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Nicholas H.

Smyrna, GA
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try the first lesson and if you’re not satisfied we'll refund any unused lessons.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try the first lesson and if you’re not satisfied we'll refund any unused lessons.

Viola Lessons

Available Locations:
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Levels taught:
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
I'm an experienced and dedicated musician, having played with Orchestras and Chamber groups throughout my state. My lessons are focused on relaxation, and am as laid back or strict as the student needs. Whether you're a beginner or advanced, shooting to be a church player or a pro, I have taught students for that and am the teacher for you.

About Nicholas H.

Nicholas is a professional cellist that has studied since the age of 9. He has now been teaching the cello, viola, and violin for the past seven years for students of all ages, beginner to pre-college level.

Throughout Nicholas’s career, he has been an active member of Honors Orchestras, Youth Symphonies, Chamber ensembles, Opera Symphonies, and his university’s symphony. His music consists of mostly a classical nature with some contemporary and popular music ensembles.

Nicholas trained for three years in college under the renowned cellist Martha Gerschefski, whose accomplishments are too many to list. He also trained under Christopher Rex, the principal cellist of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. Nicholas now holds a Bachelor’s degree in Music Performance at Georgia State University.

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  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Bachelor's in Music Performance from Georgia State University
  • Awarded Gerschefski/Reader Cello Scholarship from Martha Gerschefski

Reviews (57)

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K.C. &. Jan 13, 2020
Cello · Online

Renee Dec 17, 2019
Cello · Online

Evelyn Dec 10, 2019

Very patient with my 7 year old.

Kevin Oct 21, 2019

Nicholas was very patient with my daughter and very thorough. We had two lessons at his apartment then moved online.

Melynda Sep 3, 2019
Cello · In home

We love Mr. Heaton. My son is 13 and on the autism spectrum and so focus can be hard for him, he was really struggling in school based orchestra because they couldn't give him one on one attention. He also struggles with fine motor delays (which is why we chose a string instrument). We've been doing lessons with Nicholas for almost a year now. Nicholas always takes his time with my child and is extremely patient. My son has gained SO much confidence since we began taking these private lessons. They work on not just learning to play cello but learning how to really understand/read the music and making sure that the techniques he's learning (hand positions, ways of sitting and moving) are all exactly what he needs to progress successfully in his orchestra and going forward. My son enjoys his lessons and I feel like we always get our money's worth. I can't wait to see where he will be another year from now working so closely with such an amazing musician and teacher.

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Brooke M. Aug 1, 2019
Cello · Online

Nicholas, was great! He made sure my daughter understood everything and was easy to understand.

Kat Jul 8, 2019
Cello · In studio

Nicholas has been a great guide to my revisiting the cello. It had been almost 30 years since my last lesson, and he has reminded and coached many skills I had forgotten, and has taught me new ways thinking and playing.

K.C. &. Jul 1, 2019
Cello · Online


K.C. &. Apr 8, 2019
Cello · Online

He's really helpful

James B. Mar 18, 2019
Cello · Online

Leigh N. Mar 12, 2019
Cello · Online

Fantastic teacher!!

K.C. &. Feb 11, 2019
Cello · Online

way better than my current teacher

Eric Jan 15, 2019
Cello · Online


Eric Jan 1, 2019
Cello · Online

Cortney Dec 10, 2018
Cello · Online

James B. Sep 10, 2018
Cello · Online

Kassandra Sep 10, 2018
Viola · Online

Suman M. Jul 19, 2018
Violin · Online

This is my fourth lesson with Nicholas. He is patient, explains each concept, and corrects me when I am making a mistake. Learning with him till now had been a very good experience. I hope to make good progress in the coming months. Thanks.

Alexander H. Jul 13, 2018
Violin · Online

Fantastic instructor, extremely patient and knowledgeable, highly recommend him.

Henry May 14, 2018
Cello · Online

Kelli Apr 19, 2018
Violin · Online

Nicholas is professional, knowledgeable and easy to talk to. I am excited about future lessons!

Euna Mar 26, 2018
· In home

Nicholas is a very professional and experienced teacher. I've learning cello from him about 4months for now and I found myself I enjoy the process a lot.

