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Mimi D.

Tulsa, OK
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try the first lesson and if you’re not satisfied we'll refund any unused lessons.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try the first lesson and if you’re not satisfied we'll refund any unused lessons.

Mimi is a world class musician. She has been teaching Viola, Violin, Composition and Improvisation techniques for over 25 years.

Mimi studied personally for several years with Itzhak Perlman, the great, legendary, violin concert soloist.

Mimi toured with Barbra Streisand and also recorded movie scores in Los Angeles. In New York City she has played in The Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, The New York Philharmonic, and debuted as a soloist at Carnegie Hall.

Mimi also played in The San Francisco Ballet Orchestra as principal violist, The San Francisco Opera Orchestra and The San Francisco Symphony.

Mimi has also recorded and released 5 CD's featuring her as a soloist.

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  • Teaching since 1994
  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Masters Degree from Brooklyn College

Reviews (38)

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Angela H. Dec 10, 2019
Violin · Online

Mimi is wonderful! Both my children loved taking violin lessons with her and she was wonderful to work with. I definitely recommend her!

Paula D. Nov 20, 2019
· Online

I am learning a lot from Mimi. She is a very patient, compassionate, knowledgeable, and inspiring teacher. Definitely several points above average!

Paula D. Nov 13, 2019
Songwriting · Online

Today Mimi helped me with a song I am writing, Mimi is a very patient, empathic, and inspiring teacher, and I am learning a lot about songwriting from her. Definitely she is several points above average.

Paula D. Nov 6, 2019
Music Theory · Online

Today Mimi helped me learn about primary and secondary triads. She was very patient and instructive in teaching me this. She also helped me understand how to write melodies using some intervals and was very positive and complimentary about this. She was also very positive and complimentary in critiquing a transcription that I wrote. I am learning a lot with Mimi and she is very inspiring. Definitely several points above average!:)

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Paula D. Oct 23, 2019
Music Theory · Online

Mimi is a very patient, compassionate, and informative teacher, and I am learning a lot about music theory from her and am beginning to write lead sheets for songs I have written. She is most definitely several points above average!:)

Paula D. Oct 16, 2019
Songwriting · Online

Mimi is a very patient, compassionate, knowledgeable, and inspiring songwriting teacher. She does not merely give me a fish, she teaches me to fish. I wrote one of my best songs while in lessons with her-most definitely several points above average!:)

David Oct 12, 2019
Violin · Online

We were amazed that our children learned violin online! Mimi was very patient and great with our 7 and 10 year old. We moved along with the violin suzuki book with ease with Mimi's help. Both of our children looked forward to her lessons. We look forward to working with her again.

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Paula D. Oct 2, 2019
Songwriting · Online

Mimi is a very patient, compassionate, instructive, and inspirational teacher, and I am learning a lot about songwriting from her. Definitely several points above average!:)

Jasmine Oct 1, 2019
Violin · Online

Mimi is a very good teacher with super sweet personality, but the Skype lesson did not work for Jasmine. She prefers in person music lessons.

Paula D. Sep 24, 2019
Music Theory · Online

Mimi is a very patient, compassionate, and knowledgeable teacher, and I learned a lot in my first music theory lesson.

Alex Sep 13, 2019
Viola · Online

Mimi is a generous teacher. Very knowledge and patient. We’ve only had one lesson, but are looking forward to many more!

Rebecca C. Sep 7, 2019
Violin · Online

Very patient. A wonderful teacher.

Paula D. Sep 4, 2019
Songwriting · Online

Mimi is very patient and knowledgeable and informative. She is a true inspiration for my songwriting. Definitely several points above average!

Shannon Aug 5, 2019
Viola · Online

If you’re reading reviews I bet you’re kinda curious how someone can help you learn Viola online. Let me tell you it really does work!! I am a 26 year old adult who decided to learn viola and Mimi has been helping me fine tune my notes and read music and theory to get better! I wouldn’t recommend online in the very beginning. I feel it was best to go to a shop, get tape on your instrument to know where the baseline for your fingers go. How much rosin to put on your bow because that is tough to tell via a camera, but once you have the basics taking lessons online is great! Mimi is very patient, she can hear my notes and tell me if it’s flat or my bowing is crooked. I send her sheet music I’m interested, we work on basics like scales then we work on sheet music! And if you’re not happy with it they offer a full refund. I would definitely give it a shot if I were you!

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Paula D. Jul 24, 2019
Songwriting · Online

Mimi is very compassionate, patient, instructive, and she really inspires my creativity and gives me more self confidence- she is a great songwriting teacher-definitely several points above average!

Lisa B. Jul 2, 2019
Piano · Online

I had a great first lesson! Mimi was able to relate the piano to my background as a strings player, which was very helpful.

Paula D. May 1, 2019
Songwriting · Online

Mimi helps me to gain confidence in my singing and songwriting and helps me feel good about the songs I write. She also helps inspire my creativity and gives me good ideas for what I can work on. She is a very patient, knowledgeable, and compassionate instructor, definitely several points above average!

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Michelle Apr 25, 2019
Viola · Online

Wonderful first viola lesson! I look forward to learning with you. Thank you Mimi!

Abby H. Apr 22, 2019
Violin · Online

My daughter enjoyed her lesson very much! She felt so much more comfortable with her music after the lesson.

tawna Apr 3, 2019
Violin · Online

I love my lessons with Mimi, she is so patient and so very helpful to me !! I love this!!

