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Lenexa, KS

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Marci delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
Teaches students:
Ages 4 to 17

Teaching since:
August 1998

Welcome to my studio!

*Please note that I am a teacher of children only.
Teaching adults requires a specialized set of skills, and I am aware that my particular teaching skills are best for helping only children learn the piano. However, I encourage adults to keep searching for the piano teacher that is the best fit for them.

Here is a recent blurb about me:

Marci began her classical piano studies at 8 years old, in the private studio of concert pianist Elaine de San Miguel. In addition to recitals, concerts, camps and master classes, Marci branched out into performing in a variety of venues, as an accompanist for vocalists, instrumentalists, choirs and musicals. When she wasn't playing the piano for people, she was taking voice lessons, singing in both traditional & show choirs, and performing in musical theater. Her favorite TV show is currently "Phineas & Ferb"! (Great music on that show, if you hadn't noticed!)

Marci holds a teaching license in the state of Kansas, and is classified as "highly qualified" according to the No Child Left Behind Law. She is currently working on finishing a PhD in developmental and behavioral psychology, and for 5 years taught Child Behavior & Development classes at the University of Kansas in Lawrence. Because of her education and experience teaching in public schools, she is unique in that she has an understanding of children and young adults and how they learn. She encourages her students to work towards their goals, but is patient and knows when a skill is currently beyond the child's grasp due to his or her individual development. Every child learns and develops differently, so each person's lessons are highly individualized.

*** Lesson Details ***
I have a relaxed teaching style, a sense of humor, and lots of patience! I absolutely love the one-on-one teaching experience I get with teaching private lessons. Students tend to feel welcome and comfortable in my home studio. A beginning student will be surprised to be reading and playing music within just a few weeks!

For beginning piano curriculum, I use different piano book series, although lately I have been focusing on the Piano Adventures series by Faber & Faber. I also use a series called A Dozen A Day, technical exercises for the piano which teaches a little theory along the way. For older students, I like Czerny and Hanon exercises to strengthen fingers and hands. I have recently started a series of sight-reading books with my advanced beginner to intermmediate students. There are all kinds of on-line resources that I consult for ideas. Lessons are a combination of theory, learning the keyboard, and learning to read music.

For intermediate piano students, I will determine their level of musical understanding and design an individualized curriculum to address areas of improvement, and to build on each student's strengths.

In addition to the mechanics of music, I try to instill an appreciation for all types and genres of music in my students. I strongly believe that the most competent and interesting musicians are the ones who are familiar with music from all walks of life.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Piano, Guitar, Computer, Music Software

*** Specialties ***
Piano-- Keyboard basics, music theory, playing technique, sight-reading music

ALL genres of music are welcome in my studio!

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Assistant Children's Choir Director
Aug 2015 - Present
Shawnee Mission Unitarian Universal Church

This year, the UU church officially hired me and now I am part of their staff! My biggest responsibility is to direct a new youth choir called the "Chalice Choir". I work with kids ages 10-18 in this group. We are currently learning to read a choral score, and to sing in two-part harmony. I still work with the younger kids, the "Cherub Choir" as well.

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Co-director, Children's Choir
Aug 2010 - Present
Shawnee Mission Unitarian Universalist Church

Co-direct children's choir at a local church. Teach singing: pitch-matching, interval recognition, blending voices, rhythm, learning to sing in rounds which later facilitates part-singing skills. Work with soloists and young instrumentalists. Direct or accompany choir which performs about 4 times a year at Sunday services.

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Piano Instructor
Mar 2009 - Present

I teach beginning students to intermediate/advanced. 5 is about the earliest age that is appropriate to start piano lessons, although I have had students start at age 4 and they are still with me. It just depends on the child and the family dynamic. I do not teach adults.

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Limited Proficiency


Kansas Teaching Certificate
Jun 1998
Washburn University

Certifies me to teach:

General Science

At the 7-12 levels in the state of Kansas

I have also been deemed "highly qualified" according to No Child Left Behind specifications.


Apr 2016
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Photos & Videos

Arthur Recital Dec 2015 "The Promise" from the movie "The Piano"
Eric 2 Recital 2015 "Gymnopedie No.1"
Eric Dec Recital 2015
Lingyuan 2
Lingyuan Dec 2015 Recital "Pretty Women"
Max W. Recital Dec 2015  "Claire De Lune"
Addison Recital Dec 2015 "Habeñera"
Zoey Dec Recital 2015 "Gumball Factory" &          "Spanish Caballero"
Hannah Recital Dec 2015 "Our Detective Agency"
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Brooke Nash Apr 18, 2016
Piano · In studio

We signed up with Marci for beginner lessons with my 6 year old daughter and couldn't be happier! She is fantastic with children! She is very patient and has many creative ways to motivate, engage and work with young children on their level. One of the many things I love most about working with Marci is that she established a relationship with my daughter which helped tremendously in bringing her "out of her shell". Marci has provided age and level appropriate materials that my daughter loves to play from! Marci, thank you for being such a wonderful teacher!

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Nancy Nov 29, 2015
Piano · In home

My 6 year old son and 8 year old daughter love going to piano every week! I am very impressed with the way she teaches and is so patient!

Julie Nov 26, 2015
Piano · In studio

This is my third review of Marci's teaching. My son, Arthur, participates in weekly piano lessons, and is still enjoying them!