Ya Z. Feb 16, 2018
Violin · Online

Hayden G. Jan 5, 2018
Cello · Online

Excellent experience for my son. Nicholas is filling in many gaps for him and laying a foundation for his future. Highly recommended!

Gabriel G. Jan 5, 2018
Cello · Online

Elaina S. Jan 3, 2018
Cello · Online

This was just our first lesson but Nicholas was great and the online format was easy and workable. There really is no need to be physically in the same room!

Nikki W. Jan 2, 2018
Cello · Online

I’ve taken lessons from Nicholas for about a month now, and he’s a fantastic instructor. As an adult beginner, I appreciate how patient he is and he explains technique/fundamentals in a way I can understan. I definitely feel challenged, and I leave each lesson wanting to practice for the next lesson. He’s also provided a lot of guidance for purchasing a cello and bow. Awesome experience so far.

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Christina Nov 14, 2017
Violin · In studio

Very knowledgeable, clear instructions

Neel S. Nov 8, 2017
Cello · Online

My son had a very good experience; we had some technical issues in the beginning and Nicholas was very patient and stayed on with us to ensure that my son didn’t miss out on the class. I would definitely recommend Nicholas to my friends and on my local neighborhood Facebook page thankyou!

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Chad D. Jul 12, 2017
Cello · Online

Nicholas was very detailed in his explanations, as well as, patient.

Marcelo M. Jun 13, 2017
Violin · Online

he is very helpful and he makes me a better violinist.

Marcelo M. Jun 6, 2017
Violin · Online

thank you for the lesson and now i know what i need to practice.

Poornima N. May 21, 2017
Violin · In studio

Wonderful teacher

Monica H. Apr 28, 2017
Cello · In home

went over where i left with last teacher. He also went over some foundational lessons .

Tiffany Feb 27, 2017
Cello · Online

Hari Pramod G. Feb 26, 2017
Violin · In studio

This was my first music class and Nicholas explained all basics which is essential and looking forward

Vivian C. Jan 24, 2017
Violin · Online

Nicholas is a great violin teacher. My son likes his teaching very much. Nicholas is very knowledge for the music he is teaching, and he provides great practice notes for every class. The practice notes is very helpful for my son.

Raymond Y. Nov 8, 2016
Cello · Online

Just had one leason. Very good experience.

Ashley Jun 1, 2016
Violin · In home


David May 3, 2016
Cello · In studio

He is a great instructor. He explains everything from the basic. I will continue my lessons.

unni Apr 21, 2016
Cello · Online

I was initially skeptical about taking online music lesson for my son. But Nicholas is very methodical and very attentive so that being online does not deter the lesson quality. Highly recommend him.

Maria B. Apr 21, 2016
Violin · Online

He is very professional and knowledgeable, always on time for each lesson. He was able to help me improve from the first lesson.

Saadhana K. Apr 21, 2016
Violin · Online

Nick is a very good teacher. I have been learning Violin from Nick for about 3 months now and things are progressing very well. I like the way Nick navigates through the lessons, by understanding the student's plus/minuses and progress.

Paul Apr 21, 2016
Violin · Online

Nicholas is very helpful and accommodating. I'm trying to learn this instrument while in grad school and would not be able to do so if not for Nicholas.

Sarah G. Mar 8, 2016
Violin · Online

As an adult student, Nicholas is a fantastic instructor. He corrects technique rather than focusing on small mistakes (like a flubbed note). He's very easy to work with and challenges me each lesson so that I am never bored and never feel like I am wasting time working on perfecting a two note exercise because he pushes me to play further and further in the practice book. Absolutely the best experience for an adult student (any student, really).

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jayden C. Feb 19, 2016
Violin · In home

Nicholas seems like a really nice person. This was our first lesson with my 11 year old son and I like how he interacts when giving instructions. He seems very patient and understanding. I will give update as lessons continue

Jinhee Feb 18, 2016
Violin · Online

a lot attention to detail and technique when playing violin. Great for daughter because until now she has been all about rushing and getting it over with.. Now it will be more about taking time with each piece and aim for perfection. Even tho she is going over pieces she already played she's not complaining.

