Rhonda Clark
Fairfield, WA
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Rhonda Clark

Rhonda C.

Fairfield, WA
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Teaching Locations:
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Teaching Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio
Levels taught:
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
We are going to HAVE FUN! I will be customizing your lessons to your needs, your skill level, your age, and most importantly, what you would like to learn on the trumpet.

I will be including the basic fundamentals (for example, scales and arpeggios as warmup exercises when you practice) keeping them fun, not grueling or boring. Students interested in learning alto saxophone will be instructed in the basic principles of the sax such as proper finger placement and how to sit while playing. We will focus on both note reading as well as ear training (learning to play by ear) which opens up a whole new level when playing any instrument. Of course we will focus on the strengths of each student as everyone will vary in these areas. Some are stronger in note reading, whereas others are skilled and even gifted in playing by ear. My ultimate goal is for each student to have fun and enjoy this fun instrument.

I will help you sight read music (new songs) which is extremely useful should you join a group or accompany others and they suddenly place a piece of music in front of you and would like you to play it. Sight reading helps you to play songs you've never seen or had a chance to practice ahead of time. Of course the most important is learning the genre of music (songs) you like. We can discuss the areas you are most interested in before signing up to see if we are a good fit in this area.

Before moving on to Lesson Details, should you sign up for alto saxophone lessons, I want you to know that the above mentioned is not in concrete. I will never force a student of mine to do something they absolutely do not want to do. I will encourage you to try it, but once you've come to the conclusion you have no desire for certain areas, we will focus on what it is you desire to learn and feel most comfortable at learning. Concerning very young children, we may not be as flexible as they do not have the ability to discern what they want or need quite yet. As they progress, and I can see where their strengths and weaknesses lie, we can discuss what will be best for them to progress without having difficulties, which could be discouraging and lead to quitting early on.

NEW! Starting 9/1/2021
I have decided to offer a "long term discount" for not only back-to-school students, but for all ages.
*Note: Students who have paid prior to the promotional, you will get the new adjusted price when paying for more future lessons once the current paid lessons are used.

What I have chosen to do that may be of a financial help, I've lowered my current prices to give a long term discount. As an example, a 30 minute lesson is usually $25.00. With the discount, it will now be $23. Same discount applies to the 45 and 60 minute lesson times.

*** Lesson Details ***
Listed here are the basics you will need to get off to a great start at your first lesson and future lessons. These are required items to learn properly, as well as for me to teach you adequately. Without these tools, we will struggle as both teacher and student, which is not what either of us would want. Please be sure to order these items as soon as possible once you've committed to lessons. If these items have not arrived before the lesson, I do have material we can and will use, so again, don't fret over this. As you will see, I am flexible and want this to be fun, not frustrating for you.

1. An Alto Saxophone
This may sound simple, just get a saxophone, and you're all set. But there's a little more to "just" having a saxophone in your possession and presuming you or your child can play it with ease. The keys must be in very good condition. If the pads are worn out or have been damaged to the point of not working properly, you will need to have this instrument refurbished or purchase one in excellent working order. The keys pads are vital to in order to play this instrument properly. Another thing to note, especially when purchasing a used sax, is to make sure there are no dents or at best, very minor dents. A sax with major dents or parts that have been bent, will affect the ability to play this instrument. Also, there tiny springs in different locations that cause the keys to go up and down properly. If springs are bent or missing, the keys will not function as needed.

2. Lesson Books. Once you are signed up and paid, I will send you an email with the books you'll need to order. I like to start with lesson books that are great for all ages. They will be relatively easy, thus making learning how to play the Alto Sax fun, not grueling. As you progress through the first series of lesson books, I will send you an email with next series of books to be able to continue with lessons, if you so desire.

*If you have a particular book you would like to work out of, please send me the name of the book so I can review it (and purchase if need be) so I can help you with it.

*** Studio Equipment ***
I have a dedicated area of my home where I keep all my instruments as well as having high quality audio equipment, a computer with high speed internet, and excellent lighting.
As a side note, this is my home in which I also have a business raising Bernese Mountain Dogs. They may come and go in the background, but I can assure you that if they appear to be a distraction in any manner, especially for younger children, I will make sure they are placed appropriately so as to remove this form of distraction before the lesson begins.

*** Students Equipment ***
Before starting the first lesson, I do expect the student to have an alto saxophone and lesson book(s) as mentioned above in "Lesson Details".
You must have access to a computer with a good internet that will not drop or freeze in a Zoom lesson. Having an external microphone is helpful in being able to hear both the instrument and your voice, but not a requirement unless the mic on device does not work properly. When using an external mic, it may require you to use headphones depending on how it is set up.

