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Mariana A.

Teaching Locations:
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Teaching Locations:
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Levels taught:
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Performance Enhancement for All Instruments/Voice!
Coaching on how to optimize every aspect involved in a balanced, successful and healthy performance. We'll focus on how to achieve a more optimal physical, mental and emotional healthy state unleashing your full performance potential.
You will learn a deeper understanding of the alignment and body workings, tools for optimizing your technique, sound and mental focus, tension and anxiety reduction, neuromuscular reeducation among other triggers involved. As well as how to address the urgent factual need of musician's health and wellbeing, most of all posture and muscle wellness, helping to prevent and reduce unnecessary tension, muscle strain, injuries, stress and general discomfort. Also you'll learn:
- exercises for thorough understanding and conscious assimilation of anatomy and workings of physical mechanisms in order to be as comfortable as possible with our body, instrument and ourselves
-movement study, exploring how the usage of direction and energy, rather than muscular force, will have its greatest implications on our sound production and performance
-how to enjoy any performance and life itself regardless of its end by discovering all the choices we have at the tip of our fingers as staying in present, managing our timing, analyzing all the consequences without judgment and without anticipation of the results of the action (avoiding negative emotions)
Complementary techniques such as: relaxation and centering routines, biomechanics, direction, breathing, resilience training and attention control, learning how to apply them all to your instrument and enjoy music!

About Mariana A.

Hello! Looking on how to perform with comfort, relaxation and expressiveness? Welcome! Rather Classical, Tango Music, Improvisation and/or Performance Enhancement including overcoming tension and Stage Fright issues - my aim is to provide you with a pleasant, high quality learning experience, developing a healthy and happy relationship with your instrument so that you can enjoy and express yourself through any music style!
I'm a Professional Violinist, Innovative Pedagogue and Tango Expert. For 12 years I performed with the National Tango Orchestra of Buenos Aires (Latin Grammy 2015). Now I’m collaborating and performing with major Tango Maestros in concerts, festivals, tours and recordings as well as in chamber music settings and I'm working on my major pedagogy project called "The Inner Musician"('18 MC Award). I'm passionate about every one of my activities- as a result of my wide experience as a multicultural musician - born and raised in Ukraine (Artist Diploma), having lived and studied in Argentina (B.A.&M.M.) and in United States (Certificate in Performance, DePaul Univ., Chicago). Despite being familiar with so many fruitful and different methodologies, my search for freedom of expression found its way just when my need of feeling completely comfortable with the violin was finally satisfied. Though, I've developed my own methodology, combining the means offered by the finest violin schools and all the alternative, related disciplines such as Alexander Technique, Yoga, and Meditation working all together towards the importance of knowledge of our body, awareness of the self, need for enjoyment and educational relationship centered on student needs. I'm looking to transmit all my knowledge as I'm confident it would optimize and benefit your performance, health, wellbeing and teaching skills by integrating body, mind, emotions and instrument into one-a balanced and fulfilled artist.
I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have. Rather you are a beginner, intermediate, advanced or just looking to deep your learning trhough Tango music-we'll take it from there and follow the path together!
The lessons are tailored totally to your interests and needs. From violin parts to sightreading; from how to understand the mechanics to producing a beautiful, full, ringing sound; from set up to position changes, bow strokes, posture, varied repertoire, auditions; from classical to Tango music including improvisation - the call is yours!


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Marisa M.
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Excellent coaching, empathetic to student way of performing..

Posted Nov 13, 2020
Surjya M.
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Posted Nov 13, 2020
Profile-location-online Online

Excellent instruction! I've been taking violin lessons with Mariana for already 3 years and couldn't be happier with my improvement! Highly knowledgeable, caring and patient. I appreciate her ability to fixing issues from the root instead of mending them, which has been fundamental not only to my advancement but also to the refinement of my teaching skills. Highly recommended!

Posted Jun 30, 2020
Profile-location-online Online

Mariana will undoubtedly help you to get the best of your performance! I've been struggling with performance anxiety and stage freight for long time and finally decided to address it, reaching out to Mariana on several colleages recommendations. She helped me to overcome this matter by working on some essential triggers nobody before told me about! Finally I started enjoying my playing-the best reward I could possibly get! Even my sound got bigger and more secure.. I strongly recommend her!

Posted Jun 26, 2020
Profile-location-online Online

Caring, passionate, right to the point instructor. You won't lose your time with Mariana! She explains the workings of every aspect of my playing, giving me several resources on how to improve them. This speeds up the whole process, as I know exactly on what I need to work on in my everyday practice!

Posted Jun 20, 2020
Profile-location-online Online

If your hands, elbows or shoulders hurt after practicing your instrument you should talk to Mariana. She made me aware of how to take care of my body before, while and after I practice. She helped me correct my posture while playing. It does not matter which instrument you play, Mariana can help you use you body in the correct way so you can keep playing without harming your joints and getting tendinitis. She is the best.

Posted Jun 20, 2020
Profile-location-online Online

Mariana is a very knowledgeable, attentive and cheerful teacher! :) Indeed, she pays attention to all the details while I play, from my bowing technique to my left hand, from my body posture to my interpretation. Plus, she transfers to me her passion for the Tango culture when she talks with so much enthusiasm! :) She is an expert in the Tango style, and she is able to explain it so well, differentiating the classical and the Tango very well. Another important point: she gives me immediate, relevant, and constructive feedback, as soon as she hears or sees something wrong. She even gives me exercises to do on a daily basis, to improve my hands' flexibility! Mariana is always smiling, positive, and very patient with me. In addition to all this, she is very flexible in the lesson schedule and format. She keeps my objectives in her mind and I follow her recommendations. I was very impressed with the online lessons thanks to Mariana. I confess that I was quite skeptical to commit to any music class online. After all, it turned out to be very pleasant and I can see that I am improving after each lesson with Mariana.

