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Dance Choreography with Kimberly R.

Germantown, Maryland

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Teaches online
Teaches all skill levels
Age: 5+
Teaching since 2005

    Learn how to dance the ancient mystical way of our ancestors through natural rhythmic movement

    The sessions you have with me are so freeing it doesnt even feel like the usual nerve wrenching feeling you get when you are doing something new or unknown. Its a free spirited experience where you are able to release and let go of any pent up emotions, stress or anxiety you may have been carrying throughout the day or even longer. My sessions are also centered around healing just as much as they are to teach you what you wish to learn. Through the natural rhythmic movements of your body, your mind body and soul all come into alignment and harmony. Which helps to release stored up stress that has created a home in your muscle tissues and organs. Even though you may not initially come to my sessions for the purpose of healing certain ailments; that's something that will occur naturally through the very practical yet powerful sessions you experience with me. I hold space for my students/clients to feel comfortable, free, safe and seen. As well as supported through my unique process and lessons.

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    Teacher's Studio
    Teacher's Studio
    Frederick Road, Germantown, MD
    Student's Home
    Student's Home
    Teaches Online
    Teaches Online

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    About Kimberly R.

    Greetings beautiful people, my name is Kimberly I have had the gift of dance since age 3 I was probably dancing while in my mothers womb to be honest. Dance for me was my way of expression the connection between both music and dance is so magical the frequencies met with movement from a very young age naturally inspired my spirit I was choreographing routines by the third grade in music class and started dancing professionally from that point on. I would have visions of routines in my minds eye as soon as songs would come on I was performing at my schools events as well as local churches and communities in my neighborhood, then I went on to doing competitions through my schools all the way up until highschool where I actually created and inspired their first ever dance/step team. So from elementary school on I was teaching and choreographing groups of between 5 and more. During highschool was when I took it extremely serious and applied for juliard school of dance and while attending my school I was taking night classes at the Baltimore school of arts where I got certified in hip hop contemporary and modern beginners-advanced choreography and teaching. Since then I have been traveling around the country training and teaching dance while also assisting local and major artists in their choreography for live performances and music videos. I believe in everyone who feels called to the spirited art of dance, if you are here on my profile you're here for a reason. Namaste
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