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Acoustic Guitar

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Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Its a beautiful instrument which should not be treated just like an electric guitar. We will study songs that bring out the true beauty of an acoustic. In fact, you can pick them! Whatever style you're into; Folk, classical, jazz, r&b, you name it. We'll get you playing it. Chord studies, open tunings, finger picking and picking techniques using movable open chords, triads, jazz and blues chords ... we will cover it! And don't forget, if you like, you get free group lessons with your private lesson!
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Michael delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
Teaches students:
Ages 5+ and special needs

Teaching since:
January 1974

Hi, I'm Michael Chodosh. I have been a professional guitar player my entire life. I love playing, writing, performing and I love teaching music. It's fun for us both. I use systems to bring the best out of my students. I think everyone is happier when they reach their own potential while staying in their heart. My job is to help you do that on guitar! With your playing, whether that's just some strumming and reading or if you want to play standards like a pro or even shred like a monster. I can help guide you there and inspire you to reach those goals that you presently might not even realize you can achieve!

Thank you for looking into lessons with me. You've either started or you're about to improve a wonderful relationship with music! - Michael.

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Jan 2015 - Present
Michael C.

While studying arranging and composition and guitar at Berklee College of Music I met and was influenced by Bill Leavitt, Herb Ellis, Barney Kessell and Joe Pass in Boston. Soon after I studied more big band with Tommy Tucker at Monmouth College while trying to get as much information about playing jazz from Tal Farlow back in New Jersey who just happened to live near by in Sea Bright.
I played with a several bands in New Jersey, mostly rock and actually hung out with Bruce Springsteen in Long Branch and Asbury Park at night after the clubs were closed. I joined several bands on the New Jersey shore, some top 40 some rock. I formed Lost In The Shuffle with a friend and we played the coast sometimes sharing stages with some great bands. I also worked for a while at Big Man's West in Red Bank, a club owned by Clarence Clemons, where one of Springsteens head sound guys taught me how to run live sound, mics, setting up the p.a. amps, the works. He was good and taught me a lot. It paid off as I sometimes run into a gig where they need a sound guy. Later I joined an international show band, Casa De Carr in Atlantic City. We toured the country. Later, I toured with Class Action, another show band that came out of Casa De Carr and then joined several rock, country and variety bands and lived on the road.
I stopped off and wound up living in Denver in the 80's and played a lot of jazz clubs, usually 5 nights a week in Denver with a few different jazz, blues and funk bands. I did a lot of studio work there. I still have the cassettes to prove it! Mostly recording but I also did some producing. That's where I started focusing on albums. I got back on the road with a country band, I cant think of the singers name, he was a great singer. We wound up in Jackpot Nevada. I joined up with a country rock trio and moved to Twin Falls Idaho where the band I joined had some locked in house gigs.
I Moved to Elko Nevada for a while. Played weekly for charities. I'm not sure how that came about. Seems I was always in the local paper playing for the American Cancer Foundation or raising money for the Lung Association or some other needy cause. It was strange but fun! My wife and I (got married in there somewhere) moved to Las Vegas and I joined different bands while playing at all the casinos on the strip. Played mostly 6 nights (when it wasn't 7) till I was asked to join up with a satelite gig for Legends in Concert. Wound up playing at the State Line in Wendover for half a year or so. That was a great gig! Good players. The three of us worked very well together. Moved back to Vegas. I was teaching guitar then out of Mahoney's Drums where I would run into B.B. King every now and then (great guy!) and played in bands again on "The Strip".
Eventually I came back to Denver. I focused on teaching, started my own business and played weekly with the Denver Dances for Universal Peace. I've also worked with Steve Altermatt, a local country talent, a few other country bands out of Greeley, Zen Agenda (a progressive rock band out of Boulder) and a bunch of others.
I decided to start my own act as I am also a songwriter and created my band, Cherry Veil. It's been mostly that for a few years. I'm actually the lead singer and guitar player and songwriter or singer/songwriter as we call it. It's a great gig! I have done a few gigs with my friend in different blues and rock bands including Mo'Betta Blues and will sit in with people in the small boulder clubs or play a single at a coffee house in Castlerock, etc . . . It's been wonderful!

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Lead guitar, singer-songwriter, band leader
Jan 2009 - Present
Cherry Veil

Cherry Veil is my project. I'm the singer-song writer, lead guitar player and band leader. It's fun! You can check us out. It's wonderful playing your own songs for people. I have some great musicians I work with.

Lead guitar player, co-writer
Jan 2007 - Present
Rezen / Zen Agenda

A couple of amazingly creative musicians and I put this progressive rock band (all instrumental) together. It's a kick!

