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Popular Sculpture Teachers

Alec H.

Carlisle, MA
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Jeff K.

Imperial Beach, CA
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Kayla H.

Orlando, FL
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Alec H. Carlisle, MA

About Alec

A Boston native and recent UMass Amherst graduate, Alec has played and performed music for most of his life. This multi-talented, vibrant, up and coming artist has performed around MA as part of several ensembles. Most notably, he spent 4 years performing with locally award-winning and notorious get-down-and-party band Kids on a Hill (an Amherst-based neo-funk band in which he played the alto saxophone,) and UMass Amherst'€™s Doo Wop Shop a cappella group, whose Disney Medley currently has 4.5 million views on YouTube. Alec is currently living and performing in the Boston area as a solo singer-songwriter and front man with his new Indie-Pop band, A Little Backwards. *** Lesson Details *** Get ready to make the most out of your instrument. We will be focusing on the creative approach, ...

Jeff K. Imperial Beach, CA

Specializing in ceramic sculpture, mixed medium sculpture and found object sculpture. Focusing on practical & technical aspects of fabrication.

About Jeff

Art Wheel Studio & School, located in Imperial Beach, CA. Art Wheel offers a range services including: Classes & lessons art coaching & consulting, private and group instruction for adults, children, charter schools, groups and special events Our classes are now generally private, semi-private and very small group with a high level of attention to each student rather than a traditional class setting. We also offer studio space, private instruction for groups or individuals, parties or group events by appointment.

Kayla H. Orlando, FL

About Kayla

2013 - Graduated BFA in Photography and BA in Art History w/ honors at the University of Central Florida. I have tutored in art and photography for a little more the 6 yrs, but I have been in the art field for over 10 yrs. I am the Art Registrar for the University of Central Florida, as well as a gallery assistant. I don't know many art history majors that don't like to teach. It's on our blood! I am the oldest of five, so I have always been in tutoring mode. I have a certificate in art education but the same skills can apply to any subject I tutor. Patience and persistence.


Kayla H. April 29, 2014
Art History
AP Art History Tutoring

Kayla was highly responsive and of great assistance to my son on very short notice. I highly recommend her to any others considering her, and am grateful to her for her assistance on AP Art History. Outstanding work!!!

Gilbert M.

Anaheim, CA
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Margaurita S.

Beverly, MA
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Shelly L.

Denver, CO
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Gilbert M. Anaheim, CA

I have spent 20 years dedicating my life to both digital and tradition art.

About Gilbert

I have worked for many Colleges and Kids Sports organizations. I have been background checked many times. I also teach kids of many ages at The Arbor Learning Center home schooling group. Mr. M. is a CG artist. Like many, his love for art started in grade school and evolved in high school. While running his own T-Shirt Design company, "Extreme Limitations", he was able to quickly see the power of design, layout, color, and typography. With over twenty years of experience in Graphic Design, Illustration, Prototype Design, Game Art, and Motion Graphics, Mr. M. now spends his time teaching students in many different graphic disciplines. He has been at Norco College since 2006 teaching 3D Modeling, Animation, Beginning and Advanced Photoshop, Illustrator, Digital Sculpting and ...


Teresa M. November 20, 2014
Adobe Photoshop · In studio
I have had the pleasure of taking several classes from Gil; Illustrator, Advanced Photoshop, 3D Modeling to name a few. As an older student in classrooms full of younger students, I can certainly recommend Gil's ability to teach any age group. He has the patience to walk students through techniques and procedures despite any lack of skill. At the same time, he is quick to challenge those students who skillfully grasp concepts and are ready to move on. The atmosphere he provides is warm and encouraging. There are so many techniques I am continue to use thanks to Gil's instruction!
Robert H. November 19, 2014
Adobe Photoshop · In studio
During my time at Norco College, I had the pleasure of taking quite a few classes with Gil. I'm not know to be the best kind of student, I don't do well in classroom structures, but Gil's class was one of the few I was able to stay focused and do well in.

He has a great way of teaching that actually allows you to learn and have fun at the same time. He knows what he is doing and that shows, plus instead of just telling us to read this chapter or go to this page and follow the instructions, he will be more hands on and show us what to do and where to go and he did his best to help each student individually and help push their limits to make some amazing pieces of work.

I've learned a lot and still use a lot of the techniques from those classes, definitely the best teacher I ever had to date. So take it from me, if you get the chance to ever have Gil as a teacher, don't pass it up.
Chelsea G. November 14, 2014
Video Game Art · In studio
I have actually taken quite a few classes that were taught by Gil. I always have found him to be a super helpful teacher and always looked forward to going to his classes because the atmosphere always felt really warm to me, especially compared to a lot of other classes I have taken; he really wants to help students learn. I really like his teaching techniques, which involves more teaching from experience than “here have a book follow these step-by-step instructions.” Everything I have taken away from Gil’s classes has helped me become much more efficient, as well as a better artist. I’d recommend him as a teacher to anyone.
Margaurita S. Beverly, MA

My experience with sculpture is best for the younger artist (elementary or middle school level). I can instruct in a variety of materials: air dry clay, textiles, wire, soap carving, plaster carving, found objects, wood, paper, etc.

I would be happy to design a curriculum to fit your goals.

About Margaurita

Margaurita’s approach to teaching is that art is a universal language, open to anyone interested in expressing themselves through creative exploration. She utilizes a mix of teaching philosophies depending on the needs of her students. She has studied a range of educational theories, including Reggio Emilia, Montessori, and Differentiated Learning, among others, and chooses parts of each to incorporate into her teaching style. She believes in teaching towards an appreciation of art and an understanding of the creative process more than a focus on the end product. Because of this, she integrates art history and art criticism into most every art lesson. Margaurita holds a BFA in Painting and Art Education with a double minor in Art History and Creative Writing. She is licensed to teach ...


Samantha R. December 30, 2014
Paper Crafts · In studio
My two boys did a class with Margaurita, and they LOVED it. She works so many things into such a short time! They were able to finish 3 projects in 1 hour, and they had so much fun doing it. She is patient, thorough, and had lots of art items to work with - the finished products are beautiful! Totally worth it!
Shelly L. Denver, CO

Hello! I've been teaching drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics and every art project you can imagine to kids for 20 years. During the school year I am a full-time art teacher, but I am available in summers and weekends and evenings to help you build your artistic talents and have fun.

About Shelly

Hi, there! My name is Shelly and I can't wait to meet you! I've been teaching art lessons since 1993 and have loved helping my students learn to draw, paint, sculpt, play with clay and any other art project you can imagine. I went to Teacher's College at Columbia University in NYC and earned a master's degree in Art and Art Education in 1992. I'm a very popular and successful art teacher in a middle school and would be available full-time during summer, and weekends and school nights during the regular school year from August to May. I look forward to helping you reach your goals! I am extremely flexible and creative. My twin daughters are 12 years old and we love to do art together. I love doing art with kids!

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