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About Priscilla D.

Silver Spring, MD

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First thing I do before first day of class is send out an enthusiastic email and call shortly after. Briefly discussing and establishing the learning goals for the course based on the visual literacy,technical,and intellectual competencies the students should achieve by the end of a period is ideal for me to design the course or update an existing course for the student's desired outcomes. The syllabus and the schedule are completed along with a comprehensive strategy for what will take place during class.

About Priscilla
I come from both a classical and a jazz background and I strive to create a friendly learning experience for each of my students that is personalized to their needs no matter the age or background. I believe You got to be versatile with people's learning style and capabilities so that they may enjoy learning to make music and art.

*** Lesson Details ***
Services include theory, technique, composition, key and chord progression, sight-reading and performing amongst others.
I have an easy-going, yet structured approach that allows each student to achieve results effectively their own pace.

*** Studio Equipment ***
guitar, piano, mic, metronome, percussion Instruments and sheet music

*** Travel Equipment ***
Metronome and notebook

*** Specialties ***
With experience enfused with classical recitals, gospel choir, acapella
, art exhibits from small venues to the Corcoran and as a veteran teacher of School of Rock My main goal is to present students with simplified ways to learn about music and the arts and have them flourish in their medium of choice and present their love for the craft to others with love. I am blessed to have the ability to bring out the best in my students through my attention to detail, professionalism, and efficiency.
Whitney B. August 18, 2019
· Piano · In home
Priscilla recently started teaching my 5 year old (just turned 6) and my 4 year old girls. They both really enjoy the lessons and are doing a great job learning how to play the piano. I am not musically inclined and don't know how to play. The girls have been able to show me a lot of the basics. Even my 2 year old (who is not taking lessons) can play Baby Shark! It's pretty amazing that the girls are able to play recognizable tunes after only a few lessons. Priscilla does a great job engaging the girls and keeping the lessons fun and relevant for their age and interests. On the very first lesson, she asked their favorite song and began to teach them how to play it. My oldest had a lesson on her 6th birthday and Priscilla (who didn't know it was her birthday ahead of time) changed the lesson and taught her how to play Happy Birthday to You. Priscilla is a great instructor. I highly recommend her.
Ceci August 12, 2019
· Guitar · In home
Priscilla was very patient and very knowledgeable. We look forward to going back
Fienna O. August 7, 2019
· Photography · Online
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Priscilla D.

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$75 / 60-min

About Sam H.


Whether you have never picked up your DSLR camera before or are starting to become serious about photography, my lessons will help you get on the right track. I have been teaching Photoshop on Takelessons for 3 years now, and I am now deciding to expand my lessons and offer photography as well. We can go over how to use your camera, what gear you should bring, lenses, how to control: shutter speed, aperture, ISO, etc. We can get into technical aspects such as printing, post processing, and sharing your images online as well. I am a "Canon guy", so that is my specialty!

About Sam
Hi! My name is Sam! This is my third year with TakeLessons and I couldn't be happier with the students that have come my way. If you're reading this, then you've taken the first step in finding a tutor that is right for you!

I am currently working on my Bachelor's degree at Worcester State University. I will have a double major in Spanish and Communication.

I love Spanish, and I believe that you can really get the hang of it after a little time and practice. With grammar review, practice, and vocabulary memorization, it becomes really easy to learn this language. I am more than happy to be here to help you learn this exciting language! Proper pacing is crucial to learning a new language. Therefore, I make each lesson customized for every student.

Every lesson, you will receive downloadable links with all of the content covered
in the lesson. You will also get access to an exclusive Spanish discussion board which all of my students are welcome to participate in.

I have recently began teaching group classes in Spanish as well. Group classes are great for those that prefer larger classrooms and interacting with peers. I am teaching beginning through intermediate level group classes.

Aside from Spanish, I also teach Adobe Photoshop. There are endless possibilities with Photoshop, and I am here to let you discover some of them. No experience? Tired of watching youtube tutorials with no feedback? Maybe you need a tutor to guide you through the process!