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Bente Basmajian Feb 6, 2016
Cello · Online

Nick is an awesome instructor!

Andrew D. Feb 3, 2016
Violin · Online

Great experience!

Melissa L. Feb 3, 2016
Cello · In studio

Nicholas is such an amazing teacher! He is very thorough and makes sure that you understand and learn everything properly. He goes at a pace that is perfect for me and tailors to your specific needs. I look forward continuing my lessons and highly recommend him!

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Rose H. Feb 3, 2016
Violin · Online

Very friendly, knowledgably, easy going. I enjoyed the class and felt at ease. Can't wait for next weeks class.

Patrick Jan 31, 2016
Cello · Online

Excellent first class.

Sarah Jan 25, 2016
Violin · Online

SO happy with my first class - instead of treating me like a beginning 8 year old (I'm almost 30), he willingly focused on technique and accepted my word that I have read music before (I played piano for several years) instead of forcing me to read a treble clef to him. He also immediately addressed my most pressing concerns (such as bow hold) as I am trying to partially self teach in the interest of time and money using online lessons, etc. Focusing on technique instead of how to pizzicato a quarter note allows me to practice and his teaching style, telling me what mistakes I may be making and why I am making them as a beginner (too much pressure, too little, etc) really allows me to try and improve before the next lesson. I am INCREDIBLY happy with his flexibility and teaching style and will gladly continue taking lessons from him. Highly recommend, at least for the adult beginners like myself!

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Dianna T. Jan 18, 2016
Violin · In studio

Nicholas is a wonderful teacher. He is very knowledgeable and patient. I have taken two lessons and look forward to many more.

Victoria G. Jan 16, 2016
Cello · In home

Nicholas is an excellent teacher. He made our daughter feel at ease almost immediately and that's not always the simplest thing to do. After one class, we are already seeing an improvement and she's a more confident cellist.

Betsy Jan 11, 2016
Cello · In home

Nicholas is an inspiring teacher who strives for excellence while focusing on the student's individual situation and needs. Beginning lessons as an adult with some musical experience with other instruments as a child and early teen, he has been able to build quickly on what I already knew, and "undo" improper technique which could have caused physical harm if continued. He is able to encourage and motivate in the difficult and frustrating moments common to all students.

I highly recommend Nicholas for any age or level student.

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Alicia Jan 7, 2016
Cello · Online

Nicholas began as my son's cello instructor when he was 10, and we are now beginning our third year under Nicholas' instruction. He has a very patient, quiet manner while teaching, though it is common to hear chuckles coming from the room during the lesson. Nicholas is himself an excellent musician, but he has very realistic expectations for his students. My son has made tremendous progress on the cello in a short time. Originally, we were in the same city with Nicholas, so the lessons occurred in our home. Recently, we moved out of state, and are thrilled that we can continue lessons with him online. Some of the things I have especially appreciated about him are his punctuality, being prompt and timely in his communications with us, and his willingness to work out scheduling details with us. Highly recommend Nicholas!

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String Instructor
Nov 2012 - Present

Dallas Cultural Arts Center

Far to the northwest of Atlanta, a small studio. Started with 2 students and they still take from me to this day!

String Instructor
Aug 2012 - Present

Lessons in Your Home

Teaching all around Atlanta areas in student's homes, an active roster of 10 or more students at near all times.

String Instructor
Aug 2008 - Present

Private Studio

My own personal studio, ranging from one cello student at the beginning to now a wide roster of cellists, violinists, and violists, some in Honors Orchestra, community Orchestras, and their own chamber ensembles.

Sectional Cellist
Aug 2009 - May 2014

Georgia State University Symphony Orchestra

My University's Symphony Orchestra rehearsed three times a week for two hours per session, and had a concert roughly every month.

Sectional Cellist
Aug 2007 - May 2009

Georgia Youth Symphony Orchestra

Cellist with the top symphony in the Youth program for several years.


Bachelor's in Music Performance
Aug 2009 - Jun 2014

Georgia State University

High School Diploma
Aug 2005 - May 2009

Harrison High School



Professional Proficiency


Gerschefski/Reader Cello Scholarship
Aug 2011

Martha Gerschefski

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