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Winton delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
Teaches students:
Ages 5+

Teaching since:
June 2003

Composition/Music Theory - I'm a published composer with experience writing for orchestral instruments, to vocal ensembles, and even dance groups or film. All that may sound fancy but I also enjoy doing simple arrangements of pop tunes for singer-songwriters. I tend to write in a rhythmic and melodic style, often using pop idioms in my music. Since I come from an orchestral background I'm really good when it comes to orchestration as well.

Vocalist - As a freelance tenor and countertenor, I have sung for some of the top church choirs in the Bay Area including Grace Cathedral Men & Boys Choir and Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption as well as local groups such as San Francisco Renaissance Voices, International Orange Choral of SF, and Pacific Collegium. I also did a couple of collaborations with singer-songwriters on YouTube such as a cover of Jason Mraz's "Lucky" and a Japanese pop tune with the title translated as "Clap Your Hands."

Tuba - I was a freelance tubist in the greater Los Angeles area. I've played in various gigs with brass quintets as well as under conductors for orchestras in Idyllwild and Monterey, Mexico.

Bass Guitar - I also freelanced as bass player in the greater Los Angeles area getting called to play for bands of various genres ranging from pop/rock to hip hop to folk/country. I do mostly simpler stuff like old time and bluegrass but I can help you learn the basic technique and grasp the basics of the groove which distinguishes us bass players from the guitarists transferring to bass playing.

*** Lesson Details ***
***With my constantly shifting schedule, my weekdays + Saturday is apt to change semi-regularly. I will need my students to be willing to be flexible at times. But for the most part I have most days available (not listed in my "Availability" section)***

Composition/Music Theory - First of all, I commend you for being so brave for even be interested in composition lessons. With my experience, I've found young composers (even college students) to be so sensitive with any sort of criticisms with their music. Understandably so, but as a composer/songwriter you have to be able to see your music objectively without being married to every single note. There is a way to do that! I will teach you in's and out's of writing anything from concert music, media-oriented music, and even songs. Anyways, we can discuss about what exactly you would like in lessons. It can be something super intense or just fun experiments in the world of sound!

Vocalist - Breathing and Vowels are the 2 main things to improve your singing. There is one goal that I have for you: Singing be as natural as speaking. Partly why kids seem to all sing with good projection. Babies are AMAZING at it because (key concept) they don't think about it. My teachings are always fun but serious so you can improve in your singing. Working on your breath and vowels so much that you eventually won't have to think about it. Why? So it becomes as natural as speaking.

Tuba - During my 12 year career as a tubist, I have learned the necessary techniques and skills to be an efficient tuba player with a big sound. Although I have left my tuba playing profession 4 years ago to pursue singing full-time, I can still help you get to that point. I can help you with breathing exercises, building your lung capacity, legato playing/musicality, and selecting your repertoire.

Bass Guitar - I can teach you basic techniques and exercises to learn and/or improve your bass playing. I can also teach you to play chord charts and various styles, including jazz, rock, salsa, ballads, hiphop, and funk.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Upright piano, Midi keyboard, Bass amp

*** Travel Equipment ***
Travel-in students must have a piano if they're composers or singers.

*** Specialties ***
Music Composition/Songwriting - This will be case-by-case. Depends on what direction the student would like to go.

Voice - I'm all about breathing and vowels so you can sing with the least effort (classical/choral, jazz, Broadway)

Tuba - Developing your air to play with power and finesse (orchestral, Dixie-jazz)

Bass Guitar - Technique and knowledge of theory to be able to pick up tunes quick (hip-hop, funk, rock, pop, bluegrass/country)

Music Theory - Ear training, learning theory by keyboard (scales, chords, intervals, chord progressions, etc.)

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This is a traditional Irish folk song arranged for voice and flute by John Corigliano.
Photo by Winton W.


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