*Note: I do not recommend viewing lessons from a smart phone or iPad. There are multiple reasons they are not conducive for zoom lessons. If this is the only method available when first starting lessons, this is understandable, but try your best to transition to a laptop. An iPad is better than a smartphone, but unless you have a high speed internet, there can be issues at times with iPads as well as with a smart phone.

***Steps to Prepare your Computer***
There are some important steps you as the student (or parent of a child/children) can take to prepare your computer to work efficiently for online lessons. I will list them here for you, as well as send them in an email along with the lesson books you will need to purchase. If you run into problems with any of the steps, try to find someone (friend, family member, neighbor) who may have a good working knowledge of computers to help you. If you have no one, I am willing to talk you through it over the phone, which could be a bit of a challenge, but worth trying!

1. Clear history, cookies, cache prior to each lesson.
2. Download zoom occasionally to ensure you are using the most recent/updated version.
3. Make sure others in the household are not online (on other devices) during your lesson.
4. Close all programs running in the background.
5. Stop or delete any unnecessary apps that may be running in the background.
6. Try to avoid using an iPad or a smartphone for lessons, if at all possible.

Thank You for viewing my profile. Please feel free to ask me questions through TakeLessons. I will do my very best to answer each and every one to the best of my abilities.

To Your Success!

About Rhonda C.

Welcome to Rhonda's Instrumental Lessons!

I love people and music and the two go superbly well together. I've been teaching piano, woodwinds, brass, strings, recorder, harmonica and even some accordion ever since I was 15 years old, which to date has been going on over 45 years of sharing my skills and knowledge, passing on what I’ve learned to others, young and old. I love to see kids and adults learn to play an instrument and play songs they really enjoy!

The instruments I currently offer to teach in TakeLessons are Piano, Guitar, Banjo, Dulcimer, Violin, Ukulele, Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Trumpet and Recorder.

The genres of music I love teaching the most are Gospel and Bluegrass, but I also offer to teach other genres of music that are of interest to my students such as classical, western, traditional, oldies, movie themes, etc.

A brief background of myself;

I am a country gal who loves the outdoors, hiking, walks, nature, and all kinds of animals of which I’ve had just about every kind of farm animal you can imagine, with horses being my number one favorite.

I’ve worked in health care as a licensed caregiver to the elderly for years on and off in nursing homes, care centers as well as private homes.

I’ve had the privilege to teach music k-12 in a Christian school where my children attended, as well as private lessons out of my home.

One of my hobbies, along with my music, is raising German Shepherds and Shepadoodles which I did for the past 20+ years. I currently raise Bernese Mountain Dogs and German Shepherds.

Should you decide to learn from me as your teacher, I am relaxed, very easy to get along with and most of all, I love to have fun, laugh and enjoy life! I believe in keeping our time spent together relaxed and stress free. Learning should be very enjoyable, not stressful, high pressured, or leaving you in tears at the end of a lesson.

Music has always been my way to relax and do what I love the most. My desire is for you to have this same experience by learning how to play an instrument. Possibly something you've wanted to do for a long time. Now's the time to get started and fulfill your dream! Oh, and age is not a factor to learn. I’ve taught from as young as 4 years on up to people in their 80’s! It’s never too late!

NEW! Starting 9/1/2021
I hace decided to offer a "long term discount" for not only back-to-school students, but for all ages.
*Note: Students who have paid prior to the promotional, you will get the new adjusted price when paying for more future lessons once the current paid lessons are used.

What I have chosen to do that may be of a financial help, I've lowered my current prices to give a long range discount. As an example, a 30 minute lesson is usually $25.00. With the discount, it will be $23. Same discount applies for 45 and 60 minute times.

I will continue, as I have been all along, to offer the additional "sale" for new students that lowers the price even more for the first 5 sessions. That means you will be paying even less for the first 5 lessons.

In regards to days and times available, I offer morning, afternoon and evening lessons (online) Monday-Friday. Local lessons are offered here in my home studio on Thursdays during afternoon and evening hours. If you don't see a day or time conducive to your schedule or time zone, we can discuss what I have available that isn't listed, that may work for you or your child. I am open to Saturdays even though currently it does not show any openings on weekends. Saturdays would be considered a last resort if absolutely nothing were to work for you during the week.