We will start off with layers and then go on from there, moving into the more intricate tools such as the pen tool, layer masks, and blending modes.
Sandra June 3, 2019
· Photography · Online
He definitely knows his photography and has the experience to help. I learned a lot with Sam!
Kweeta March 31, 2019
· Photography · Online
The first lesson was great and very informative!
Sandra March 30, 2019
· Photography · Online
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Sam H.

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$35 / 60-min

About Prophet C.

Phoenix, AZ
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I am a professional photographer and videographer. I shoot mostly headshots, landscapes, real estate and music videos. If you want to learn about cameras and styles, I can teach you.

About Prophet
Prophet C. is professionally known as The Prophet X. He is a professional rap artist, music production company owner, record label owner, website design company owner and more.

Currently, Prophet is teaching all of the following classes both in students home locations, in his Teaching Studio and online here at TakeLessons:

Reason 10 Software - Beat Making - Hip Hop Music Production - Freestyle Rapping - Rap Composition & Songwriting - Rock & Heavy Metal Music Production - Midi Orchestration - Film Scoring - Audio Engineering - Multi-Track Recording - Mixing & Mastering - Life Coaching Photography - Video Production - Live Stage Performance - Beginning Guitar & Bass - Drums - Bible Studies and much more!

Prophet’s teaching style focuses on the primary learning method of the student. All students are either Visual, Auditory or Ki
nesthetic learners or a combination of the three. By adapting teaching methods to these learning methods, great results can be produced in a short time.
Terina B. August 16, 2019
· Hip Hop & Rap · Online
Very thorough and genuinely cares to see you get better as a rapper. I'd recommend him to any upcoming rapper.
Chuck A. July 15, 2019
· Hip Hop & Rap · Online
he is the best teacher everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Sandra June 28, 2019
· Bass Guitar · In studio
Excellent instruction and very patient. Had a lot of fun.
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Prophet C.

starting at
$30 / 30-min

About Christy F.


Having taken pictures of families, weddings, children etc. over 15 years, I have learned to move swiftly from one picture to the next to help those being photographed feel comfortable and have a good time! Pictures capture a moment of time that will always be remembered!

During class we will cover:
*When to use Manual and Automatic
*How to take pictures throughout a wedding day, family or children photoshoot.
*Posing that works for both family and weddings
*How to start a business

About Christy

I am an independent music instructor. I have trained students in opera, jazz, and contemporary.

I began my piano studies at age eight and began teaching in high school. I have a Bachelor of Arts minor in vocal performance from Brigham Young University.

I have taught hundreds students of various ages and abilities and have been involved in a number of musical groups and productions, such as Opera Scenes, Phoenix Rising, Women's Chorus, and the Cincinnati Women's Group.

My instruction emphasizes a relaxed learning environment with a focus on the student's needs.

I also encourage and teach my students how to take care of their voice and body to avoid strain or injury.

What Students Will Learn:
*Sound, rhythm, and beat
*Figuring out where the notes are on a page of music
namics (such as loud and soft)
*Understanding high and low notes
*The importance of regular practice
*Following instructions
*Performing for a teacher (and an audience, in some cases)

Sources for Student Learning:
*Student books
*Handbells (for young children)
*Pictures of notes
*Videos/songs that help students learn how to read notes

*I encourage each student to find at least one opportunity to perform yearly. Whether performing for friends or family, regularly performing for an audience results in tremendous growth!

Student Books Used:
*Piano Adventures
*Alfred Series

I earned my Visual Arts major in Photography from Brigham Young University.

I have run a photography business for 18 years.

I have taken pictures for weddings, engagements, senior pictures, landscapes, and family portraits.

I focus mostly on what students would like to learn.

How to manually operate a camera is a critical learning emphasis.

If applicable, we'll also talk about how to run a photography business.