Posted Jun 16, 2020
Profile-location-online Online

I had lessons with Mariana over the past 2 years and a half and she is the best teacher I could possibly imagine. Her kindness and generosity brings out the best of my violin playing.

Posted Jun 16, 2020

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Apr 2013 - Present

National University of Arts Buenos Aires, Argentina

Seminars: "Violin: technical tools for expression and relaxation"; Workshop: "Inner perception and body awareness for musicians"; Coach: "Technique and interpretation in Tango music"

International School of Tango for Musicians
Oct 2015 - Mar 2018

Buenos Aires/Reed University, Portland

FLADEM: Latin-American Conference for Music Pedagogy
Apr 2016 - Dec 2016

Latin-American Association for Music Pedagogy

Seminars: "Violin: technical tools for expression and relaxation"; Workshop: "Inner perception and body awareness for musicians"; Paper presentation: "Teaching and learning"

Workshop and coaching "Technique and interpretation in Tango music"
Aug 2016 - Sep 2016

San Francisco Community Center for Music

Workshop and coaching "Technique and interpretation in Tango music"

Coach: TangoOz-Sydney Youth Orchestras
May 2016 - Jun 2016

Sydney Conservatory of Music

Workshop and coaching "Technique and interpretation in Tango music"

Violin Instructor
Sep 2010 - Dec 2013

Private Violin Studio Chicago, IL

Violin Instructor
Sep 2011 - Dec 2012

Ortegon School of Music, Chicago Il

Violin Instructor
Sep 2011 - Jun 2012

Community Music Division (CMD) of DePaul University’s School of Music.

Teaching Assistant: Undergraduate Applied Violin
Apr 2007 - Dec 2010

National University of Arts, Music Department “Carlos López Buchardo” Buenos Aires, Argentina

Violin Instructor
Mar 2007 - Mar 2010

Suzuki Program Public and Private elementary & middle schools Buenos Aires, Argentina

Music & Language Instructor
Mar 2001 - Mar 2010

Children’s Program at the Cultural Ukrainian Center "Prosvita" Buenos Aires, Argentina

Violin Instructor
Mar 2000 - Mar 2010

Private violin studio Buenos Aires, Argentina


Certificate in Violin Performance
Aug 2010 - Jun 2012

DePaul University, Chicago, Illinois

Masters: Violinist in Performing Arts
Mar 2008 - Jun 2010

National University of Arts “Carlos López Buchardo” Buenos Aires, Argentina

Bachelor: Violinist in Performing Arts
Mar 2004 - Dec 2008

National University of Arts “Carlos López Buchardo” Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tango Artist Diploma
Mar 2002 - Dec 2004

Emilio Balcare Tango School Orchestra Buenos Aires, Argentina

Artist Diploma in Music: Violin
Sep 1992 - May 1998

Specialized National Youth Music School Cherkassy, Ukraine



Fluent / Native Proficiency


Fluent / Native Proficiency


Fluent / Native Proficiency


Fluent / Native Proficiency


Feb 2009

Prefeitura Santa Catarina, Brazil

Festival Musica Nas Montanhas
Jan 2008

Prefeitura de Pocos de Caldas

Musical Camping Bariloche, Chamber Music Festival
Jan 2006

Musical Camping Bariloche

Tango Artist Diploma
Dec 2004

Emilio Balcare Tango School Orchestra Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mar 2002 - Dec 2004 Specialized program in Tango Music: Style and Interpretation Graduating with Summa cum laude


"Mecenazgo Cultural": "The Inner Musician"
May 2017

Ministry of Culture and Education of Argentina, Goverment of the city of Buenos Aires

Latin Grammy
Sep 2015

Latin Grammy

Mozarteum Artist Award
May 2007

Mozarteum Argentino

National Fund of Arts Artist Award
Mar 2006

National Fund of Arts, Buenos Aires Argentina


Global Leaders Program
May 2020
The Global Leaders Program empowers arts changemakers to grow organizations and transform communities through an innovative nine-month Executive Graduate Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship, Cultural Agency, Policy Leadership, Teaching Artistry, and Business Management. Led in partnership with nine top universities and think tanks; a world-class Faculty that includes Nobel Laureates, Grammy Winners, and TED presenters; and a network of institutional Fieldwork hosts spanning 40+ countries, the Program is offered annually to a diverse Executive Cohort of 50 accomplished music professionals from around the globe.
Yoga Alliance
Sep 2018
Yoga Alliance is the largest nonprofit association representing the yoga community. Our mission is to spread the power of yoga one person at a time. We believe that the individual experience of yoga is of paramount importance, and are committed to supporting the passage of yoga from trainer to teacher, teacher to student, and student to aspiring yogi. Our role as the national support organization for the yoga community is to ensure that the practice of yoga will keep growing, so that more people will connect with yoga and be transformed. As an organization we keep several core values at heart: service, excellence, transparency, learning and community.
Alexander Technique International
Jan 2006
Alexander Technique International (ATI) is a world-wide professional organization created to promote and advance the work begun by F. Matthias Alexander. Its members include teachers, students, and friends of the Alexander Technique. ATI embraces the diversity of the international Alexander Technique community and is working to promote international dialogue.

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