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Nathan N.

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Nathan N.

Teaches Online

Open your mind and expand your horizons with the violin taught by a decade-long player

Learning an instrument can open your mind to new insights in life, and just like with languages, will be much easier to comprehend at a younger age. If you're looking for violin lessons for your child, look no further. As a young person, I believe that I will not only be able to connect with younger students like no other, but also teach and instruct with more than nine years' experience in both orchestra and chamber orchestra across Fairfax and Loudoun County, all at an affordable price. With Superb Violin Lessons, your child can learn a beautiful instrument, have fun, and maybe even find themselves sitting in the first chair.
About Nathan N.

Hi there! My name is Nathan, and if you're looking to open your mind to new insights in life and express yourself in a way like no other with the violin, you've come to the right place. I have five years of experience practicing in my elementary and middle school orchestras (fourth grade through eighth grade). During my seventh and eighth grade years, I played in my middle school chamber orchestra, and even played in the high school orchestra on several occasions. After I graduated from middle school, I have been homeschooled and have been practicing violin for four additional years on my own (for a total of nine years' experience). One of my biggest regrets was not having a private tutor for violin, which is why I would like to help those just beginning with the instrument. I'd love to help anyone on this mental and musical journey, and I look forward to hearing from you!

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