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Paul C.
New York, New York
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Paul C.
New York, New York
About Paul C.

My Background: I have been playing the guitar for about 12 years and have been studying music for 19 years. I originally began studying music at the age of five, beginning with piano lessons, and continuing to study classically until I was 13. At that point, I switched my focus to guitar, and continued on to learn and play rock, classical, and jazz. I earned my Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies from Bowling Green State University and subsequently moved to Columbus, where I now teach and play throughout the area. Experience: I have 8 years teaching experience, and have taught students on the guitar from as young as 5 to as old as 65. I have found that every student needs a customized lesson plan, so lessons with me will be tailored to fit your wants and needs, and every lesson we will actively work towards reaching your goals! *** Lesson Details *** The most important thing to me is making music - regardless of style, or getting too bogged down with technique. That's why I am constantly listening to and learning music in all styles. In lessons with me, we will focus on the same thing - making music. Every lesson you'll learn new techniques, and we will learn songs to apply these techniques. From the very first day we'll be making music, learning new songs and techniques, working directly towards your personal goals. *** Studio Equipment *** Music stand, piano keyboard, computer, and seating for parents. There is street parking available, and the location is a fourth floor walk-up. *** Specialties *** My specialties include rock/pop, jazz, blues, classical, folk, and bluegrass. I also have a strong knowledge of music theory and composition, and have a deep understanding of guitar technique and theory.

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Worth every penny I enjoyed the lessons very much, and I believe Paul would be a good instructor for anyone. I joked with him that he'd have to be a young guy teaching an old dog new tricks, and he did just that. I hope to carry on lessons with Paul in the future, if he's not too booked up by then. Thanks Paul, and Take Lessons

Posted Feb 15, 2013

I would tell others about your service. I should have learned to play the guitar several years ago. Once I learn the notes and the cords I will be able to sit back sing and relax. I do not plan on playing for others, It will help me to eventually play the piano. Both my son and daughter can play the piano. It will also help me to be a better hand bell player for our church.

Posted Feb 5, 2013

Highly Recommended Paul is very knowledgeable about the guitar and music theory. He has done a great job of introducing me to chords and notes in a way that makes sense. He keeps my musical interests in mind and incorporates songs that I want to learn into our lessons. He is very patient with new learners and flexible/reliable. Overall, great experience!

Posted Oct 17, 2012

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