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Kelvin L.

Bolingbrook, IL
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try the first lesson and if you’re not satisfied we'll refund any unused lessons.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try the first lesson and if you’re not satisfied we'll refund any unused lessons.

Viola Lessons

Available Locations:
Profile-location-online Online
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio
Profile-location-home Student's Home
Levels taught:
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
"Experienced viola teacher of 30 years available for eager students of all experience levels and ages! I structure my lessons so students learn what they want to learn, while also building a strong foundation of classical guitar skills. I specialize in classical music .

About Kelvin L.

I am a highly organized, outcome-driven and motivated professional musician and educator with solid experience in the classroom. For the past 25 years, I have been employed with Amati music academy and seven years on the faculty of University of St Francis.
I am very comfortable with all aspects of the current music syllabus, including teaching musical concepts (such as duration, pitch, dynamics, tone color, texture and structure) as well as performance, composition. I am fully qualified, with a Bachelor of Education in Music, Double Masters in music performance and education from University of Nottingham.
I am proficient in classical, jazz and Celtic fiddle violin and possess solid skills in piano (grade 8-13) Royal conservatory system.
Throughout my teaching career, I have been driven to help students achieve their very best. I strongly believe that music has the power to change lives – to enhance the social, cultural and spiritual lives of people, and serve as a profound medium of personal expression. Professional perform experience: The Chicago, Natalie Cole, Smokey Robinson, Three tours with Moody Blues, YoYo Ma etc....
The most important thing I look for in a student is communication skills, as well as talent. I like to nurture students and help identify their individual strengths, which is a key factor in shaping a musical persona that will make its mark both on and offstage. I do not advocate a uniform technique for all students. Physical differences and learning styles are always taken into consideration. Potential is as important to me as early achievements and experience. My goal is to help students become self-sufficient, discriminating artists. I discuss practice techniques often and develop individualized scale routines. I encourage initiative and expressive musicality as well as precision. Above all, music needs to bring obvious joy to the student, regardless of the difficulties.”

*** Lesson Details ***
I use Suzuki and traditional method for my students... for Suzuki beginner they will play a song in four days....

*** Studio Equipment ***
In-Studio- Lessons in separate music lesson room, piano and violin are available. Students and parents will enjoy comfortable and clean studio environment with recent remodeled new hard wood floor and studio patio window over looking at beautiful garden. Free WiFi available for parents while waiting during the lesson appointment.
University of St Francis Joliet- can teach in rehearsal rooms at the university.
Online class at world class teaching studio

*** Travel Equipment ***
violin, viola, cello, piano and guitar

*** Specialties ***
I specialize in Suzuki teaching method for beginners, traditional conservatory method for intermediate and Royal conservatory recital program for advanced level students..I also teach orchestration program to help students prepare their auditions for major symphonies through out the country including Chicago symphony orchestra etc...

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  • Speaks Chinese Mandarin
  • Music MA from University of Nottingham
  • Teaches Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Reviews (135)

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Carey Dec 6, 2019
Violin · Online


Bruce Callander Nov 12, 2019
Banjo · Online

William Oct 13, 2019
Drawing · In studio

My work schedule has interrupted my lessons for a while now, but Kelvin is a kind hearted instructor who truly believes in developing his students.

I will continue lessons with him as soon as I can.

Noah Aug 11, 2019
Piano · In studio

Very patient with my 4 year old! Kelvin is very skilled beautiful pianist !

Anh H. Jul 9, 2019
Violin · Online

Angela A. Jun 25, 2019
Guitar · In home

Kelvin is a phenomenal teacher of classical guitar. Our teenage son wanted to take classical lessons for a while, after having happily done a couple years with School of Rock. He and Kelvin meshed well, and I feel our son learned a lot over the course of a couple more years.

When one of us had a schedule conflict, we had the ability to do a lesson via Skype. Let me tell you, that came in mighty handy in the winter of 2019.

Schedule with Kelvin; I am certain you'll be glad that you did.

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Nailya May 14, 2019
Drawing · Online

jessie May 6, 2019
Drawing · Online

We love Kelvin, he is really patient and talented on teaching drawing.

jessie May 3, 2019
Drawing · Online

Kemar Apr 18, 2019
Cello · In studio

The Best Teacher you could ever have . Its a great privilege to be one of his student .