Lead guitar, vocal harmonies.
Jan 2008 - Jan 2009
Steve Altermatt Band

Steve's an incredible writer. Country music at its' best!

Lead gutiar.
Jan 2007 - Jan 2008
Bhindi Kiss

Gayan Gregory Longs band. An incredible percussionist and writer. It was my pleasure to work with him.

Lead gutiar, vocals, music director
Jan 1995 - Jan 1997
Forward Motion

Lead guitar, vocals and music directing for a wonderful act in Vegas called Forward Motion. We played a great many of the clubs on the strip, usually six nights a week.

Guitar Teacher
Jan 1993 - Jan 1997
Mahoney's Drum Shop

Taught all guitar studies at an icon shop in Las Vegas. Greats would come in all the time. I met B.B. King there so many times he used to tell me to say hello to my son Zach before leaving! Great guy!

Lead guitar
Jan 1995 - Jan 1996
Freddy Bell Band

Lead guitar for one of the greatest acts in the world, Freddie Bell!

Lead gutiar, vocals.
Jan 1993 - Jan 1995
My Brother and Me

Lead guitar and back up vocals for a great act in Vegas.

Lead guitar, vocals and announcer
Jan 1992 - Jan 1993
Legends In Concert (satelite group)

Played lead guitar, sang harmonies and announce acts in Wendover Nevada for Legends in Concert. That was one seriously good group!

Owner; Private Gutiar Teacher
Jan 1991 - Jan 1992
Private Business; Elko Nevada

Taught all styles of guitar and other instruments to advanced players in Elko Nevada.

Lead gutiar, lead singer, harmony singer
Jan 1991 - Jan 1992
Black Powder Band

It was a fun gig! A trio where we all shined in Twin Falls Idaho. We somehow locked in the two best gigs in town and just went back and forth between the two, changing from rock to country as we did.

Lead Gutiar (country)
Jan 1989 - Jan 1990
Steve Michael's Band

Played lead guitar and sang background vocals for this well versed country band, toured the country.

Lead gutiar
Jan 1984 - Jan 1987
After Touch

Played jazz clubs constantly in Denver. That band had quite a different but wonderful sound!

Lead gutiar and vocals.
Jan 1981 - Jan 1982
Class Action

Lead guitar and vocals. Toured.

Lead Gutiar / vocals.
Jan 1980 - Jan 1981
Casa De Carr

Played lead guitar and sand harmonies. Toured the U.S. Met in Atlantic City.

Lead guitar
Jan 1977 - Jan 1980
Lost In The Shuffle

Rock a billy, rock band. I played lead guitar, sang harmonies and a few leads. We toured the East Coast.

Sound understudy at Big Man's West
Jan 1977 - Jan 1980
Big Man's West

I did everything I had to, put up chairs, stocked the bar, mopped the floors, cleaned the bathrooms, whatever it took to still be employed in the evening when the sound man (one of Bruce Springsteen's best) showed up to set up sound and run the board. He trained me by telling me what to do and how it worked. In the evenings he would let me come back in and run the board for him. It was a great lesson in sound production from one of the best! The place, Big Man's West was owned by Clarence Clemens (Springsteen's partner and Sax player, ie.. the Big Man).

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Guitar Teacher
Jan 1977 - Jan 1979
Blue Note Music

Taught all styles guitar and music theory.

Guitar Teacher
Jan 1974 - Jan 1975
Red Bank Music

Taught private lessons at Red Bank Music in Red Bank New Jersey. All styles including reading of music, improvising, chord comping, performance, etc . . .


Business Accounting
Jan 1979 - Jun 1979
Pace University
Music arranging and performance
Sep 1977 - Mar 1978
Brookdale Community College
Aranging and composition, guitar
Sep 1975 - Jul 1977
Berklee College of Music

Photos & Videos

In this video preview Michael Chodosh of Chodosh Guitar plays the solo to Hotel California while displaying the tablature.
Photo by Michael C.

Michael Chodosh of Chodosh Guitar teaches how to play the Robert Johnson song CrossRoads in the style of Eric Clapton.
Photo by Michael C.

Photo by Michael C.

Photo by Michael C.

Photo by Michael C.

Photo by Michael C.

Photo by Michael C.
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Christopher M. Mar 25, 2016
Guitar · In studio

I have confidence that this will work for me.

Bill S. May 30, 2015
Music Theory · In studio

I started taking lessons with Michal Chodosh to learn music theory and reading music. In the time I have worked with Michael, I have learned a lot. When I began lessons, I didn't know scales or modes, knew only basic chords and wasn't able to read sheet music. In addition to that, I was barely able to follow tablature. Michael has taught me about all of those items and more. Lessons with Michael are a lot of fun. There is always great interaction between students so that newer students can learn from both Michael and from other students while becoming comfortable with learning about the guitar. Deciding to take lessons from Michael was a great decision. I've thoroughly enjoyed learning how to play the guitar.

