5 thoughts on “The Top 10 Social Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language

  1. My wife knows a few foreign languages, and I thought it would be fun to learn one as well. It’s interesting that learning a language can actually benefit you in early career preparation. It would be nice to be able to benefit my career.

  2. You wrote that knowing the language of a place you are visiting can open up an entire new world for you, as it allows you to easily interact with locals. My son has been learning German for the last couple years in school, but wants to do more studying, so that he can be fluent. Perhaps an online class would be a great way to give him some extra practice, as it would be easy to do from home. Thanks for the terrific blog.

    1. Hello Rachel,

      Absolutely! Online language lessons are a wonderful way to build on the German classes offered at school. If you need assistance finding a tutor – let us know!

      Best of luck!

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