Angels and Airwaves Exclusive: The Best Guitar Accessories

Fender StratocasterA few weeks ago, we featured an exclusive interview with Angels and Airwaves guitarist David Kennedy. If you’re aiming for that AVA sound, we sat down with David again to find out exactly what gear he uses with the band. Read on to check out his recommendations for the best guitar and best guitar accessories…



Best Guitar
“There are two basic guitar styles to consider. The Epiphone Les Paul covers one side of guitar playing, and the Fender Stratocaster covers the other. The Les Paul is very clean, warm, and heavier-sounding, so that’s good if you’re playing a lot of power chords. The Strat is a more bright and vibrant sound, like U2 for example. So it just depends on the sound you’re going after.”

Best Guitar Strings
“I use Ernie Ball’s heavy gauge strings… I’ve used those my whole life. I like the heavier strings because I have big hands, and the heavier the strings are, the more rigid they are. I’m definitely not a delicate player, so I need the heavier strings. But if you’re a lighter player, they make a light version too.”

Best Amp
“I use a Fender Twin Reverb, those are really nice. The Vox AC30 is another good one. They’re compact, but you can also grow with them – you can use it in your apartment, or mic ’em up when you’re on stage playing.”

Best Guitar Pedals for Effects
“We use a digital delay pedal, which allows you to create different repetitions – it just repeats the note you play. The rest of our sound comes from the amp, though, which has two channels, clean and dirty.”

Best Guitar Pick
“Guitar picks can be really subjective… you really have to experiment and play around with what works for you. I use Tortex in a medium weight. They also have a heavy weight and a light weight, for more delicate playing. For me, I can’t feel the strings with the lighter picks. Most guitar accessories are subjective like this, so just keep that in mind!”

Best Tuner
“I have a Vox tuner, and we use a rackmount in the studio. Tuners are pretty self-explanatory, so there’s not really a best brand or type, but it’s really important to have. As a beginner, when you’re not as knowledgeable, you don’t even realize you’re playing out of tune until you’re jamming with other people and you’ll notice it then. Tuning your guitar correctly can make a huge difference, and it makes everything so much more fun when it sounds right!”

Readers, what are you favorite guitar accessories or brands? Leave a comment below and let us know! 

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