With my kids, I have worked with one child who requires substantial help and another who is several levels above standard. Both have challenged me to research and learn many resources and methods to help them learn and perform math at a high level.

My goal with students is to assess their math proficiency and either help them find new ways to challenge themselves or help them learn how to be more comfortable with math and perform at an appropriate level.

I strongly believe math is critical for success in K-12 and college. My philosophy is if a student is comfortable with math, he or she will be happy at school!
Noah April 23, 2019
· Singing · Online
My first lesson with Christy was terrific! Very knowledgeable, easy to work with, and very supportive. Can hardly wait for the next one!
Barbara February 22, 2019
· Opera Voice · Online
thank you!
Cynthia J. February 15, 2019
· Photography · Online
Christy is great and explains wonderfully but the sound was poor and hard to hear.
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Christy F.

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$20 / 30-min

About Mark Y.

Greenwich, CT
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Photography is a big part of our lives these days. It's a modern way of storytelling. Let me help you tell your story better. From Beginner to Advance, I cater the lessons to your needs.

A lifelong student of Photography myself, I have made my living as a professional Photographer for nearly 10 years. In addition to Shooting I have been teaching and helping others hone their craft for the past 4 years.

Many people want instant results but photography is a process. Despite the experience level of the photographer my goal is teach something new. Be it a concept or technique at the end of the session you will be one step closer to your goals.

The session doesn't end at the end of the hour. I provide e-mail support for questions pertaining to the discussed subject matter. I do assign homework and or conduct practical lessons so I also provide feedback and critique for photographs.

I use Lightroom and Photoshop for post processing and I am able to provide ...

About Mark Onewolf
I began photographing family events at the age of 8 years old. I was always fascinated with how things work and the camera was no exception.

I learned to shoot with Film cameras. First with my Dad's Pentax and when I was employed I purchased my own. During my time in the Navy and Army I became good friends with a combat photographer who mentored me in photography. Long deployments were perfect to cultivate my skills and there was no shortage of people places and things to photograph.

So what makes me a good Instructor? My education background is Avionics and Electronics Engineering. I am a math and logic minded person which enables me to reverse engineer processes and break them down. I have experience teaching ESL to foreign exchange students which often requires me to understand the task from the perspective of the client
so that I am able to help them understand in the way they learn.

I come from a Artistic family, Music, Art, Dance, Singing etc and being a musician myself I am not just a 1's and 0 person. Photography is a very logical subject not unlike music. There are rules to bent and offers structure yet has a creative release for those of us seeking that.
My clients find that I am patient and laid back and able to explain things in multiple ways until they get that ah ha moment. I am passionate about photography and I hope my enthusiasm is contagious.

As a Professional photographer I see so many bad photos from family and friends and others posting on social media and in forums. Someone took the time to show me and feed my passion so I want to do the same and help to create better photographers and hopefully better photographs.

Kim May 17, 2019
· Photography · Online
Mark is a thoroughly knowledgeable, patient and encouraging instructor. I just completed a series of lessons with him to learn the basic elements of my new camera and settings so that I can go beyond the auto settings before embarking on a trip to Peru. I couldn't be happier with what Mark taught me. In addition to the basics of aperture, shutter and program auto modes, he provided very practical information on things like tripods, storage, programs and apps. I can't wait to take more lessons from Mark when I return from Peru!
Jess May 7, 2018
· Photography · In studio
Mark has taught me a lot of lessons in photography. Very knowledgeable in a broad range of disciplines (i.e. long exposures, head shots, weddings, street, editing, portraiture, product, and more). Covering so many categories of photography I feel gives him the ability to answer many questions that a specialized niche photographer would lack. I am a photographer and I get paid gigs, that's how good Mark is. I received my ROI 100x over. Highly recommended.
Dan January 10, 2018
· Photography · In studio
Just had a photography lesson with Mark last night. He was great. He explained everything in a clear and concise manner that I could easily understand. He also listened to what I wanted to topics that I wanted to learn and tailored his presentation to cover those topics. Thanks, Dan.
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Mark Y.

starting at
$75 / 30-min
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About Josiah J.


