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San Francisco, CA

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Kathryn teaches: Ages 18 and up
Special needs
Teaching since: July 2001
Last sign in: Yesterday
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From the moment Kat was tall enough to reach the keys she made so much noise on her family’s piano that they eventually bought a kid-sized version to keep in her room. When Kat turned 7 her family got her the best present ever; lessons with an amazing piano teacher.

Kat also began to study flute several years later and soon realized that music was the life for her. She majored in music in both high school and college graduating with a BA in Music from St. Norbert College in DePere, Wisconsin.

Kat has had a very diverse career in music. From a full time private music teacher to the Musical Director of a Burning Man Opera, to the Section Leader for a Youth Orchestra, to the keyboard player in a Theatrical Heavy Metal Band, Kat is always thrilled to stretch her wings and try new things.

Kat has taught over 100 piano and flute students in her career. She currently resides in San Francisco, CA where she performs in two professional rock bands, works as the musical consultant for Blue Scorpion Dance Theater, and the composer for Wily West Productions, as well as continuing to teach private piano and flute lessons.

*** Lesson Details ***
I have a ridiculous sense of humor. I believe in stickers, high fives, and celebratory fist-bumps. And yes, that goes for the adults as well.

I always looked forward to my lessons because they were so fun, even if I knew I hadn't practiced enough. That is exactly what I try to create for every student I work with.

Besides the humor, I customize lesson plans to fit you. Not just the types of music you want to learn, but HOW you learn. My number one goal is that you completely understand what you are learning. I don’t mind in the least if I need to explain a new lesson 10 different ways – we will work together until you really get it! Understanding what you’re doing makes it so much more fun.

Have a favorite song stuck in your head, but the sheet music is still too hard? No problem. I’m happy to write the song out for you at your own level. I want you to enjoy yourself, and if that means Lady GaGa then I’m happy to oblige. I will probably stick Mozart in when you’re not looking just to make sure you’re learning a lot of different things, but that’s what teachers are for.

Of course we cover fundamentals and start with the basics. I typically incorporate music theory and ear training with your lessons as well . In 6 months on piano, with regular practice, you will be comfortably reading music and playing songs you enjoy with both hands AT THE SAME TIME! (Gasp!) On flute in 6 months you will also be able to read music comfortably, will no longer feel like you are about to drop the flute at any given moment, will have a solid range of notes and have a solid feeling of control while you play.

I look forward to sharing music with you!

*** Studio Equipment ***
living room, piano, seating for parents

*** Specialties ***
My number one goal is comprehension -to make sure that all of my students really understand what they are doing. I work very hard to ensure an atmosphere where all of my students - no matter their age - can feel comfortable to say "I don't understand".

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18 Reviews on Kathryn G.

Robb G. Feb 6, 2015
Piano · In home
Verified Student
Great instructor
Shawna T. Aug 24, 2014
Piano · In studio
Verified Student
Kat is great. She has a great balance if direct teaching and allowing the student to problem-solve and figure it out for themselves. She is lighthearted and supportive. I'm really enjoying my lessons with her!
joey, b. May 14, 2014
Patience & Skill Level

Kathryn consistently displays a compassion and patience in the lesson time. Her skill level is obviously very high, and I have found that often reduces the level of patience in those who take on teaching piano. Kathryn is a model of great care in this respect and the progress in her students shows it.
Mike T. May 14, 2014
Kat Cares!

Kat is a very caring and professional teacher who puts great effort into making learning piano fun & easy... Highly Recommend :)
NicoleD Mar 6, 2014
Creative Yet Classic

Kathryn has a classically trained background and music degree that can help provide a great foundation for study. She also writes and creates her own music, which means she can provide great instruction on music theory and improvisation, too. Great combination of classic and creative.
Morgan L. Mar 6, 2014
An Amazing Musician

Kathryn Gaudette is an incredibly talented artist in several areas of music. She also a compassionate, generous and deeply dedicated teacher.

Classically trained and educated Kathryn sings, composes, plays several instruments - including keyboard and flute & even does excellent sound design.

Her work with Wily West Productions, a cutting edge theatre company in San Francisco, is nothing short of phenomenal. Kathryn has created incidental music for several original plays, working with a variety of directors, to deliver
"just the right music" they need for their shows. She has composed countless pieces of music in a vast array of styles from classic waltzes to rockin' mania. She has been a musical director for us delivering several surprise performances from her expert coaching - not only from the actors/singer but from members of the band. Kathryn has
also crafted/created unique and compelling foley sounds for us live - and also for recordings that greatly enhanced our productions. But wait! There's more!

Kathryn has an awesome rock band, Sit Kitty Sit, that has toured across the country and regularly performs at some of the hottest musical spots in San Francisco.

Kathryn is an amazing music coach, not just because she knows her stuff, but because she is a naturally sweet and nurturing person who deeply cares about the people she is working with - plus she has a wicked sense of humor. So, whether you need some music written, or you want to learn to play an instrument, or polish that sonata, or rip up that rock tune - look no further than Kathryn Gaudette - she is spectacularly awesome. Your outlook on music and what is possible will never be the same!
MelissaC Mar 6, 2014
Gaudette Review

Kathryn is a great teacher. She is patient with her students, and likes to have fun. She is extremely talented and has so much to share with her students.
ElizabethR Mar 6, 2014
Piano Teacher Review

Both my children have been taking private piano lessons from Kat for about a year now. I chose Kat, because of her patience and personal attention.
I grew up forced to learn instruments and as a result, did not enjoy it. I wanted the opposite for my children. Kat has been able to make piano fun and interesting. She gives her full attention to my sons and chooses songs for them that are tailored to their needs and uses books just right for them to play from. I would recommend Kat if you want your child to explore and deepen their knowledge of music for life.
Suthee T. Mar 6, 2014
Verified Student
Considerate teaching style

Starting taking piano lesson at 74 !! Friends said "nuts." But I've got guts, and the teacher got patience and consideration - finding pieces that really interest me. Who knows, I'm just about mastering one piece by Chopin and one by Schumann.
ChloeB Mar 6, 2014
So much fun!

Kat is great to work with. She always makes lessons fun, even if I haven't practiced enough. I always walk away excited that I'm learning to play piano!