3 thoughts on “5 Guitar Tips for Accompanying a Vocalist

  1. Play quieter than the vocals.Be prepared to play the intro and make notes of what lyrics come in when you are playing the different sections of the song.Listen to the singer very closely and carefully.Be prepare for anything.

  2. As a listener of music. Whether live or recorded. I despise songs where the instrumental volume is purposely placed on the same level or above the level of the vocalist.

    The most important part of any song is the message that the vocalist is conveying to the listener through the lyrics of the song. That’s not a personal opinion, that’s a matter of fact!

    I am also annoyed when the music is so loud that I have to wear ear plugs in order to hear the performance without getting a headache or having my ears ringing when I walk out!

    I have found lately, that churches have started voluming their praise and worship services up to the point that it sounds more like a rock concert rather than a praise and worship service. Not only are the instruments so loud you cannot hear the vocalists; every person sitting in that service without ear plugs, has suffered hearing damage that does not go away over time but rather, remains and is added together with each successive ear damaging volume. All of these excessive noise volumes accumulate together over time to ultimately produce hearing loss.

    The saddest part is that people who prefer this loud noise,argue that it’s a personal preference rather than what it truly is. The desire to listen to good sounding vocals, and properly leveled instrumental accompaniment without being physically assaulted and being forced to go deaf in the process.

    Seriously though, if you cannot distinguish between the vocals and various accompanying instruments, it’s not music, it’s just noise!

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