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Priscilla L.

Priscilla L.

4.8 (78)
The first thing I do before the first day of class is send out an enthusiastic email to introduce myself. We then Briefly discuss the learning goals for the course based on the visual literacy, technical, and intellectual competencies the students would like to achieve by the end of a period through the questionnaire. This is ideal for me to design the course or update an existing course for the student's desired outcomes. The customized syllabus and the schedule are completed along with a comprehensive strategy for what will take place during our lesson together. I incorporate technology all the time. I'm also inclusive driven because I believe everyone can learn no matter their capabilities or background, I also engage with my students by catering to their interests, and I embrace my dualities and share them with my students. You will learn all you should know about abstract painting, from choosing the right paint, paper, and brush, varnishing, and creating a collage to creating a complete composition. I will assist you in creating the abstract painting or mixed media art without spending a fortune on tools and materials. Plus you will be confident in understanding not only the technique like how to create texture but also your expression in this art form will take new life. Every class we work on something new; this method of mine is great for all students no matter their level. The topics covered include Primer, Texture, Paints, Brushes, Undercoat, Dark undercoat, Dimensions, Details, Painting process, and more.
/30 mins
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Enjoyed the overview of abstract art and can’t wait to dive in. Nicole is great!!

Allison (Abstract Painting lessons with Nicole P.)

The best detail oriented, caring teacher I ever had.

mike (Abstract Painting lessons with Roya M.)

She is very kind and cares about her students. She is the best professor I've ever had.

Pari (Abstract Painting lessons with Roya M.)

She is truly professional, exceptional teaching techniques and makes you motivated and focus on the subject. I was not expecting so much from one hour class . I would definitely recommend her .

Mike (Abstract Painting lessons with Roya M.)

Abstract Painting Lessons

Have you always wanted to paint abstract art but felt unsure where to start? The TakeLessons platform provides a large selection of the best abstract painting teachers available today.

Abstract painting has frequently been described as a non-objective way of interpreting reality by using shape, lines, and form to interpret the world in new and expressive ways. It actually runs counter to traditional painting techniques. Rather than reproducing visuals from the outside world, abstract painting often exhibits a degree of independence from what it is trying to represent.

Famous abstract artists include Wassily Kandinsky and Jackson Pollock, both of whom rose to fame in the 20th-century with highly-individual styles.

TakeLessons brings together the best online abstract painting lessons and in-person tutoring you can find. Sign up and get paired with great abstract painting teachers today!

Certified Abstract Painting Teachers

How do you learn abstract painting? The term itself can be confusing, especially when it encompasses so many various styles and unique artists.

Skilled abstract painting teachers can easily take the confusion out of learning the art form, taking what is a wide-reaching approach to art and distilling it into understandable lessons.

Picking an abstract painting teacher on TakeLessons is very easy. On our website, you’ll see a list of our abstract painting teachers, their rating out of five stars, their starting price, and even their location if you’re looking for in-person lessons. The rates of our teachers vary, but the average price of a 60-minute lesson is $67.

Access the best online abstract painting lessons by signing up today!

Abstract Painting Lessons for All Ages

It’s never too late to start learning abstract painting. TakeLessons offers art lessons for people of all ages, from children to older adults. Many of our teachers specialize in teaching certain age groups, and you’ll be able to select one that works for you when signing up.

For example, our abstract painting lessons for kids help make the art form fun and accessible for children, helping to build functional skills while also ensuring they stay interested and engaged with the lessons they’re taking.

For teenagers and adults, we have abstract painting teachers that can craft lessons more suited to older ages. Whether you’re a young painter looking into art school or a retired professional starting a hobby, we’ve got a teacher that will work perfectly for your unique needs.

No matter your age, you can find the best online abstract painting lessons at TakeLessons and take your art skills to the next level!

Abstract Painting Lessons for All Levels

Even advanced learners need lessons sometimes, which is why the abstract painting lessons at TakeLessons range from introductory courses for absolute beginners, all the way to in-depth lessons for expert painters.

Even if you’re starting your painting journey from scratch, our abstract painting lessons for beginners aid you in building the essential skills, such as using colors, brush techniques, and painting your first piece.

Advanced abstract painting students will benefit from close instruction from experienced abstract painters. Our advanced abstract painting teachers can take your skills even further, challenging you to expand your artistic vision and even start selling your paintings.

This goes for both our in-person and online lessons. Sign up today at TakeLessons to learn abstract painting, no matter your current skill level!

Abstract Painting Lessons Curriculum

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Abstract Painting Lessons

  • Brush techniques
  • What is abstract painting?
  • Abstract approaches
  • Form, shapes, and lines
  • Expression through abstraction

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Abstract Painting Lessons

  • Finding your painting style
  • Using color
  • How to experiment
  • Working with other forms of media

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Abstract Painting Lessons

  • Getting your work in a gallery
  • Selling your paintings
  • Advanced brush techniques
  • Advanced color
  • Realizing your artistic vision

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When you have the best online abstract painting lessons at your disposal, learning gets much easier. Signing up for TakeLessons gives you access to great abstract painting teachers and offers you a simple platform for managing your learning trajectory. We also back up our lessons with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so there’s no need to worry. Start learning today!


How can I learn abstract painting?

You can learn abstract painting in many ways. One approach is to just start painting. Grab some supplies and put some paint on a canvas as you follow your artistic impulses. You can easily lose your way in this manner, however. Learning abstract painting can be a lot easier with the help of a good teacher. An abstract painting teacher can help you distill your ideas into something doable as you build the foundational painting skills that will allow you to realize your vision.

Is abstract painting hard to learn?

Abstract painting isn’t difficult to learn, but it can be hard to realize your artistic vision and create something you’re proud of. Making good art often comes down to understanding what you want to make while also having the skills to make it. That’s where a great teacher comes in. The abstract painting lessons at TakeLessons are offered by experienced, highly-regarded teachers who can help you learn how to make great art.

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