Paula D. Apr 3, 2019
Songwriting · Online

This was my first songwriting lesson with Mimi. She helped me with one of my sings and listened to 2 of my other songs. I have found Mimi to be a very knowledgeable and patient and creative teacher who inspires self-confidence in her students. Definitely several points above average.

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Gail B. Mar 14, 2019
Violin · In studio

Mimi continues to be very patient and kind. I feel I am progressing in my learning/skills nicely. I could not ask for a better instructor!

tawna Mar 13, 2019
Violin · Online

My first lesson was wonderful!! I can now confidently hold my violin, tune it, know strings, how to hold my bow and more!! I am still so thrilled! Thanks Mimi, I am so looking forward to next week!

Charlene Feb 21, 2019
Suzuki Method · Online

Have had only one lesson, and Mimi was very encouraging. Am looking forward to more. She was very motivating!

Amy Feb 19, 2019
Violin · Online

I only wish I could better express my appreciation for finding such a wonderful and creative teacher as Mimi! 5 little gold stars are hardly enough of a description for her experience, encouragement, expressiveness, and articulation of the violin. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone at any stage of their music!

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David P. Jan 28, 2019
Songwriting · Online

I write contemporary Christian and inspirational music. Mimi was great and helped me with my song melody's and structure. She was very encouraging, and knowledgeable. Showed me how to change the melody in the bridge to make my song stronger. I am pitching songs to have them recorded by Christian artist. I think one of the songs we worked on has good chance of being recorded. Thank you Mimi. Will come back for more sessions.

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Sue Jan 24, 2019
Violin · Online

Mimi is a great teacher. She’s very encouraging and I enjoy the pieces we play. I’m already making great progress with intonation, bowing, and vibrato. I feel very fortunate to have found her for a violin teacher!

Catherine F. Jan 15, 2019
Piano · Online

Mimi was awesome. She let me play some things. She could evaluate where I was based on giving some songs to play. She was patient and encouraging.

Daniella Davis Dec 7, 2018
Violin · Online

My first lesson was wonderful , I had been trying to learn on my own for the last three months, Mimis instruction was very helpful. She was friendly warm and encouraging. I look forward to my next lesson. I was a little intimidated by her vast experience , she reassured me and put my fears at ease. She also has experience teaching adults which is what I was looking for . I am 50 years old and have no experience playing violin .

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Travis Nov 29, 2018
Violin · Online

Our first lesson went great; Mimi helped me pick up where I left off, and I'm really looking forward to future lessons. The lesson was productive and Mimi provided helpful instruction.

Rick Brooksworth Nov 26, 2018
Violin · Online

Great teacher! I typically don’t leave reviews but my daughter really likes the time spent with Mimi. Thank you Mimi, our family appreciates every minute you spend teaching Ana. Rick & Family

Durga M. Nov 15, 2018
Piano · Online

Very good. Appreciate your Lesson and the teaching techniques.

Rick Brooksworth Oct 29, 2018
Violin · Online

Maggie Bloodworth Oct 9, 2018
Viola · Online

It is a very delightful experience to work with Mimi. She is helping me get those deep lovely tones from the viola and helping me with techniques to help me play without fatigue so I can play longer and with more enjoyment!

Maria M. Oct 8, 2018
Violin · Online

I am learning so much! I enjoy my weekly lessons and I am always looking forward to the next one. She is an encouraging and patient teacher.

Sameem B. Sep 18, 2018
Violin · Online

Mimi is an excellent and patient teacher and very sweet person. I recommend all to have her as a tutor.

Gail B. Sep 6, 2018
Violin · In home

Excellent instruction, patient and kind

Robin Jun 7, 2018
Violin · Online

A++ instructor. If you are looking for that unique combination of world class violinist AND masterfully experienced at teaching the violin, then Mimi is for you. I've progressed rapidly in eight months of weekly instruction from a complete beginner playing his first notes through Suzuki Book II. Mimi is FUN to work with -- patient, encouraging and inspiring. She truly loves to teach and it shows.

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Lesson Details


Levels Taught:
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

The Ehru is a great and interesting traditional Chinese string instrument.
I have enjoyed playing it and performed it as a soloist with a Chinese orchestra.
I can teach you how to play this instrument and bring out it's unique, beautiful sound. I will also build your confidence, knowledge and skills and help you attain your goals. I have also composed original music for this instrument.



Masters Degree
Sep 1986 - Jun 1988

Brooklyn College


Certified Soloist Evaluator, Distinguished Faculty
Sep 2012

Music Teachers Association/ Cremona Academy

Certified to coach aspiring musicians and professional musicians. Certified to help students win orchestra auditions for youth orchestras and major orchestras.


May 1988

Naumberg International Viola Competition


The Recording Academy
Feb 1994
Celebrating music through the GRAMMY Awards for more than 50 years, The Recording Academy continues its rich legacy and ongoing growth as the premier outlet for honoring achievements in the recording arts and supporting the music community. The GRAMMYs are the only peer-presented award to honor artistic achievement, technical proficiency and overall excellence in the recording industry, without regard to album sales or chart position.
Music Teachers' Association of California
Sep 1985
MTAC aspires to be the recognized leader in (1) Student Programs, which make a positive impact in the quality of music education and in the lives of music students; (2) Member Programs, which inspire quality teaching, the pursuit of ongoing teacher education and member involvement with community outreach; (3) a thriving Foundation, which funds Student Programs and member needs through its investments, donations, and grants.

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