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I'm full of life, excited and passionate about making YOU feel comfortable learning Spanish in an open, trustworthy environment. I believe in teaching through conversation, no pressures, just having fun while talking in Spanish. I want to talk about the things that YOU are passionate about. That's the best way to learn! Whatever it is, sports, arts, vacationing, what hobbies do you have? I want to know what makes you happy so we can have the best possible experience together. Book a lesson today or ask me a question! I'm always here for you! I have a BA in Communication and an MA in Theatre. I am a native Spanish speaker having grown up in Mexico and lived there for 20 years.

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Olivia is very fun and full of information! I love having her as an instructor!

Posted Mar 10, 2022

Great first day! Super excited for more lessons.

Posted Aug 9, 2021