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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try the first lesson and if you’re not satisfied we'll refund any unused lessons.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try the first lesson and if you’re not satisfied we'll refund any unused lessons.

Classical Guitar Lessons

Available Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio
Levels taught:
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
From beginner melodies using rest stroke to advanced chord melody players welcome.

About Marc M.

I teach all styles of guitar, as I have been in many different types of music situations: Soloist (Classical) Ensemble (Classical and Jazz) Lead and Rhythm (Various Rock and Roll bands) Songwriting and Recording. I am a people person that learned the guitar from many different sources. Most of my learning came from watching others and communicating with others. I like to learn about the people I am teaching so that I can better understand their needs as a musician. My education came as a practical necessity in order to get better as a teacher and performer, as well as make a living doing it. But, by no means do I preach the need to be "educated" but only to be a working, practical musician. I will surely go over the need to read music once the need becomes evident, enlighten you as to why it may be important to understand certain aspects of music as opposed to just "picking and grinning", IE learning only "By Ear." I do specialize in music theory, and have many students taking lessons simply for this excellent foundation for songwriting also.

I am a classically trained guitarist that performs both as a soloist and for ensemble in a wide variety of styles. I graduated in 1996 from Schoolcraft College with an Associates degree in Music performance, and then, studying under the tutelage of Brian Roberts went on to receive my Bachelor's degree in Guitar Performance with a secondary in Jazz from Wayne State University in 2004. While at Wayne State and along the way I've performed and participated in several masterclasses with renowned artists: William Kanengiser, John Holmquest, Philip Candelaria, Jason Vieaux, Scott Tennant, and Antigoni Goni. I have also completed the teacher requirements for books 1-a and 1-b for the Suzuki Guitar Institute.

Many of my classical guitar and electric guitar students have went on to study further at the collegiate level, some achieving scholarships. My most recent students are current Berklee school of music graduates now in a band called "Flight of Fire", recently opened for Bonjovi this past summer and are getting air time on local radio stations... well on their way to living the dream! …the bulk of my students become full time professional musicians.

*** Lesson Details ***
I am an extremely patient person who has been teaching for over 20 years. I am laid back so there will be no pressure. With my electric and steel string guitar students, I host a special "Jam Session" 2 - 3 times a year to which will be one of your goals to participate in. This includes playing with a drummer, bassist, singer and another guitar player (usually me) and having it recorded. This should serve as your motivation to practice. This really eliminates the need for me to pull out a "yardstick" and "smack" your hands over the knuckles when not practicing your scales as many old traditional teachers may have done!

At your first lesson I will talk with you and give you examples of music that is played with a Flat-Pick, or music that uses the Finger-Style technique. This will be an important process as it will dictate which direction you will go in as a musician and especially during our lessons.

For the most part, playing with a Flat-Pick is generally used with the electric guitar and with most mainstream styles of music like "Rock and Roll", "Blues", "Rock-a-Billy" "Funk", and playing with the Finger-Style technique is used in styles like "Classical" and "Folk." After a while, I will introduce you to the other style of playing as well, as most great guitar players use both techniques in their playing...musicians (guitarists) such as: “Jimmy Page“, “Brian Setzer”, “Stevie Ray Vaughan”, “Joe Satriani”, “Lindsey Buckingham”, “Paul McCartney”, “John Mayer”, and many, many more.

To make learning the guitar Fun, I make sure to incorporate your main interest(s) first. Whether it be learning your new favorite song(s), learning how to write a song, or just learning some basics that you can use for when sitting around the campfire. This will be intertwined with which style you choose to start with: Flat-Pick or Finger-Style.

Pending on the level that you are starting at, (beginner, intermediate, advanced) I will include tidbits of music theory that will be used in a consistent manner. These will usually be progressive, pending on your level. For example, the songs you learn will be written out in an easy to understand chart that will have the fundamental aspects of theory (IE, chords, key, and rhythm pattern) that all musicians should understand.

With Children learning with a Flat-Pick, I encourage the use of a basic guitar instruction book.
Level One (beginners) :

"Hal Leonard Guitar Method Book One" by Will Schmid.

I will also use as a substitute for Level One:
"Alfred's Basic Guitar Method" by Alfred's Publishing Co.

More advanced players who can read music already (and graduates from book one) I prefer;
"Hal Leonard Guitar Method Book Two"

With Adults, I will ask if learning to read music interests you. It is a vital part of a practicing musician, but sometimes your needs may require a more one dimensional approach as time may be of essence. Again, I learned by ear and educated myself I understand the person who wants to hold off on reading right away.

Students who want to learn the Classical (Finger-Style) approach will be encouraged to purchase a beginners book that I use written by one of my first instructors/mentor. It is a very intuitive book that covers the technique in great detail yet is very easy to understand (along with my help.) I will provide means of acquiring this book at your first lesson.

Students who want to learn the Folk (Finger-Style) approach will usually start in the above book, unless your an adult who just wants to learn some basics.

