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Kyle B.

Kyle B.

I'm a passionate chess player and full-time chess coach with an extensive knowledge of chess theory who specializes in teaching beginner/intermediate (up to ~1600 USCF) players of all ages. Lessons will be personalized to focus on student's weaknesses and areas of needed improvement, as well as generalized chess instruction. In our lessons, we'll analyze full games (games that you've played as well as master-level games), study opening and endgame theory, and practice tactical motifs to improve all aspects of your play. Chess is a great platform to improve critical thinking skills and one's ability to focus, as well as a great way to have fun. As an adult learner, I understand that getting into chess (especially later in life) can be a bit daunting. I'm here to help remove the stress from chess learning and to make the process fun and enjoyable. My lessons will help you or your children gain a deeper understanding of the art of chess and improve your confidence and ability to play the game.
/30 mins