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Sculpture Lessons - Online, Group, and Private Options Available

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Sculpture Lessons

If you’ve ever toured through Italy and marveled at the statue of David or traveled to see Washington D.C.’s monuments and the National Gallery of Art, then you understand the power of sculpture as an art form.

Even if you’ve never traveled very far, chances are you’ve come across statues, busts, figurines, or other sculptures and know the emotional impact that they can make.

If you’re interested in stone carving, wood carving, bronze casting, or clay firing, at TakeLessons, we have the classes for you.

Certified Sculpture Lessons Teachers

Learning sculpture on your own can be challenging, which is why we created our flexible, customizable sculpture lessons. Whether you’re starting out or an experienced sculptor, there’s a class to aid you in growing your skills.

At TakeLessons, we screen all of our sculpture lessons teachers to offer only the best instructors with real hands-on experience and professional backgrounds to help our students achieve their objectives.

Once you’re ready, we make signing up for classes easy. Simply browse through our list of teachers, read over their past student reviews, see their prices, and find the right match. The final step is to meet with the teacher to discuss your class's range of interests and options and schedule your first class.

What’s more, we understand that students are working on a budget, so regardless of your finances, we offer affordable private lessons, with the average cost for sculpture lessons running about $25 for a half-hour of instruction. Sign up today!

Sculpture Online Lessons for All Ages

Sculpture as an art form is a lifelong skill that challenges you and provides a sense of accomplishment and relaxation, making it perfect for people of all ages. Learning how to sculpt can provide various benefits from manual dexterity, concentration, creativity, and analytical skills.

Sculpting is a great way to express yourself, so whether you’re looking for something to do as a retiree or find sculpture lessons for kids, TakeLessons is ideal for students of all ages to learn at their own pace in person or online.

Sculpture Lessons for All Levels

Regardless of whether or not you’ve worked with materials and sculpting before or you’re an advanced student preparing your collection for a showing, at TakeLessons, our classes are designed to provide you with the opportunity to achieve your goals.

Sculpture lessons for beginners will look much different than classes for experienced professionals, which is why our courses are flexible and customizable, whether you want to learn in-person or online.

Regardless of your background, discuss your interests with your instructor, and our certified sculpture teachers will create the curriculum needed to challenge you and grow in your skills.

Sculpture Lessons Curriculum

From learning about how the different materials work and the best ways to shape them to drafting a plan and setting it out as a finished product, at TakeLessons, our online sculpture lessons are designed to fit the needs of each of our students.

Sample Curriculum for Beginner Sculpture Lessons

If you’ve never worked with materials before to sculpt, are interested in learning but don’t know the first thing about the art form, then the beginner sculpture lessons are for you.

A sample curriculum for a beginner sculpting class may include topics such as:

  • Different types of sculpting materials: clay, wood, stone, and metal
  • Sketching basic designs
  • Learning essential tools needed for different materials
  • Sculpting basic shapes and forms
  • Adding texture to a shape

Sample Curriculum for Intermediate Sculpture Lessons

If you have some background and experience in sculpting and want to take your skills and knowledge to the next level then the intermediate program is best suited to help you.

In an intermediate level sculpture program, your teacher will customize each plan and may include:

  • Complex sculpting techniques, including carving, assembling, modeling, and casting
  • Drafting and sculpting complicated forms
  • How to model to scale
  • Difference between and use of subtractive and additive processes
  • Implementing the use of light, shade, volume, surface, and color

Sample Curriculum for Advanced Sculpture Lessons

The advanced sculpture lessons are all customized to fit the needs of each student. If you’re working on a challenging piece and need some guidance or preparing for a showing, our certified sculpture teachers are all experts in the craft and will guide you to achieve your objectives.

A sample curriculum for advanced sculpture lessons may include:

  • Final touches and polishing techniques to highlight your sculpture
  • Understanding lighting and positioning to showcase your work
  • Preparation of your piece(s) for show
  • Understanding the business side of the art world

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At TakeLessons, our programs are easy to begin, fun to learn, and designed to help you grow as an artist.

Our no-hassle, simple sign-up can get you started in sculpture lessons in no time. What’s more, we offer a 100% guarantee that you’ll love your new courses, but if you’re not satisfied, we’ll refund the remaining balance of your account with no problem.

Ready to get started? Begin your sculpture journey by signing up at TakeLessons today!


Is it difficult to learn sculpting?

Yes and no. Some people have deemed sculpture to be the most challenging of art forms, but with time, patience, and some direction, becoming proficient at sculpting can be learned. Without professional guidance, working with different materials and modeling them to scale can be tricky. At TakeLessons, we offer the best online sculpture lessons for students of all ages and levels to learn how to create beautiful pieces of art.

What are some of the benefits of learning sculpture?

Discovering art at any age teaches and develops skills such as observation, manual dexterity, focus, imagination, problem-solving, and patience.

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Ready to learn Sculpture?

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