Xuan Mar 5, 2019
Watercolor Painting · Online

Very interesting!

Anonymous Feb 19, 2019
Fiddle · Online

Excellent first lesson with Kelvin with my 12 year old son beginner.

Olena Feb 11, 2019
Violin · Online

Kelvin was very professional, knowledgeable and accommodating! Wonderful teacher!

Olena Feb 11, 2019
Violin · Online

Brenda M. Dec 19, 2018
Piano · In home

My first lesson with Kelvin and he was quite patient with me. I really enjoyed having the lesson. The time passed quickly.

Joe B. Nov 20, 2018
Banjo · Online

Kelvin has taken me a long way in a short time. So grateful!

Joe B. Nov 6, 2018
Banjo · Online

Always great lessons with Kelvin!

Joe B. Oct 30, 2018
Banjo · Online

Great lesson! We got so much accomplished during this time! Look forward to next week.

Joe B. Sep 19, 2018
Banjo · Online

Had a great experience with Kelvin. Looking forward to the next lesson!

Joe B. Sep 18, 2018
Banjo · Online

Kelvin was great! I learned allot in a short time. Thank you. Joe

Hargeet Sep 16, 2018
Violin · Online

Very patient!

Rich M. Aug 8, 2018
Violin · In studio

Rich was happy after the first class and he started to wonder, would Kelvin be available to teach him a guitar lessons as well (we thought it is a great beginning) :)

Also, Kelvin immediately pointed out that the violin we have picked is too small for Rich, where other teacher didn't say anything about it. We changed the size and it helped a lot with holding violin and feeling more comfortable. Thank you !

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Mike May 21, 2018
Banjo · In studio

Kelvin is a great teacher. He understands and teaches in a way that makes sense to me. If you’ve played the Banjo you know the teacher needs a lot of patience and he does. He provides the right direction and more importantly listens to my questions. There is no doubt in my mind if you have to learn or improve your banjo skills Kelvin can help.

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Karl May 7, 2018
Photography · Online

Very pleasant , very intuitive , and very encouraging. He cares and tries hard to accommodate and customize his teaching.

Karl May 1, 2018
Photography · Online

Kelvin is knowledgeable, patient, and has a good grasp of the subject. He communicates well and generates enthusiasm. His style motivates a great deal of interest. We developed a very good rap-ore

Aaron M. Apr 24, 2018
Mandarin Chinese · Online

PADMINI K. Mar 8, 2018
Photography · Online

Carla Mar 7, 2018
Cello · Online

There were scheduling issues due to system glitches. However, Kelvin is very patient and worked with me to make sure my lesson took place. I’m so glad he was able to accommodate my schedule because I really enjoyed my lesson.

Darryl Feb 27, 2018
Classical Piano · Online

Joseph Feb 14, 2018
Violin · In studio

Is helping to teach musical theory to my son. Very good

David A. Feb 14, 2018
Violin · Online

Fantastic teacher!

David A. Feb 9, 2018
Violin · Online

Arthur Feb 5, 2018
Violin · In studio

Very Good with my son who has ADD

Mary L. Jan 18, 2018
Piano · In home

Nice job

Mike Jan 6, 2018
Banjo · In studio

Great teacher!

Dennis Oct 30, 2017
Mandarin Chinese · In studio

I had my first lesson with Kelvin and it was very good. Kelvin made me feel very comfortable and we focused on the various tones used in learning and speaking Mandarin. I look forward to my next class this coming weekend.

Bill S. Oct 17, 2017
Mandarin Chinese · In home

Great start. No doubt a professional instructor. Looking forward to learn.

Kevin B. Oct 10, 2017
Drawing · Online

Excellent teacher!

Kevin B. Oct 9, 2017
Drawing · Online

Very clear and patient.
A teacher!

Missy H. Oct 4, 2017
Cello · Online

Ok apart from a blury connection

Missy H. Sep 20, 2017
Cello · Online

There was a delay of about 10 seconds, but everything else was amazing

Jackie H. Sep 13, 2017
Viola · Online

The audio and video were fuzzy at times, so he did not always know what Kelvin was asking him to that is the missing star. Other than that he enjoyed the lesson very much.