I offer lessons on the Recorder, (also known as the Flutophone) but as you will note, it currently is not listed in TL platform. They will be listing it, and until then, if this is of interest, whether for personal or group lessons, you can find more information by going to the clarinet or flute page in my profile information.

If group lessons is something of interest, we can make arrangements through this platform. Group lessons are great for homeschool groups, especially when a music class has been incorporated into a home school co-op, and no one is available teach recorder. This is an excellent platform to provide those group lessons. Years ago, I taught the recorder in our Christian School, grades K-6th. The students looked forward to each class and had so much fun! Ever so often, I will hear from someone (who is now a grownup), and refers to those times as some wonderful memories.

My intent to teach students of all ages is not just to earn a living, (which of course this is for me) but my desire and goals are to pass along what I know to future musicians in hopes they will come to love not only the instrument of choice, but hopeful they will learn to love music for the rest of their life. Music has a huge place in the human heart and soul, and if I can make a difference by sharing what I've learned, see others come to love even a fraction of how much I love music, then all the money in the world can't buy that.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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9 Reviews
Anna D.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

My ten year old granddaughter has zip experience with any musical instrument, but she elected to try the saxophone. Rhonda is an excellent instructor. Her praise is genuine and her corrections are gentle. My granddaughter’s comment after her first thirty minute lesson was, “ That was a short lesson..only about five minutes!” That says it all! Highly recommend Rhonda!

Posted Sep 21, 2021
Profile-location-online Online

Such a fun enjoyable first lesson!

Posted Jul 20, 2021
Lois K.
Profile-location-online Online

Rhonda was knowledgeable, fun and professional. She started where I was at and moved me along at my own pace. The music choices were great. Challenging but absolutely doable. Can't wait for my next lesson!!

Posted Jun 1, 2021
Profile-location-home Student's Home

Rhonda probably the best teacher I have ever had! for the many years that she taught me the violin, guitar, and trombone. she was always patient especially from the time I was young all the way till I was an “adult” preparing me for concerts and solo acts. Rhonda is a master of all and if you told her that you wanted to be the best triangle player or the best trumpet player she would make it happen. If there was an instrument that she has never used that you wanted to learn she would indefinitely buy it, become a master within the week and begin to teach you. She truly is the most genuine and talented person I have ever had the pleasure to work with!

Posted May 2, 2021
Profile-location-online Online

I was very pleased at the progress of my first lesson. Rhonda is very patient and goes above and beyond to make this a great experience. I am looking forward to our next lesson.

Posted May 1, 2021
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

I began taking violin lessons from Rhonda at age 5 and eventually added guitar, mandolin, and an occasional vocal opportunity:) I learned so much from her over the years (approx 4) including proper technique, patience, & self discipline. I continue to be active in music & vocal performance in the community at age 18. Rhonda is a great teacher and person!

Posted Apr 19, 2021
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

I took guitar & banjo lessons from Rhonda starting at age 7 for approx 4 years. She was a great teacher by letting me pick out music I enjoyed and playing songs along with me. I am now 19 years old, continue to enjoy music and play in 2 bands. I would highly recommend Rhonda as an instructor.

Posted Apr 19, 2021
Profile-location-home Student's Home

I started taking piano lessons when I was 4 years old and stopped once I graduated high school. Rhonda was my piano teacher for all 14 years! Rhonda is a very talented musician. She is kind, patient, and loves to see the growth in her students.

Posted Apr 19, 2021
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Rhonda is amazing! I took lessons with her for about 15 years. I started with her in kindergarten and I continued until my sophomore year of college. She is very kind and patient and all around an awesome person! She was the one who helped me fall in love with music and I an forever grateful!

Posted Jan 22, 2021

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Church Pianist
Jun 1970 - Present


I have been the church pianist in several churches throughout the years, I am the pianist and accompanist in my current church. I have accompanied and still do to this day, professional singers and musicians.

Instrumental Teacher
Jun 1970 - Present

Rhonda's Music Lessons

I have been teaching piano, woodwinds, brass, string, beginner drum, harmonica and accordion ever since I was 15 years old. My instruments of choice to teach are piano, flute, clarinet, trumpet and dulcimer. Currently in takelessons I am offering Piano and Dulcimer lessons.

Music Teacher
Sep 1979 - Jun 1996

Pavilion Christian School

Music Education involving theory, singing, instrumental classes. K-12


Music Theory, Piano, Instrumental
Sep 1968 - Jun 1974

Perry High


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