kind.

Jose H. Nov 27, 2014
Guitar · In home

Amely is a wonderful and a great human being. She made learning the guitar fun and exciting for me as a teenager and I used that knowledge to pursue a successful career in the music industry. I highly recommend to anyone searching for musical instruction, regardless of instrument. She is multi-talented and able to play and teach various instruments and she possesses a wide range of musical knowledge, ranging from singing, performing, theory, instruction and popular genres of music. Kudos!

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Susie F. Nov 24, 2014
Ukulele · In home

Amely is so wonderful! I have completed 4 out of 12 lessons and I feel like I'm really on my way to greatness! Amely is so patient, caring, fun, challenging, and just a beautiful person. She is a great teacher and so friendly and kind. I would rave about her to anyone thinking of taking music lessons. From children to adults, she's amazing! Can you tell I really love this woman!! Thanks Amely :)

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Linh C. Dec 30, 2013
Guitar ·


First day taking guitar lesson with Ms. Amely G. and love it! She is a nice, patient and encouraging teacher. First session and only 30 minutes long but with her best teaching techniques, I can play and sing along the Edelweiss song now (really love it!). Thanks Ms. Amely G. Can’t wait for the next lesson!!!

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