Ravi Aug 29, 2017
Oil Painting · Online

I think personal face - face classes for painting would help better than online.

Timothy Aug 24, 2017
Adobe Photoshop · Online

Kelvin had a great personality and is very knowledgeable. In the first lesson, he showed what was possible in Photoshop and Lightroom.

david Aug 22, 2017
Origami · Online

I feel misled.

Patricia Aug 16, 2017
Classical Piano · Online

Kelvin is excellent.

Jaden F. Aug 14, 2017
Drawing · In studio

Enjoyed immensely! Kelvin is talented, energetic, experienced and very encouraging!

Jack E. Aug 11, 2017
Mandolin · Online

Maxim L. Jul 10, 2017
Piano · In studio

My son just completed 3 piano lessons with kelvin. He is enjoying his lessons so far. Kelvin is patient and very talented. He is very knowledgeable in all music. I am very excited to have found him and looking forward to working with him for many years.

Jayden Jun 13, 2017
Tennis · In studio

Very pleasant 1st time meeting and great tennis lesson with my son. Excellent style for teaching my 14 year old.

Maryan Jun 11, 2017
Cello · In studio

Good lesson today

Angelus P. Apr 30, 2017
Violin · In home

He is very patient with me. Thank you.

Joe Mar 8, 2017
Watercolor Painting · In studio

Friendly, engaging, supportive...look forward to future lessons.

Patrick F. Jan 28, 2017
Guitar · In home

Kelvin is very personable and truthfully critiques your skill based on the level you should be at. I look forward to the class sessions and enjoy practicing what I'm being taught.

Maria H. Jan 27, 2017
Cello · Online

Was not the match for me.

Christopher A. Jan 15, 2017
Violin · Online

Our first lesson was amazing. He is very kind and patient and has a great personality. We are excited to have found him and can't wait for next weeks lesson

Christopher A. Jan 15, 2017
Violin · Online

Our first lesson was amazing. He is very kind and patient and has a great personality. We are excited to have found him and can't wait for next weeks lesson

Tina Jan 15, 2017
Violin · Online

nnkk Dec 17, 2016
Adobe Lightroom · In studio


Daniel Dec 13, 2016
Cello · In home

We loved our first lesson! And our son really liked Kelvin. He made him feel excited and enthusiastic to learn more cello and to improve.

Madison Nov 10, 2016
Violin · Online

Kelvin was very helpful and encouraging.

Julianne S. Nov 1, 2016
Violin · Online

Had a great 1st lesson with Kelvin. My daughter was happy with the lesson. Kelvin gave great direction on what she needs to work on.

Joe G. Oct 24, 2016
Banjo · In studio

We had a lot of fun.

Jack E. Oct 14, 2016
Mandolin · Online

Kelvin has a great way of getting the most out of my playing and inspires me to do better. Very encouraging, very enjoyable!

Jasmine Powell Sep 20, 2016
Drawing · In studio

I have really enjoyed my drawing lessons with Kelvin! He is very detailed in his instruction and ensures that his students learn the essential skills necessary to become good drawers. He is very encouraging and honest in his feedback. I appreciate his transparency when critiquing my work. I need to hear the truth in order to get better. When I draw something that he is astounded by, I will know that I have truly earned his respect. My lessons fly by because we're having such a good time. I'm enjoying the journey.

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Jack E. Sep 2, 2016
Mandolin · Online

Kelvin is a talented, caring and effective teacher, able to spot technical, as well as musical, errors online. It has been a pleasure to take lessons from him - and I have progressed well beyond my expectations thanks to his expertise. I highly recommend him.

Show More
Melissa T. Aug 19, 2016
Violin · Online

Kelvin did it again! He supported and prepared my son for his orchestra audition. Nicholas was accepted into the Metropolitan Youth Symphony Orchestra for the third year in a row. Kelvin has helped him to achieve this goal each time. Thanks Kelvin for being such a great instructor and truly investing in my son.

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Kevin O. Jul 11, 2016
SEO · Online

Kelvin was a nice guy but not very good at listening. You can tell he is probably good at SEO, but is more geared towards giving multiple lessons, because he will not answer any questions if its not in the order he is teaching. Being a teacher myself, you have to LISTEN to the person paying for the lesson. You should not tell a paying customer that you wont answer a question because you will get to that at a later time in a different lesson. Some people, like myself understand many aspects of SEO already, and just need to ask some questions to learn new things to try.