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David F. May 28, 2015
Music Theory · In home

My introduction to Michael came when he sat in with a band I was playing with....I was so blown away by his playing, I ended up taking lessons from him.

Micheal has helped open up new frontiers in playing and theory for me without ever making me feel like a dummy for not knowing things. One of the best things about him is that his teaching style makes students feel comfortable, but also challenged.

Michael has the experience, patience, and knowledge to help everybody from beginners to working professionals learn and improve. Heck, he even taught me to sing my first legitimate vocal harmony.

Time with Michael Chodosh is time well spent!

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Karl E. May 16, 2015
Guitar · In studio

My kids and I have been taking guitar lessons from Michael for about 10 years. Michael strikes a perfect balance between continuously teaching you new music and guitar concepts, techniques, and theory while making a lesson and the experience truly enjoyable. As a performing musician himself, Michael is also in touch with the music industry and just about any genre, and he is always looking for ways to leverage his experiences to take his students to the next level.

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Gmegaman May 14, 2015
Music Theory · In studio

Micheal is the best resource for any professional musician. His grasp of theory and approach to composition are phenomenal. I have never stumped him with a question, and I come up with some doozies, like "How do I approach the flat 2 chord of a G phrygian major and how does it relate to the harmonic minor scale. I think you get the point. Michael keeps me focused and has shown me many ways to keep my playing fresh and fun. Greg Ashby.

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Laura B. May 13, 2015
Acoustic Guitar · In studio

I recently purchased an acoustic guitar and wanted to take lessons. The store I purchased the guitar from offered a free group lesson. This lesson is where I met Michael. After taking the lesson and watching how he handled a group of adults and children, I knew he was the instructor for me. He should a large amount of patience and a lot of encouragement for everyone. I started taking group/private lessons with him and have learned a lot in a short time. I like how he teaches the basics and has you pick a song you want to learn and includes that in your lesson. His rates are reasonable and I am loving my lessons. I would recommend him to students of any age. His encouragement has shown me that you are never to old to learn to play as long as you play from your heart!

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Jim B. May 13, 2015
Guitar · In studio

I am a student of Michael's and honestly feel that I couldn't have picked a better guitar teacher! He is very knowledgeable in all styles and techniques of guitar, he cares about every student and enjoys teaching and makes it fun to learn. He is very patient and teaches at the student's level and pace, but still will challenge you to improve and try new things. Fantastic teacher all the way around!

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Collin E. May 13, 2015
Guitar · In studio

Amazing teacher and a very fun to be around guy. Gives you the opportunity to learn what you want to play and teaches you the importance of theory in correlation to what you're learning. Very organized lesson plans. One of my favorite things about taking lessons from Michael is the opportunity to participate in learning a new song every week with a group of other students.

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Elizabeth P. May 12, 2015
Guitar · In studio

My son (age 15) has been taking weekly lessons with Michael for about a year and a half, and we couldn't be more pleased. Not only is Michael an amazing guitarist, but he is also a great instructor. We have tried other instructors in the past, and no one compares to the level of skill and dedication to the students that Michael offers. My son's guitar abilities have grown tremendously, and he has had fun in the process. The combination of one on one instruction and group setting has been very enjoyable and rewarding.

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Ron W. May 11, 2015
Guitar · In studio

I have been taking private/group lessons from Michael for several years. He is a fine musician, songwriter and teacher and he has been instrumental in my becoming a much better guitar player than I thought possible. He mixes theory and playing in ways that make a logical progression to learning and performing. He is patient, caring and keeps his students advancing at a pace that they can maintain and advance their skills constantly.

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Lynn V. May 11, 2015
Guitar · In studio

Michael is amazing! You'll love him. He's very knowledgeable and can guide you in any direction you want to go.

George E. May 11, 2015
Guitar · In studio

I started with Michael a few months ago and have been very happy with the progress I have been making so far. Michael is a fantastic teacher for both adults and kids and in the group lessons I see his uncanny ability to keep kids focused, on track, and motivated to play. He's got some serious budding guitarists with him. With me he's been able to zoom in on certain issues I've had over the years (I'm no beginner, been playing off an on for a long time), and is giving me the confidence to grow as a musician. He's surprised me more than a few times on the depth of his musical knowledge, and always keeps the classes fun and interesting. I know he does private lessons but I highly recommend the mix of group and private because we all learn from each other. I've suffered the doldrums with guitar over my life and Michael has definitely broken me out of them.

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