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Nathan D.
North Wales, Pennsylvania
Anything and everything guitar is my specialty, pop/rock/punk/metal/blues/jazz/classical and more!
6, 7, or 8 string, anything and everything guitar is my specialty. Electric or acoustic welcome. We will cover the parts of the instrument and why everything is so darn important (like how to stay in tune!). We can perfect your guitar's signal flow, pedals, and amplifier settings, too! All kinds of styles from simple note picking and open chords to pop/rock/punk/metal/blues/jazz and more. Want to learn basic rhythm? lead? fast strumming? how about making those big chords without making your hands hurt? I can help! You'll be jamming along with your favorite songs and with friends in no time. I typically will teach and write guitar using tablature instead of standard sheet music. These are a simple set of lines and numbers that are much easier to read, and once learned will instantly give you access to thousands of songs. Also I can show you how to play with a capo or slide, fingerstyle or pick. If you want to learn grunge or sing deep, I can show you how to play in lower tunings as well! I can give tips on playing live or being in a band, as well as marketing yourself. I can also tell you what apps and programs to try, or websites and videos to watch. If you don't desire to be the world's fastest, then I will not bore you with countless finger drills and complex scale practice runs. We don't have to dive head-first into theory or technical terms if you just want to learn a few songs. You let me know what is comfortable. Here's a breakdown of points I can teach: pick techniques (types of picks, holding, positions, attack areas, wrist techniques, slides, scrapes, tapping/knocking, nut scrapes) finger picking tuning (maintaining, alternate, open, dropped, capo) proper technique (posture, instrument length/scale, using your strap, position, hand positions) volume swells and related techniques pickup selections tone changes chords (open/CAGED-method, barre (closed), power, intervals, inversions, positions, voicings) intervals scales (chromatic, pentatonic, harmonic, exotic/foreign, pattern/designer) theory (keys, sharps/flats, basic composition, song patterns) note length slides bends (forward and reverse) whammy bar (fixed vs. floating, dives/pulls, chirps, floating tremolo tuning, intonation, and maintenance) one string techniques string skipping linear techniques quarter-step techniques slide guitar harmonics (natural, harp, artificial) tapping (closed, open, multi-string, multi-finger) sweeps effects (how to chain them, using chorus, reverb, delay, flange, phase, compression, envelope, equalizer, harmonizer, talkbox, wah whammy pedal, etc.) string pushing style/mood changes recording yourself "jamming" with others playing in front of an audience and other performance notes parts/maintenance/repair
About Nathan D.

Hello! I have played guitar, bass, and drums for over 25 years. I also sing, play piano, and play several wind instruments. I've been giving private lessons since 2014. Before that I would teach bandmates and friends how to play songs (both original songs and covers), as well as instructing various techniques on instruments. I do my best to demonstrate proper technique and posture to help eliminate bad habits that lead to discomfort and potential injury. I teach guitar, bass, drums, vocals, and harmonica. I'm happy to split lessons if you also want to learn multiple instruments! I studied music theory, composition, and technology in school and university, and continue to do so during my spare time. I have had a few years of guitar lessons under several teachers, including several months of classical guitar training with sight reading. I am an ASCAP songwriter with a history of working part-time for an independent A&R company, and have a Bachelor of Arts in communication studies with a minor in web technology from West Chester University of Pennsylvania. I have been involved in numerous live performance bands and recording studio projects. I am primarily involved in rock, pop, and heavy metal, but have experience in many other genres. I listen to and play all kinds of music! Anything my students listen to or want to learn is fine by me! Classical, soul, country, jazz, electronic, dance, etc... I believe there's much to learn in all of them! I will gladly help you maintain your instrument and can do repairs to almost anything regarding drums/guitar/bass, saving you money from costly repair shops! If you are interested in recording, I can demonstrate how to use various programs to both record and edit songs, then how to mix and master them. I can teach you how to get a "recording musician" mindset, and how to work and perform in a studio environment. I'll also give tips on playing on stage, working from local gigs all the way to the professional level. I enjoy teaching in a way to help other players love their instruments. I believe the first goal is to give it your own voice, and then continue to gain the expressive means to make it an extension of your mind and body. I will encourage you to grow your roots as you see fit. There's no embarrassment in being coached how to crawl, fall, and then walk before learning how to run. Your goals will be self-discipline, resisting hesitation, and finding the will to tread the paths to improvement. If you stay interested, the instrument will grow with you, and continue to be a companion. However, you ultimately need to have fun to stay on path! I tend to laugh a lot when I teach and encourage you to do so as well. Laughing relieves our daily stress and associates positive attitude towards your instrument. We all make countless mistakes every day, but playing a wrong note should just feel silly, not bring you anger or frustration. If you become flustered at a song, it's probably not important to flawlessly master it this minute, but to learn from the parts that are attainable and enjoyable. So unless you have a gig or recital, we can come back another time! I have a more detailed resume available. You can also request a sample outline/lesson plan in regards to your skill and instrument. I am Covid vaccinated. Thanks for reading, hope to hear from you soon! -Nathan

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