Kelvin did give me a couple very good tips I will implement.

You could be a very good teacher my friend, just listen more

Show More
Jason May 12, 2016
Composition · In studio

Kelvin is an extremely knowledgeable musician with a great teaching style.

Susan G. Apr 9, 2016
Mandolin · Online

Kelvin is a very patient teacher! I knew absolutely nothing about mandolin or music and Kelvin has helped with that. I have a long way to go but, with Kelvins help I believe I can get there!
I highly recommend Kelvin!!!!!

Juan F. Mar 22, 2016
Piano · In studio

When we were looking for a piano teacher for our 13yo daughter we were looking for someone who could also help her out with her church music as she is the "organist" during school masses. Kelvin was more than willing to do so. She has learned more in four lessons with Kelvin than she did in more than two years with a another teacher. Kelvin is very patient and makes each lesson fun. At the same time he is demanding without being strict. We are all very pleased with Kelvin's method of teaching. We highly recommend him.

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Zilu Y. Mar 6, 2016
Cello · Online

The class is great.

Eva Mar 1, 2016
Cello · Online

Kelvin narrows in on exactly what needs work. He is great to work with and I'm looking forward to practicing with his advice and my next lesson.

Angie B. Feb 27, 2016
Archery · In studio

My first meeting with Kelvin was great! He is very knowledgeable and makes the learning experience fun. Thanks Kelvin, I look forward to the next lesson!

Sahar Feb 22, 2016
Violin · In studio

Kelvin is an outstanding musician and seems to be able to play practically every instrument in existence. He is very knowledgable about all music and the best way to play each piece.

Richard K. Feb 21, 2016
Banjo · In studio

Great Kelvin made my lesson fun learning the forward and back roll. Can't wait for my next lesson. Got to go, practice time.

Stacey M. Feb 19, 2016
Piano · In home

We were very fortunate to find Mr. Kelvin. My son has taken piano lessons with him for 2 years now and I am very impressed with what he has learned in that short time. I think Mr. Kelvin is encouraging, kind, strict, and expects him to always do his best. These characteristics of his, is a perfect combination that has motivated my son to learn and enjoy his lessons.

Show More
Dan G. Feb 17, 2016
Mandolin · In studio

Mr. Lin was/is fantastic. I have absolutely no musical background and I left the first class even more excited about learning than when I arrive. Mr. Lin stressed the basics and insured that the topics covered were well reinforced. His teaching style is VERY user friendly while still maintaining a professional learning environment. Maybe if I had a teacher Like Mr. Lin when I was in Jr. High, I would have stuck with music. Instead I have waited over 40 years, but it would seem that scoring a teacher like Mr. Lin was worth the wait.

Show More
Marina Z. Feb 17, 2016
Cello · In studio

So far so good! (3 lessons) Kelvin is patient and a good listener.

Gem Elliott Feb 12, 2016
Guitar · In home

I purchased 5 lessons for my better half to see if she'd like the instructor. Went for our first meeting during a snowstorm and he was very nice but spent way too much time talking about non guitar related stuff and conversated with me as much as my better half. In any case there were some scheduling issues due to him going to China and later saying he could not do Saturdays all the time which was fine. We scheduled some more sessions. TakeLessons policy for cancellations is 24 hours and that's what he told us while we were there. This cancellation policy was also reflected as 24 hours on his page on TakeLessons. After speaking with a TakeLessons representative (Michael), according to the rep, Kelvin was supposed to have us sign a 48 hour cancellation policy and he never did. As a matter of fact during our first session he said the cancellation was 24 hours himself. Due to another situation we cancelled our next session within the 24 hour cancellation window. We were charged for it and told by him that his cancellation policy was 48 hours and that he had told us this in advance. This was false. I'm disappointed with both Kelvin (who I might add may truly believe that he informed us of his personal policy) and TakeLessons. TakeLessons representative Michael called me and left a message stating that he spoke to Kelvin and because Kelvin said we were informed of the 48 hour policy that they could not do anything about it. Not sure why it's worth lying over $40 but I figure he truly believes that he told us of his policies but he did not. What is more disappointing is that the TakeLessons rep Michael told me that Kelvin made clients sign the 48 hour cancellation policy as a requirement and he never did. Hence he has no record of one. You would think this would automatically be a clear indication that something was not right but they just chose to take his word for it over ours. In any case, buyer beware of dishonestly by Kelvin and operational ineptitude by TakeLessons to implement systems in place to make sure the buyer is protected as well.

