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Ages 6+ and special needs

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I have been teaching and performing for over 18 years. I truly believe everyone has the potential to learn guitar. It is my personal challenge to be the guide that shows you the way to do so. It is simple, you are passionate about guitar, all you need is the guidance of an experienced teacher that cares.
My instruction is specific, sequential, demanding, and engaging.

Being specific helps us breakdown skills, that seem impossible, into manageable exercises. I call it chunking. Once we master the chunks we put it together to easily play something that in the beginning seems so challenging.

That old saying, "Walk before you run", also applies to guitar! With your guitar playing goals in mind, I am always developing a sequential path, building skills that ultimately lead you to your musical goals. I have taught students from their first lesson through to preparing for their shows in some of NYC's top music venues.

The sweet spot is so important in learning guitar just like any other skill. Play with less than 50% accuracy and you are developing bad habits. Play with over 80% accuracy and you are not pushing your skills. I strive to keep my students learning at the edge of their abilities, thats where all the cool stuff happens!!!

It all comes down to what excites you about guitar, what makes you want to wake up at 6am and practice! There are so many things to learn with guitar; it is very important that whatever you chose to learn fully engages you. Nothing is worse than learning something that you do not have a curiosity about!

Abut me:
It is my ambition as a guitar educator to radiate enthusiasm and inspire my students to obtain their musical goals. In my years as a professional musician I have gained insight on how to bring the best out of my students. In addition to performing, my teaching career has given me many wonderful experiences. I have spent many years in one of the largest guitar schools in NYC, where in addition to being a mentor to guitar teachers, I have prepared for and taught private lessons, classes, and rock bands to well over fifty students per week.

As a freelance musician bouncing between Europe and NYC, I am extremely grateful to experience the joy of playing with many wonderful talents from around the city, country, and world.

Born in a small town in the Midwest, I grew up listening to a diverse range of music. Through my parents I was exposed primarily to Celtic, Country, Folk, and Rock music. Listening to artist from these genres of music aided in developing a musical sensibility that is continually reflected in my playing. In my teens, I was immersed in a scene that was defined by heavy guitar riffs and shredding guitar solos. Rock and metal music ruled over the local scene and would also overtake my musical interest for several years. Later, in my early twenties, I was exposed to jazz music. The new textures, sounds, and rhythms that Jazz offered, changed my playing forever. Later, I spent my mid twenties traveling the globe performing as a guitarist with recording artist from both the UK and USA. Traveling and performing helped to give me a better understanding of music and art. Now in my early thirties I enjoy teaching, recording, and making music with friends!

I should also mention I am grateful to have had opportunities to study music with many incredible mentors. These mentors have inspired and given me direction that has not only influenced his playing but also my views of art and life. In Michigan I studied with the talented classical guitarist Carlos De La Barrera of Argentina, as well as Jason Werkema, a wonderful talent and mentor to many. While performing nationally and internationally I was given the chance to study with some great innovators. Through their lessons, and music, they remain highly influential in my playing. I am grateful to have studied with Adam Rogers, Gilad Heksleman, Jack Wilkins, Julian Lage, Zvonimir Tot, and Aki Ishiguro.

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Teaching Artist
Feb 2017 - Present
Midori and Friends

Midori and friends is a wonderful program in NYC that puts teaching artist in underserved schools thought the city.

Teacher Mentor/Guitar Instructor
Apr 2014 - Present
NYC Guitar School

I have had the joy of teaching at one of the greatest guitar schools in the world for the past 4 years. It has been a pleasure teaching private lessons, classes, and rock bands for all ages. I have also been honored to be a mentor to new teachers joining the team.

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Bachelors in Music
Jan 2012 - May 2015
City College Of New York
Bachelors in Music Education
Sep 2007 - May 2008
Grand Valley State University


Fluent / Native Proficiency
Limited Proficiency


B.A. Music
May 2015
City College of New York

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Meet Me - Introduction
From my Youtube series Micro Lessons
Photo by Kyle G.

