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Thomas teaches: Ages 7 to 55
Teaching since: January 1982
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I have been playing drums for over 45 years. The last 16 years I have been playing and performing professionally with my band Black Widow USA. We have toured the US several times in support of our two internationally released CDs. For about 30 years of my time behind a drum set I had given drum lessons on and off. But because of my super strong passion for the drums and my desire to share my knowledge of the instrument I decided to start teaching on a more regular basis. Several of my first regular students have now gone on to do very well themselves. Drumming in bands of their own. Although I can teach most styles of drumming I have been a die hard rock and roller most of my life. With my main influences on the instrument being Carmine Appice, Don Brewer from Grand Funk, John Bonham, Ian Paice from Deep Purple and for double bass Tommy Aldridge. So I really specialize in the old rock and roll, classic rock, hard rock and metal from the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, all the way up to today's rock, metal and pop music. I believe my years of experience are valuable in relating to each students musical interests ,desires and accomplishments on the drums. Besides playing in my original band Black Widow and teaching drums, I also play in a classic rock and metal cover band. Which gigs out on a regular monthly bases.
*** Lesson Details ***
I make sure that I find out from the get go what each and every new student likes musically and what they want to learn and how far they want to go on the drums. Then I try to tailor all the lessons to each students interests and abilities. Making sure that it's fun for them in the process. This can't be work or a chore or they won't stick with it. But I will say I do believe that every beginning student who has NEVER sat behind a kit before should know and start with the fundamentals ( the building blocks so to speak) of drumming such as holding the sticks, proper stick control and technique, and how to execute some important basic rudiments and keep good time. Also I think learning to read some drum notation is important so you know and understand what you are playing when you play it, but can teach by ear also. I can also teach double bass technique if a student is interested in that.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Works space w/two drum sets, one double-bass and one single. Instruction material (books, CDs, videos). Seating for parents.

*** Travel Equipment ***
If necessary to travel to a students home, they should have a drum kit there or at least a practice pad to get started on. I will bring sticks, a metronome if needed and the necessary instruction books for the lessons. Also willing to travel to a students home if they are just getting started and need help setting up their kit or need help tuning the drums.

*** Specialties ***
Mostly specialize in beginner to intermediate ages 7 and up teaching rock ( which includes old rock and roll from the 50's, blues), classic rock ( 60's and 70's) , hard rock and metal from the 80's all the way up to today's rock, pop and metal music. Believe it or not, it's all tied together. Let me show and teach you how.

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Paul Apr 4, 2017
· Drum · In studio These lessons were great. Regarding drums, I was an absolute beginner, and Tommy's lessons turned out to be an excellent jump-start. I used to play keyboards and guitars before, and I enjoy picking up by ear rather than reading notation, so I really liked informal and 'non-notational' way the lessons went. There was no hard notation drill, and yet Tommy had covered most rudiments, basic techniques, and patterns needed to rock in about 10 lessons. I'd recommend this for anyone who doesn't know how to hold sticks but want to get introduced into rock drumming.
Prasanjit C. Mar 1, 2017
· Drum · In home Just my first class yet and it was great. He is very patient and articulate. I am going to continue learning from him.
Brandon M. Sep 8, 2016
· Drum · In studio Thomas was very professional in his approach to teaching. His workplace was very clean and neat. This made us feel very comfortable and welcome. He is a personal teacher. Before any teaching took place he wanted to know my child's likes and dislikes when it came to music. This meant a lot to me. It showed me that he was interested in my son's development as a musician. It told me a lot about his character. He is not just teaching but it is interested in his students. He challenged my child while allowing him to express himself while learning and playing. When he taught he came down to his level and was very patient. This was a very positive experience for us. My son is very excited and we are looking forward to future classes. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a drum instructor.
Nathan N. May 19, 2016
· Drum · In home Thomas is very nice. My 13 yrs old likes his drum lessons very much so far.
Nathan N. May 19, 2016
· Drum · In home Thomas is very nice. My 13 yrs old likes his drum lessons very much so far.
Andrew O. Oct 7, 2015
· Drum · In studio Thomas is great. He is patient and I am excited about learning drums from him.
Rusty Wilson Sep 9, 2015
· Drum · In studio Other people have written longer replies - and they are true. Read the if you want.

Take lessons from Tom - you won't regret it. He's awesome.
Sean C. Aug 25, 2015
· Drum · In studio Tom is a great drum teacher and nice guy. He is a professional drummer and is very patient and knowledgeable about drumming. I would recommend Tom for anyone who wants to learn how to play drums.
Erick S. Jul 15, 2015
· Drum · In studio Lesson Was great although my experience with leaves alot to be desired.

Tom a ton of passion for music and drums and has much to offer a student and any stage or age.
Brad R. Feb 12, 2015
· Drum · In studio We decided to get our son involved in something that doesn't require a gaming controller and he chose drums. We picked Tom out of the gate and I told my son that if he didn't mesh with him that we could find another instructor. After my son got over his initial shyness and intimidation, he warmed up to Tom and now looks forward to his lesson days. Tom ALWAYS is encouraging and supportive which has helped build my son's confidence and stoke his passion for something other than XBox. He has been flexible with us when needed. I would highly recommend Tom as an instructor.
Thomas Azzinaro
Thomas A.

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