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Hemet, CA

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Rhonda teaches: Ages 5 and up
Teaching since: November 1992
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With over 20 years of experience as a musician, piano teacher, and music director, I am able to explore all aspects of musical theory and make the piano an enjoyable and exciting instrument to learn to play.

My lessons will be rhythmically exciting, and never boring. I always have book lessons as well as personal musical pieces that the student would like to work on. I most often will incorporate ear training in all of my lessons without being obvious about it, as well as performance. I believe it should be music that speaks to the heart.

Not only will students achieve their goals in learning to play their favorite song or actually play well, they will find a peace and a calm in freely exploring the art of music. Whether they find it to be an escape from it all, or their future with a musical career, it shall be achieved.

Did you know that a troubled child can find rest and recovery from getting involved in the arts, especially that of the piano? Did you know that as a remedy from feeling despair and hopelessness, the piano is a proven healer? Wouldn't you like to play a song to a friend or a neighbor and make them feel better today? TAKE PIANO LESSONS!!... YOU ARE ON YOUR WAY...

*** Studio Equipment ***
Living Room: 3 pianos (upright piano and 2 digital 88 keys weighted). Microphones, amps. Music stands, additional seating for parents.

*** Travel Equipment ***
A piano, or at least a 40-key keyboard instrument that has depth of sound. A good quality instrument, because if not, they will lose interest.

I have a Roland-88 key traveling digital piano instrument. This can go wherever I go. I also own a Technics Digital piano that has all sound capabilities and recording features. I also own an Howard or Baldwin Upright piano, which plays beautifully for those getting to know a true piano sound and control of its pedal.

*** Specialties ***
contemporary gospel, jazz, show tunes, semi-classical

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Congratulations Chloe you did it!! Keep up the good work...


Music Minister
Aug 1989 - Jan 2015
Various church affiliations

Responsible for playing and leading choirs, Praise & Worship Groups, and general congregational songs. In charge of selection of musical arrangements and the performance of. Helped and assisted in the selection of other instrumental musicians for band and acoustic playing. Proficient expertise in teaching and working with small and large groups, as well as performances with small and large venues.

High School Piano Accompanist
Jan 1986 - Jun 1987
Santana High School

Responsible for playing piano for Show choir, Concert choir, and Solo choir for high school. In charge of accompanying all rhythmic pieces, broadway show tunes, and top 40 breakdowns; Playing selections from such artists as "Kool & the Gang", "Denise Williams," "Debarge," "Simon & Garfunkel," and "Karen Carpenter," under musical direction from conductor and music teacher. Became one of the youngest pianist in Santana High's musical history, having only been 16 years old.


Life Insurance, Limited to Burial
Mar 2009 - Mar 2013
Department of Insurance
Respiratory Therapy
Jan 1989 - May 1993
Grossmont College
Medical Transcriptionist
Aug 1987 - Jun 1988
Grossmont Health Occupations


Respiratory Therapist
Jun 1993
National Board of Respiratory Therapy/State of California


Top Counselor
Jan 2009
Most Outstanding Singer - 1986
Jun 1986
Santana High School

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Lucy H. Aug 25, 2016
· Piano · In studio Rhonda was wonderful with my younger child. I wasn't sure if she was old enough to start piano but Rhonda was great with her and my daughter can't wait to go again!
James G. Jun 25, 2016
· Piano · In studio Ms. Rhonda immediately put me at ease and I felt comfortable and relaxed. Ms. Rhonda has a wonderful personality and I can't wait for my next lesson! On the first day at a piano in over 45 years She allowed me to be excited about this new chapter in my life!
Stefany N. Aug 19, 2015
· Piano · In studio Ms. Rhonda is a great teacher! She is very attentive to my daughter. She is able to recognize both her strengths and things she needs to work on and teaches her accordingly. I love that Ms. Rhonda is teaching her not just piano but vocal as well and it helping her develop her ear.
She is very patient and encouraging. My daughter has learned so much in such a short time. I highly recommend Ms. Rhonda.
Kendra J. Apr 7, 2015
· Piano · In home Very personable. My daughter is shy and Ms. Rhonda was very patient and attentive. In the car my daughter said she loved her practice and couldn't wait to get home to practice what she had learned. I am very pleased with Rhonda.
Rhonda Goodwin
Rhonda G.

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