Explore Arpeggios!
One of many adult student bands I taught in nyc!
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Wendy May 8, 2018
Guitar · In studio

If you’re like looking for an instructor for any level of guitar study, you won’t find one better than Kyle! I had the good fortune of studying guitar with Kyle in a 5-course beginner series at New York City Guitar School; then continued onto a fingerstyle class, and a 3-level Lead guitar series led by him. At every point in study, Kyle was an excellent instructor. Not only is he a consummate musician and a versatile guitar player, he also has all the qualities one would want in an effective teacher: Empathy for the beginner, patience, and a sense when it’s the time to nudge or challenge students to the next level or technique. Kyle is agile in his command of the class, in group sessions he can address each students’ needs or stumbling block in the moment, answer questions, but keep the class moving and on topic. Individual sessions are not self-conscious or daunting, as Kyle fosters a encouraging and focused look at new techniques; breaking material down into student's level of comprehension. Corrections are always edifying and done with respect. Kyle shows great examples of where a basic lesson can go in the bigger picture, often accompanying and providing progressions to practice that day’s material; so a class might feel like a little jam session rather than just repetition. All of this, and he’s also a very nice guy with a great sense of humor; class is always informative and fun. Five stars!

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Joan Apr 22, 2018
Acoustic Guitar · In studio

Kyle is fantastic! I took lessons with Kyle for about two years - He’’s an excellent musician and teacher - very bright and engaging with an easy-going style - he’s super-nice and makes leaning to play guitar really fun.! From learning basic chords and techniques - to advancing, building repertoire, and ultimately performing. - he has a super-positive and supportive style, and excellent music skills and knowledge - making him a great teacher!! I recommend Kyle to anyone who wants to be a guitar player - he’s the best!

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Steve Apr 22, 2018
Acoustic Guitar · In studio

I’ve taken lessons in person and online from a lot of teachers but Kyle is the best of all. I highly recommend him.

Brizzo Apr 11, 2018
Acoustic Guitar · In studio

I had the pleasure of learning and working alongside literally the best teacher ever! Kyle is patient, knowledgeable and has been an inspiration to others in the music community in NYC and to the many students. He has mentored teachers and has a very positive and goal-oriented teaching style. From a student perspective, I looked forward to our lessons and together! We created a routine to where I became very motivated to expand my skills and gained self-confidence in my musical ability. Kyle is super diverse in all genre and styles. Truly one of a kind and not to mention, ONE heck of a musician! :)

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michael Apr 7, 2018
Acoustic Guitar · Online

Kyle is awesome. I’ve been taking lessons from Kyle for a while now. Started with him as newbie to guitar learning open chords and strumming patterns on songs. Now we pick a song I want to learn and he walks me through the form ,chords, and melody. Highly reccomend taking a class with him.

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Judy Apr 7, 2018
Acoustic Guitar · In studio

Kyle is an amazing musician, phenomenal teacher and all around wonderful human being. He taught our small group of 5 over 2+ years and we went from beginners to playing as an ensemble. Kyle was super knowledgeable, encouraging to all. Highly highly recommend Kyle!!!!

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Leanna Feb 16, 2018
Acoustic Guitar · In studio

I've had the pleasure of working with Kyle for a few years and can say he is an extremely talented guitar player and awesome teacher. He breaks complex concepts down in a compassionate way for beginners and can even challenge seasoned guitar players. He's great with players of all levels from beginner to advanced. His lessons are fun and engaging, and you can tell he's passionate about music and seeing his students thrive. Highly recommended!

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Ron Feb 11, 2018
Acoustic Guitar · In home

Over the years I’ve attempted to learn guitar over and over again. Once I met Kyle it finally started to make sense. He is a kind, patient instructor and our lessons were always educational and enjoyable . He’s literally the best.

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