As a student on track towards my Associates in Applied science for Digital Photography, I've learned a tremendous amount of knowledge and skills that I'm eager to share with my own photography students.

From learning the basic functions of your camera, to composing a great photograph, to managing and editing your photographs, I'm happy to share my knowledge with you.

About Josiah
I'm a professional website designer, internet marketer, photographer, and visual artist. I have a wide range of skills, talents, and interests from coding CSS and HTML, to manipulating photos, and making fine art paintings. Despite the medium, above all else, I am visual artist and designer.

With over 15 years of experience using Adobe software to build websites, and edit photos, I now work closely with clients to brand their businesses and market their products and services online.

I'm currently enrolled at Mesa Community College in pursuit of my 2nd associates degree, specifically digital photography and applied sciences. I'm excited to share what I know and mentor students who are eager to learn how to use their computers and software.
Garrett B. February 2, 2019
· Photography · In home
Josiah is awesome. He develops an organized lesson plan with set goals in mind. I have learned a tremendous amount already.
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Josiah J.

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$40 / 30-min

About Janlet M.

Hollywood, FL
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I am both an experience photographer and a person with teaching skills. I have teach in the past with a high success rate. I will drive the students from the simple to the more complex topic with a smooth transition.

About Janlet
My name is Janlet Minor, I am a technical expert and photographer. I started doing photography about 25 years ago; I have teaching skills too. I have taught math and science in high school and high school in my country (Dominican Republic). You will not be disappointed if you choose to take a class from me.


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Janlet M.

starting at
$75 / 45-min

About Trudy P.

Federal Way, WA
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I will listen to what your needs are and cater to that. My experience in digital photography goes back to 2001. I know how complex the world of photography can be but I will seek to leave my ego behind because I too had to learn from others and frequently in a classroom setting the instructor unfortunately can't help the individual.

About Trudy
I have been taking digital photos since 2001 but started when I first fell in love with
Photoshop. My favorite subject matter is nature but the principles of taking a decent photo will be similar for any subject matter.

I photograph large events and headshots and believe in the importance of a first impression. I learned posing techniques from working for a large national company but apply some of these principles even at events.

While I now shoot with my cell phone too, I am well versed on how to operate a professional camera (Canon) and this is what I will be teaching you.
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Trudy P.

starting at
$50 / 60-min

About Amanda C.



About Amanda
I am a University of Virginia graduate looking to share my knowledge and experience to elementary, high school, and college age students. I am skilled at tutoring students in academic and creative subjects. I have much experience with piano and art and my excellent academic achievement in high school and college allows me to teach subjects like Latin, English, Writing, and general Study Skills or Test Prep. I am a very organized person and in teaching I make sure my students receive an organized and thorough understanding of the subject. I also bring an enthusiasm to my teaching as I am passionate about helping others learn and grow!
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Amanda C.

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$34 / 30-min

About Jason E.

Castro Valley, CA
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Film Scanning. Large Format Inkjet Printing. Experiemental techniques. Medium Format Film.

About Jason
Choose a one time class or ongoing sessions:
* Drawing
* Painting
* Advanced topics: Finding Your Creative Vision
* Photography film scanning and large format inkjet printing
* Arts Education for Teachers

One time classes including
*Intro to Aesthetics
*Zen and Painting
*Transcendentalism and Art
*Parent and Child Collaborative Painting

You will receive videos, material lists, handouts on techniques, and more.

My painting, drawing and photography studios are your virtual online classroom.

My artwork is in a major museum and gallery in Los Angeles.
I have a BFA and MFA from top art schools, and practice my craft daily. I have worked in Community Arts, Arts Administration and Arts Education for more than ten years.

Let me help you on your Creative Path. Send me a question today!
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Jason E.

starting at
$15 / 30-min

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