At your first lesson I will also provide you with documentation that goes more in depth about the various styles of guitar as the above info is scaled down.

*** Studio Equipment ***

-Guitars (Electric, Acoustic, Classical, Bass)

- PA (loud speakers so you can Turn it Up! When playing along)

-Band in a Box (to play along with real prerecorded instruments seamlessly interleaved into a band type setting with almost unlimited genre choices...very impressive technology)

- Pro Tools (recording gear for all needs)

- Guitar Pro and Finale (to transpose music into sheet music)

-Skype (for out of town interactivity. Can do lessons via Skype)

-Basement with plenty of seating for parents, and or observers.

*** Specialties ***
I specialize in Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar, and Acoustic Guitar; Improvisation, Songwriting, Backup Vocals, Fretboard Harmony, Music Theory, Performance, and Recording.

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  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Associates from Schoolcraft
  • Teaches students 9 and up

Reviews (36)

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Miki Dec 26, 2019
Classical Guitar · In studio

I only had Marc for a couple months (unfortunately had to move), but he is a phenomenal teacher and I recommend to anyone. He's very easy to communicate with and strikes a great balance between the technical learning you need with having fun.

Fred Chin Jul 22, 2018
Guitar · Online

First lesson. Marc was great

Chris Feb 8, 2018
Songwriting · In studio

I only got to take lessons from Marc for a couple of months in the summer of 2016 (I had to move away for work), but he is hands down the best music teacher I've ever encountered. It's a year and a half later and I'm still benefitting from his tutelage. From beginner to advanced, you've found the right guy for the job.

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Annette Aug 21, 2017
Classical Guitar · In studio

Marc is a great classical guitar teacher. He makes learning fun and easy. I highly recommend him.

Matthew G. Aug 9, 2017
Guitar · In home

Friendly, motivating, honest and awesome guy.

Juanyea K. May 21, 2017
Guitar · In studio

Mark was very patient, professional as well as being knowledgeable about the guitar. I was impressed with the way he presented the information of his learning technique. Marc knows music by notes as well as play by ear. I would recommend him to for anyone of all levels of experience that want to learn or enhance their level of guitar.

Show More
Damon M. Apr 12, 2017
Bass Guitar · In studio

Well, for starters, Marc is a great teacher (and all around great guy). My decision to choose Marc was solely based on his student's reviews. Do yourself a favor and look no further. If you really want to learn and quickly absorb the lessons, choose Marc. I'm learning quite a bit and although I thought that I'd be struggling, I'm picking up things rather quickly due to his style of teaching/explaining.

Show More
Hassan Mar 18, 2017
Acoustic Guitar · In studio

Very clear in what he tries to teach you. Very motivating and patient. You excel very quickly if you pay attention to him

Sudin Sep 26, 2016
Flamenco Guitar · Online

Today we worked through the middle section of Malaguena - Mark was very patient in explaining every note.

Sudin Sep 26, 2016
Flamenco Guitar · Online

Today we worked through the middle section of Malaguena - Mark was very patient in explaining every note.

Sudin Aug 29, 2016
Flamenco Guitar · Online

Great lesson - learned the opening phrase of Malaguena and a bit of rasgueado.

Sudin Aug 22, 2016
Flamenco Guitar · Online

Very nice lesson - we went over the chords of "Margaritaville" plus a scale exercise. Marc is also very receptive to songs I would like to learn to play and help with them.

Michael B. May 31, 2016
Guitar · In home

I've been taking lessons from Marc for over a year. He's top notch. Great teacher no matter what your skill level is. I was a total beginner and have learned a ton from him. He is very patient and easy going so it's a very comfortable environment. I would highly recommend him for whatever you're guitar learning needs are.

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chance B. Mar 19, 2016
Flamenco Guitar · Online

Awesome! Highly recommend

chance B. Mar 19, 2016
Flamenco Guitar · Online

Awesome! Highly recommend

Chris Feb 23, 2016
Bass Guitar · In studio

Marc is incredibly friendly and willing to work around a student's
schedule. After taking several years off of formal lessons, he was very
willing and accommodating to meet me at my current skill level and
knowledge, while designing lessons to meet my goals and interests.

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Terry Berndt Feb 22, 2016
Blues Guitar · In studio

Very good first lesson. Marc was great and already started to answer some of my questions and fill in some of my knowledge gaps. I'm looking forward to my future lessons.

Adam A. Jan 19, 2016
Guitar · In home

Marc has sparked an interest in guitar I never thought I had. Every lesson I come to is catered to my individual aspects of improvement.

Jeff M. Jan 4, 2016
Acoustic Guitar · Online

Marc is a great teacher- skillful, patient and fun.

Junnian Z. Sep 12, 2015
Classical Guitar · In studio

I like Mark a lot even though I just had my first class with him. Great great teacher - very patient and be able to teach and inspire me both on skills and spirit of the instrument.

Madison B. Aug 26, 2015
Guitar · In studio

Marc is very patient and quickly graps the student's ability to progress to the next step or still needs additional time. He relates well (student is 13 and new to guitar) and has no problem in finding interesting music or ways to integrate practice into the style of music the student is interested in.