Show More
Heather R. Feb 3, 2016
Drawing · In studio

Kelvin is very patient. He helped my son get rid of his mental block, and he is very comfortable with drawing now. He is a great teacher!

Julie W. Jan 6, 2016
Violin · In studio

I was very excited to be taking lessons, I played when I was a little girl, & my husband knew this & bought me a violin for Christmas so I could play again... but I was nervous if I would be able to learn since I'm not young! Mr Lin is a great teacher, he is very patient, & made me feel very comfortable... and I'm teachable! Yeah! I did good... I'm going to keep practicing, and can't wait for my next lesson!

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Perry Adkins Jan 4, 2016
Piano · Online

As an older beginner, Kelvin made me very comfortable. Looking forward to our next lesson.

Scott L. Dec 30, 2015
Viola · Online

Very enthusiastic and helpful. Encouraging and engaging.

Logan N. Oct 30, 2015
Violin · Online

I have studied violin with Kelvin for over a year, and have had an amazing experience being able to learn from one of the best violinists I have ever met. He is incredibly patient and kind, and has taken my playing to a whole new level. Highly recommended. Truly a one of a kind teacher.

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Robert S. Oct 19, 2015
Piano · In studio

I have been studying with Kelvin for 2 and 1/2 years. I chose him because he was the highest rated teacher in my area. The rating is well deserved. I have found him to be an excellent teacher: patient, respectful, encouraging and extremely knowledgeable. I am well satisfied with my progress, especially since I had no prior musical instruction and yet was ambitious enough to take up the piano at the age of 67. I expect to continue with Kelvin for the foreseeable future, as I have not yet found the limit of what I can do.

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Leslie H. Oct 9, 2015
Origami · Online

great first lesson!

Maria G. Sep 14, 2015
Adobe Photoshop · In home

AWESOME!!, AWESOME!!!! Great teacher, takes his time and goes at your own pace. I will continue taking my lessons with Kelvin.

Ken K. Aug 11, 2015
Violin · In studio

Kelvin is the best instructor for music that i have ever had. he is very nice and welcoming for any student.

Austin Jul 23, 2015
Piano · In home

My son had a great first lesson. We are excited for next week.

Holly Mills Jul 21, 2015
Violin · Online

Kelvin is a very good teacher always trying to meet students where they are.

Brian F. Jul 9, 2015
Viola · Online

I had a great first lesson with Kelvin! He's fast and efficient and knows how to maximize the online time slot! This is gonna be fun!!!

Jeff G. Jul 8, 2015
Violin · Online

Kelvin is an awesome teacher. I wanted to learn to play by ear, because that's the way I learned to play the guitar. I had been looking for a teacher for several weeks, and after contacting several teachers, most of them didn't respond. The one who did respond refused to teach me without sheet music. I was about to give up the whole idea of playing, but Kelvin took me on and has developed a method of teaching me without the burden of having to learn to read sheet music. My playing has improved with only four lessons! I highly recommend him as a teacher!

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Jeff C. Jul 8, 2015
Violin · In home

First Lesson went great. Kelvin is very encouraging. The amount of things we covered in the first lesson seemed appropriate. Not an overwhelming amount of info, but enough to keep me busy practicing until the next lesson.

Alyssa N. Jul 6, 2015
Cello · Online

Our experience has been excellent. Kelvin's lessons are a challenging supplement to my son's school orchestra program. We also appreciate Kelvin's quick response to email and accommodating a few short notice notice schedule changes. My son enjoys his weekly Skype lesson and seems to be making great progress. We highly recommend Kelvin Lin.

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Kafi T. Jul 6, 2015
Guitar · In studio

I bought guitar lessons as a Christmas present for my Dad and he loved his lessons from Kelvin! He said Kelvin was a great teacher and catered the lesson perfectly for my Dad's level and what he wanted to get out of the lessons.

