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Melissa G.
Coos Bay, Oregon
Develop your musical ear to help you sing better, play better, and enjoy music more!
If you don't know what you're singing, how can you know if you're right? The answer: EARS! This course is a brain-and-ear intensive workshop to help you with everything from matching pitches and solfege, to sight-reading new music effectively! Any age can learn this, and any skill set can benefit from these classes. I encourage you: even if you don't think you can sing, to try this program. It is designed to have you more comfortable and confident in your vocals and to trust in your ear!
About Melissa G.

I am a professional musician who has held multiple positions as director of music at churches and has taught individual voice lessons with students with ages ranging from 5-92. Life is hard, let's learn music together in a way that builds us up. I believe that everyone with the singing bug has a diva waiting to be born and developed so they can shine! I am currently a content creator, a private voice teacher, and the mother of a 5-year old, with another little lady due to arrive in the summer of 2022! I would love to help you work toward your personal and professional goals with music goals in mind! My passion is for helping others use the instrument they were born with, both in the care of the voice and using it to express themselves beautifully, efficiently, and correctly. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns, or if you would like to hear a sample of my performances! P.S. I know we are all going through hard times, and music makes everything in life a little more bearable. I am offering prices which reflect our current situation. Same quality lessons, just a little more affordable in these hard times. I'd rather make music with you and see less gain, because it means we get to bring some joy to one another!

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Melissa is such a gifted singing teacher! She has helped with strengthening good technique, and has identified weak areas. Melissa is gentle, yet direct, in teaching how to change your technique so you can have confidence in using your own voice! Very happy!!

Posted Nov 12, 2021
Teacher's Studio

Melissa was very helpful. We learned a lot from her. She was a really good teacher.

Posted Mar 26, 2021