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Jason R. Aug 11, 2015
Guitar · In home

Marc is a great teacher - he is very adaptable and understands every students' needs. He caters his lessons towards what you want to learn, but also gives you a very solid overall background on guitar. I play piano, and Marc was able to take what I know about piano and relate it to guitar. As a person, Marc is very kind and approachable. I would highly recommend Marc to anybody looking for guitar lessons at any level.

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Manon Aug 7, 2015
Guitar · In studio

My daughters teacher was very patient, encouraging and accommodating. he was up to date on her style of music and helpful in getting her to select the type of music and guitar she wanted to learn.

Bryon M. Aug 6, 2015
Guitar · In home

As a 40 year old just deciding to play guitar I was quite intimidated to get started. From the first lesson Marc made me feel very comfortable. He does a fantastic job of customizing the lesson to your interests as well as targeting area's for improvement to help you reach the goals you've set.

He is patient and encouraging and is very effective at helping you to understand the learning timeline to keep you interested and motivated.

I would highly recommend Marc to anyone beginner or advanced, he does a phenomenal job.

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Wissam Charafeddine Jul 27, 2015
Guitar · In studio

Great lesson. Can't be better. Marc is very patient and encouraging.

MIKE ANTHONY Jun 26, 2015
Acoustic Guitar · In studio

An outstanding instructor. So glad I chose to work with Marc

Marc G. May 7, 2015
Guitar · In home

I am in my 40's and just starting to learn to play. Marc has been the best. He can easily break down the lessons in language that I can understand and he is incredibly patient. He makes it so that I am learning techniques when I don't even know that I am. I cannot say enough great things about Marc. If you are looking for a guitar teacher, this is the guy you want to come too.

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Tyler M. Apr 6, 2015
Guitar · In studio

Marc is very patient. There were times I didn't have time to practice between lessons and he was still able to find something we could work on during our lesson that would help me. He gave me great insight on what/how to practice and incorporate what I learned to help my progress, even on my tight schedule.

Show More
Laura G. Aug 4, 2014
Guitar · In studio

Marc is wonderful with my enthusiastic 8 year old son. From our first contact with him, he freely gave advice for beginners as we looked for an instrument and continued to help us with everything we needed to know. He was always encouraging and inclusive with the planned jam sessions. The lessons were the perfect balance of a fun hang-out vibe and focus on technique... and a little gum bribe :)... whatever works! We were very lucky to find such a great teacher.

Show More
Amy C. Dec 23, 2013
Classical Guitar ·

Great Teacher

Whatever you need in the six string, guitar arena - Marc delivers! From rock to classical; from insights on music theory to quick and easy/just play around the camp fire type chords. Whatever level of interest you have, genre or style you want to play, Marc is the teacher you are looking for!

Show More
Rachael G. Nov 1, 2013
Guitar ·

Such a wonderful experience!

I took lessons with Marc over the summer, and it could not have been a better experience. On top of being an amazing teacher (for someone with no prior skill), he was also very considerate, made the lessons extremely enjoyable, and was really flexible anytime I needed to change plans. I would definitely recommend him to anyone, especially if you are just starting out!!

Show More
WilliamF1 Feb 9, 2012

Marc and his teaching technique have become the highlight of the week. Step by step, my understanding of music and the guitar is growing. And, just as importantly, my playing has begun to improve.

AnitaM Jan 31, 2012

Excellent Experience

My daughter Hailee has only had 3 lessons with Marc but has had an excellent experience with him. Hailee went to Marc with no musical experience at all and with Marc's patience and encouragement, she has been doing wonderful and has learned so much in just those 3 lessons. Excellent teacher no matter what your experience level!!

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JoeG Jan 15, 2012

Marc is an excellent instructor. I am a beginner player. He has been patient, encouraging and supportive. He tailors his instruction program to what I want to achieve and my personal playing interests. I highly recomment Marc to anyone of any playing level.

Show More
CandaceK Nov 23, 2011

Excellent Instructor - Easy Going Personality

As a student who has never had any musical training whatsoever, I appreciate Marc's patience in teaching me how to play the guitar and read sheet music. He's keeping things simple and easy to understand, as well as going at a pace that's comfortable to me. I look forward to my lesson each week. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for guitar lessons.

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AlbertG Oct 19, 2011



Music instructor
Aug 1997 - Present

Marc M. Guitar Studio

I have been teaching music full time for over 25 years.


Jan 1998 - May 2004

Wayne State

Sep 1991 - May 1996




Fluent / Native Proficiency


Teacher 2/A
Jun 1998

Suzuki Guitar Institute Ann Arbor Mi

Teaching of classically based (Finger Picking) style for children using the "Mother Tongue" Approach
Teacher 1/A
Jun 1996

Suzuki Guitar Institute London Canada

Teaching of classically based (Finger Picking) style for children using the "Mother Tongue" Approach

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