Laura P. Jul 1, 2015
Video Production · In studio

My 13 yo niece took video editing/production lessons from Kelvin. He kept her interested & engaged. He explained things well & in a way that she could clearly understand. She was eager to do the homework he gave her and to go to the next class. I recommend Kelvin highly. He's a fantastic teacher.

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Heydi H. Jun 30, 2015
Violin · In home

We are very fortunate to have Kelvin as our daughter's violin teacher. He makes learning fun and interesting. She looks forward to her lessons. He's very energetic and is able to keep her focused. We appreciate that he's very patient and addresses any concerns she may be having with her music.

Show More
Erika K. Jun 30, 2015
Piano · In studio

Mr. Kelvin began teaching my daughter when she was 4 yrs old...a year later she is able to recite notes and integrate and apply her knowledge of music theory to her music pieces. Mr. Kelvin is very enthusiastic every practice, but most importantly he is VERY patient and adaptable to my young daughter's mood...especially for a 5yr old who has a small attention span.

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Alex Z. Jun 23, 2015
Piano · In studio

Very good!

Taeyup Kim Jun 19, 2015
Mandarin Chinese · Online

Kelvin was very kind and supportive of what I wanted to accomplish. I look forward to continuing on my Chinese lessons with him.

Alison G. Jun 17, 2015
Violin · Online

Kelvin is amazing! Very patient and he really helps me feel comfortable and confident that I can master playing the Violin in no time! Thanks to him, I'm constantly improving and learning how to play the RIGHT way!

Sofia A. Jun 15, 2015
Cello · In studio

Great instructor and teaching method. Gave my 11 year old lots of confidence.

Lorela Q. May 21, 2015
Piano · In studio

Mr. Kelvin is very professional. He is teaching my 3 kids with different approach uniquely designed on their age level. My kids love him and they enjoy every lesson.

Samuel J. May 12, 2015
Drawing · In studio

Kevin is helping our son with drawing skills and the improvement is outstanding! Excellent teacher and just what our son was looking for

Heather R. Apr 15, 2015
Drawing · In home

Son very happy!

Anna S. Mar 24, 2015
Banjo · Online

Kelvin is so great at catering to each students needs and keeping the lessons light and fun. He is so full of fun stories and encouragement as well as being a magnificent teacher.

Yasser M. Mar 22, 2015
Mandolin · Online

Instructor with vast experience, I really enjoy learning from him

Yasser M. Mar 8, 2015
Mandolin · Online

Outstanding, quite talented instructor with very broad experience

Kui H. Jan 6, 2015
Violin · In studio

Mr. Kelvin is a passionate musician, best that I've known. His lessons are not boring and always go by in a flash. He is good at identifying problems that needs correction and he will point them out consistently until rectified. Highly recommended if you are looking for a teacher to give you pointers to bring your music up a notch!

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Heather B. Dec 31, 2014
Adobe Lightroom · Online

Mr. Kelvin demystifies Lightroom and the layering process. He has taught me how to edit with ease. He makes sure you understand what he has done before moving on and is generous with his time when you have questions. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, Kelvin moves at YOUR pace and does not move on until you fully understand the task at hand. I will continue classes with Mr. Kelvin for the foreseeable future. He is a pleasure to work with. He is a very intelligent, kind and understanding mentor. I would recommend him to anyone. :)

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Jack E. Dec 26, 2014
Mandolin · Online

Kelvin is an accomplished and effective teacher who makes online lessons both enjoyable and stimulating. He quickly spots bad tendencies so that they can be corrected early in the process and thus prevent future problems. Kelvin is personable, professional and knows what he's talking about. I look forward to each lesson to see what the next challenge will be and to get to spend time with Kelvin.

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Hong Z. Dec 6, 2014
Piano · In studio

Mr. Kelvin is a very skillful musician and a passionate teacher. Just a couple of months into learning piano, the 30 minute weekly lesson at Mr. Kelvin's studio became a fun activity my 5 year old daughter is enjoying every week. I can tell that she is having fun every time at Mr. Kelvin's studio, and she just loves learning piano there.

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Sebastian N. Sep 20, 2014
Violin · In studio

Very good teacher, with a lots of compassion.Mr. Kelvin is paying attention to details which makes my daughter better violin player.