Arthur has been practicing hard for his next recital, and I'm really looking forward to hearing him play :)

Keep up the good work!

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Wanda S. Nov 22, 2015
Piano · Online

Marci is an amazing teacher!
She's very patient and is Great at explaining when you don't understand something. I've improved so much since I've switched to her! 12/10 recommend. She's amazing

Wanda S. Nov 22, 2015
Piano · Online

Marci is an amazing teacher!
She's very patient and is Great at explaining when you don't understand something. I've improved so much since I've switched to her! 12/10 recommend. She's amazing

Wendy M. Nov 20, 2015
Piano · In studio


Nancy Jun 30, 2015
Piano · In home

We love Marci! Both my kids are taking lessons now and they both adore her.

Wanda S. Jun 5, 2015
Piano · In studio

It was great! My daughter loved going to lessons every week! She's very compassionate. She teaches her at her learning level! She's awesome ! We loved her!

Jan W. May 7, 2014
Piano ·

Marci is fabulous with senior citizens!!!

I am 60 years old, retired, and have always wanted to take piano lessons. Our perfect grandson, Max, has been taking lessons with Marci for a couple of years, and his brother, our other perfect grandson, Gibson, will be starting soon. Their mom recommended Marci with no hesitation. I do the same!!

I am a different student for Marci than she is used to. She has the gift of a true teacher to be able to teach any age. (As a retired teacher of 35 years, I can attest to this professionally as well as personally!) She has the gift of dealing with any age and any ability.

I would recommend Marci with my whole heart and no hesitation whatsoever!!

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Sugandhi S. May 5, 2014

Good Learning

Best Teacher; and good learning practice. Simply the best.

Addison A. Mar 12, 2014
Piano ·

Very caring

Marci is an awesome teacher. She is very caring and very aware of the students needs. She has really helped our daughter a lot.

Chunhua L. Mar 6, 2014


After take her lesson, my daughter likes to play piano and sit there in front of piano one to two hours without interruption everyday. That is change on my daughter I can see.

Jordan B. Feb 7, 2014
Piano ·

Marci is a great piano teacher!

My 8 year old daughter loves going to see Marci for lessons each week! Marci teaches with care and yet gives just enough guidance. My daughter loves to practice and does so without prompting. Thank you, Marci!

Tonya B. Feb 5, 2014
Piano ·


Marci, is a great singing teacher. She always gives positive feedback and always takes interest in my personal life. She let me try new music, and is the one who showed me my potential, and introduced me to my favorite genre--Broadway. She is very flexible and works around my schedule. She makes every lesson fun and interesting and I've grown as a singer/performer because of her. Thank you for everything, Marci!!!

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Nancy B. Feb 5, 2014
Piano ·

My daughter loves her!

I knew the minute my daughter started lessons that she and Marci clicked! My daughter looks forward to her piano lessons...not only to learn piano but because she enjoys her time with Marci. We are very pleased with the progress she has made.

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Chunhua L. Feb 3, 2014
Piano ·


I am a teenager. Marci is very nice and patient to me. I feel very confident in playing piano after taking Marci's lesson. I really like my teacher Marci.

Julie N. May 10, 2013
Piano ·

Marci is a great teacher

I cannot believe it's been over 2 years since I wrote my first review of Marci. My son, Arthur, is still enjoying his piano lessons and has made good progress. Marci is patient and encouraging and she always gives positive feedback. A great teacher really can make a difference, and Marci is a great teacher.

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Aprilm Jul 26, 2012

My daughter enjoys her lessons with Marci and looks forward to going every week. She is a positive teacher and really listens to the child.

AngieS1 Jul 18, 2012

My daughter just loves her lessons. I wasn't sure she could sing at all and to my surprise Marci taught her to carry a tune. And to my delight her voice keeps getting stronger. Thank you!

NancyB Jul 11, 2012

Hannah just loves her!

JordanB Jul 9, 2012

Great with young beginners!

My 6-year old daughter has been taking lessons for about a month and a half, and we are blown away with how much she's already learned! Thank you, Marci!

JeanieA Jun 13, 2012


We are experiencing difficulty in making lessons due to summer activities. Marci is a good teacher and brings us together in a confident way. We are all shy (embarrassed) and she helps bring us out of it. We are always pleased when she compliments us.

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DavidL May 18, 2012

Marci is doing a very nice job bringing out the musical knowledge that I acquired decades ago. She is patient with me, yet also pushes me to excel.

LisaD1 Sep 29, 2011

Mother of one of Marci's Students

My eight-year-old daughter loves working with Marci!

MelodyS Aug 1, 2011

She is so patient and kind to my 5 year old. Max feels comfortable around her. GREAT teacher for younger kids.

LisaD May 17, 2011


My 11-year old daughter has been taking voice lessons from Marci for three weeks now, and has really bonded with Marci already! This is the most excited I have ever seen her about something. She comes away from every lesson very "pumped" about singing and talking constantly about everything she's learned! Great job, Marci!

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TonyK May 10, 2011

Thanks Marci for teaching Charly. She enjoys every lesson with you.

JulieN Feb 20, 2011

Enjoy your piano lessons with Marci!

Marci encourages my son greatly and he responds very positively to her style of teaching. He likes the fact that Marci allows him to choose the piano music he would like to learn. A super teacher!

ShawnaH May 25, 2009


The lessons are going very well. I like everything about my lessons so far. Marci is a nice teacher.

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