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Kelly Jenkins

Kelly J.

Peabody, MA

About Kelly J.

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Kelly teaches: Ages 3 and up
Teaching since: 2007
Last sign in: Today


Hi, I'm Kelly and I love teaching students to love music! I've been teaching private piano students for nine years, and have taught more than 200 kids and adults. My goal is to help my students explore their own personal gift of music - because we each have one! Whether your dream is to become a concert pianist, a pop music pro or play the Stars Wars theme song, I'll coach you to get there! Along the way, we'll have lots of fun learning through music that you get to choose and come to love. I look forward to meeting you!


Private piano teacher

Jun 2007 - Present
Gift of Music Piano lessons

I've been teaching private piano students since 2007, teaching 50 students per week for most of that time. I've taught students anywhere from 3 years old up to adults in their 50's. My passion is to help each student develop their own love of music, and find the style of musical expression that fits them best. I encourage students to help choose the music that they want to play, and work to find songs that are fun and engaging at every level. Along the way, I teach a solid foundation of music theory, music history, ear training, sight reading, accompanying, improvisation and basic composition.

Each year, the students participate in at least one recital, with a chance to share their hard earned skills with friends and family. At various times, I've also had students share music with retirement homes and elderly people around the holidays, and also taken students and their families on field trips to local symphony performances.

Music Teacher

Sep 2002 - Jun 2012
Montessori Children's House

I taught group music classes at the Montessori Elementary school, using hand chimes (similar to handbells). The students learned to read music, proper counting, and the coordination and cooperation skills needed to play in an ensemble setting. The students participated in two performances each year, sharing their musical skills with friends and family.

Music Teacher

Sep 2001 - Jun 2005
Corcoran Ranch Montessori School

I taught a group music class to middle school students using hand chimes (similar to handbells). The students learned music reading and complicated rhythm counting for complex songs, as well as the skills of playing as part of an ensemble. They partcipated in two performances a year.


Music history and theory

May 2002 - Present
Ongoing independent study

Classical Piano

Sep 2000 - Feb 2001
Private piano lesson - Cinncinati Conservatory Teacher

Classical Piano

Apr 1987 - Jun 1998
Private lesson
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16 Reviews on Kelly J.

Francesco Sep 22, 2016
Piano · In home
Verified Student
Kelly is fantastic! My 6 year old son loved his lesson and is excited for his next one!!
Ella Sep 7, 2016
Piano · In studio
Verified Student
First lesson was great, my daughter loved Kelly and wanted to start practicing the minute we got home from the lesson!
Joseph Li Aug 10, 2016
Piano · In home
Verified Student
Excellent piano teacher. Very patient and full of encouragement. I am very happy and lucky having her as my piano teacher.
Abby Jun 29, 2016
Piano · In studio
Kelly is an amazing piano teacher. As a beginner, she has been very understanding about my level of experience and how fast or slow I learn. Every week, we review what I learned the previous week and work on the fluidity of each piece. She makes sure not to overwhelm me with too many pieces or exercises to practice. In the past two months, I have learned so much about playing the piano. It becomes less complicated to learn when someone as patient as Kelly is teaching you.
Daughter B. Jun 24, 2016
Piano · In home
Verified Student
Kelly is very patient and thorough. Watching my daughter blossom into a piano player is very rewarding. Kelly is excellent with kids!
Jill O. May 25, 2016
Piano · In home
Verified Student
Kelly was very kind and very patient...enjoyed her very much
Isabella S. May 14, 2016
Piano · In studio
Verified Student
Wonderful 1st time experience. We think it's a great fit! Thanks Ms. Kelly!
Lucille Allan Mar 9, 2016
Piano · In home
Kelly will bring her love of music to every lesson. Her enthusiasm is contagious and very motivating for her students. She is always 100% present in mind, body and soul for her lessons and considers her students an extended family. Kelly tailers her lessons to suit her students age, personality, ability and lifestyle. Kelly will challenge her students and teach them to love and appreciate music. My daughter grew to love Kelly and she has become a lifelong friend.
Stacy Mar 8, 2016
Piano · In home
When three different people tell you they have the best piano teacher in the world and it ends up that they all take from the same teacher, you tend to listen. That is how we came to find Kelly Jenkins (Miss Kelly) when we moved to a new area. Her business card said “Gift of Music Piano Lessons” and spoke of developing each child’s individual gift for music. One friend confirmed this claim and commented how her children actually wanted to practice for Miss Kelly. That seemed a bit hard to believe at first. But in the three years we were blessed to learn from Miss Kelly, we found this to be true—not only for my son and daughter that took piano lessons from her, but for my younger children who got excited about music and piano from watching their older siblings and being cared about by Miss Kelly.

Miss Kelly has an excellent knowledge of music—both performance and theory. But more importantly for a teacher, she is able to convey that knowledge in a positive, effectual way. Perhaps this is due in part to being the oldest of ten children. But from whatever source, she is able to teach and correct in a way that leaves the learner feeling empowered, not diminished. She is very friendly, professional, and respectful. We were looking for a teaching experience that was not overly stringent but that would develop a solid musical foundation for a lifetime of music love and service. We are very happy with Miss Kelly’s ability to provide that.

Needless to say, when Miss Kelly moved, we were sad to see her go. Yet we are still able to maintain a friendship—even across the country. We have even been blessed to hire her, on occasion, as a consultant when music questions have arisen that we knew she could help with.

In short, we highly recommend Miss Kelly.
Cathy Mar 1, 2016
Piano · In home
I met Kelly Jenkins several years ago when she became my children's piano teacher. For several years she taught my three youngest children--who had very different needs and interests--with skill, compassion, and enthusiasm. My youngest was a beginning piano student, my son was slightly more advanced but quirky with special needs, and my older teen daughter was a singer who wanted to improve her understanding of music theory and challenge herself through piano study.

One of Kelly's finest traits is her ability to understand, respect, and nurture individuals based on their needs and interests. She didn't teach piano--she taught children. She didn't come with a specific set of piano books that each child needed to work through. She came with many ideas, a listening ear, and positive reinforcement. My children not only liked Kelly, they LOVED her and knew she loved them back.

Kelly helped my children select music that interested yet challenged them. She organized recitals, then thoroughly prepared my children so they had successful performing experiences. This included teaching them how to bow, giving them opportunities to perform in the recital location before the audience arrived, and offering lavish praise afterwards. She also gave my children vision by exposing them to more advanced students, including professional musicians.

Over the years that Kelly came to our home (did I mention she came to us?! What a blessing for me, a busy mom!), she was always professional and friendly. She was on time and rarely cancelled lessons. If she needed to cancel, she did so ahead of time and offered alternate arrangements. She kept me apprised of my children's progress, or lack thereof, so I could better support their efforts.

Kelly went beyond being a piano teacher. She was a MUSICAL MENTOR for my children. She sought to understand, respect, and nurture each child based on his or her need, skills, and interests. For the children she teaches, Kelly would provide safe opportunities for individual growth and success, and encourage lots of fun in the process.

FYI--I met Kelly because of her piano skills, but her interests and skills are wide and varied: travel, culture, cooking, home improvement, jewelry making, dance, web design, small business development, retail, and child care. She has a keen and curious mind and is open to new experiences.