Melissa T. Sep 2, 2014
Violin · Online

Kudos to Kelvin! He played an integral part in preparing Nick for his audition with the Metropolitan Youth Symphony Orchestra in Atlanta. The best part is that Nick passed the audition and will be joining the orchestra later this month. Kelvin and Nick have a great connection. He truly supports my son's love of music.

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Tim C. Aug 13, 2014
Violin · Online

He's very helpful

Justin R. Jul 11, 2014
Mandarin Chinese · Online

I was ready to get my money back until Take Lesson set me up with this teacher. He is amazing. So interested in the students life and takes the time to structure the lessons around what the student is interested in. Truly an amazing teacher.

Kristin O. May 13, 2014
Violin ·

A real professional

Kelvin is an amazing teacher whose love for music truly shows. His knowledge is beyond the normal music instructor and shows when organizing all my kids in the living room to play music together. It's a real treat to hear them all working together!

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Alexis Z. Apr 18, 2014
Violin ·

Mr. Kelvin is amazing!

Mr. Kelvin is an amazing guy. He teaches in depth, and the classes were very flexible and insightful. I was inspired by his passion of music, knowledgeable techniques, and his enthusiasm. Violin is a powerful instrument and I want to learn as he'll teach me. There's quality in his teachings, and I if you choose Mr. Kelvin, you can trust that you'll learn good habits and have encouragement every step of the way. I couldn't have chose better.

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Dawn A. Apr 18, 2014
Violin ·

Wonderful teacher

Kelvin has been an excellent instructor for our daughter. He is articulate in a friendly and informative way. She enjoys her online lessons with Kelvin and has improved her technique within months. He has discovered and adjusted the unhelpful habits that she has developed over years of study. The improved quality of her playing has not only lifted her confidence and inspired her to keep practicing, but it has been recognized by other instructors as well.
Thank you Kelvin!

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Melissa T. Apr 13, 2014
Violin ·

Tremendous improvement in technique

Kelvin is a tremendously gifted musician and instructor. He has increased my level of confidence. He continues to push me to my fullest potential. His lessons are very thorough. I most appreciate the encouragement he gives me to use my talent. He is both patient and kind. I recommend him highly.

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Derek V. Dec 14, 2013
Violin ·

Simply an amazing teacher

I've always wanted to play Violin but was always intimidated by the instrument, especially when I finally bought one and picked it up for the first time.

My intimidation went away when I started taking lessons with Kelvin.

Kelvin provided all of the necessary steps and guidelines along the way from my first note to my first song and did it with many examples that I can perfectly relate to.
He keeps things simple yet very complex at the same time.
The way he teaches is very easy to understand.
He can instantly notice a mistake if I've made one and he is able to correct it easily.

And through all of this, every lesson I take with him is very fun and exciting.
Kelvin is truly a professional and it is wonderful to be able to learn to play violin from him.

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Robert S. Dec 2, 2013
Piano ·

I Would Recommend Kelvin to Anyone

I am 67 and never had music lessons before. I’ve been studying the piano with Kelvin for about 7 months now. I think Kelvin is a good teacher because:

- He never says “that’s good enough.” He has high standards and if there is anything lacking in my performance, he makes sure I know what it is.

- He is very encouraging, and when he tells me I’ve finally got a piece right, I know that means something.

- He is always pushing me to do a little better. (Not too pushy though.)

- He is very good about correcting my technique and explaining why things are done a certain way.

I intend to continue lessons with Kelvin for the foreseeable future; and I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a music teacher.

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Sylvia M. Dec 1, 2013
Piano ·

An excellent and talented piano teacher and musician

Kelvin has been providing lessons in our home for a few months. He is punctual and extremely professional. My teen stopped taking lessons for a couple of years but has enjoyed picking up this instrument again because of this teacher. Thank you!

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Robin N. Nov 21, 2013
Violin ·

Online Violin

Mr. Kelvin is a wonderful teacher. His patience and expertise with younger children is such as asset. We would highly recommened him!

Lisa L. Nov 12, 2013
Piano ·

Each lesson with Kelvin is fun and upbeat.

Although many miles apart, Kelvin has fostered a productive, professional relationship with both me and my 8 year old daughter. His ability to connect with her via Skype is a testament to his experience and good-nature. Kelvin praises her smallest achievements at every lesson and encourages her to excel. He teaches her to think beyond the notes on the page and takes every opportunity to make learning an instrument relevant to the real world. Each lesson is fun and upbeat. He is committed to her success and we are very lucky to have such a dedicated teacher.

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James M. Nov 6, 2013
Fiddle ·

Kelvin Rocks

I have been study with Kelvin for almost 6 and half years, I am glad found an excellent instruction by a very professional teacher.but be ready to learn more than just Music. and be ready to be more successful in your everyday life oh and I have been to other music teachers. they don't compare..
Thank you Kelvin! you have made me become a great fiddler!

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Jennifer L. Jul 22, 2013
Piano ·

A wonderful experience

My daughter is 14 years old, is on the lower end of intermediate ability for piano and has a background in clarinet. Kelvin was wonderful. A great all around teacher. From technique to conveying confidence to teaching you how to convey your emotion through your music, Kelvin does it all. What a wonderful teacher!

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Pam S. Mar 26, 2013
Violin ·

Great pleasure working with Kelvin

Kelvin is not only an amazing, kind-hearted, smart and trustworthy person but he is also one of the best musicians I have seen around the Chicago area. I have been in the music business for most of my life having taken many violin and piano lessons from different people and Kelvin has to be the most patient musician I have collaborated with yet. I recommend Kelvin to anyone looking to learn to play music - young - and - old. He is extremely passionate about music and continuously never fails to inspire me.

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Carol L. Mar 26, 2013
Fiddle ·

The most honest and straightforward teacher

Kelvin's unparalleled enthusiasm for life and music shines through in his playing and teaching style. He shows a strong proficiency in many different styles and on multiple instruments.

He's reliable, experienced, professional, and a great guy all around. One of Kelvin's main strengths is his ability to convey a given subject matter in a way that is meaningful, constructive and easily understood.

I'm also a music teacher (private lessons and in the classroom) as well as a professional performer. I've found it to be a great pleasure working with Kelvin and I would strongly recommend him as a teacher and a performer.

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Mark K. Mar 26, 2013
Violin ·

Amazing teacher

Kelvin is a great teacher. He has a hands-on teaching style integrated with little bits of music theory. Also, he gives you constructive criticism on your originals that doesn't insult your artistic style, but rather works with it. When I first found Kelvin, I told him I wanted to learn an array of instruments so I can understand the workings of a orchestra before I assemble one of my own, and he was in full support of it! Over the course of several lessons, we've listened to several CDs and analyzed the arrangements listening for the entrance of different instruments that add complexity and depth to the music. Kelvin is the ideal teacher for learning the general concepts behind building a song, and learning specifics within songwriting. Assuming you dedicate enough time to your music between lessons, Taking lessons with Kelvin has been the best investment yet on my musical journey.

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Rochelle H. Mar 22, 2013
Violin ·

Professional, Knowledgeable and Great Educator

Kelvin is an excellent violin teacher. The violin lessons are professional and educational as well as fun easy and exciting. When Kelvin perceive something that needs to be corrected or something that I need to work on, he does it with such helpful analogies and simple instructions that it is easy for me to work on my skills and correct the problem. After each lesson, I always leave with more violin knowledge and techniques than I came with. Kelvin's way of teaching has helped me develop and improve my skills as well as giving me a good solid foundation as I continue my journey on mastering the violin.

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Cindy N. Feb 3, 2013
Violin ·

A great educator and learning enviroment

All two of daughters take violin lessons from Kelvin. He's been a wonderful addition to the community. He has a great level of patience and natural way of connecting with young children.
The girls also enjoy the community aspect of Kevin's program as well as the opportunity to perform the pieces of music that they work so hard on mastering.
They both made into Chicago youth symphony last year.

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Anita S. Feb 1, 2013
Violin ·

A wonderful teacher who cares his students

I have been taking violin lesson with Kelvin for ten years sister also studied with him since she was 7 years her full scholarship at Indiana university with music major.
He is very professional, great communication, very patient and very encouraging
Highly Recommended!

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Janet S. Jan 29, 2013
Piano ·

A great instrument to express a emotion

A well self explanatory teacher I am enjoying the lessons looking forward to become a pro in piano.


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