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Andrew teaches: Ages 5 and up
Teaching since: July 2008
Last sign in: Yesterday
Average response time: 15 hours


Music is my life. As cheesy as that phrase goes, for me, it holds true. I'm Andrew. Everything I do and have been doing has been geared towards music. I've been in one working/gigging band or other without break for the past 8 years. I began intensely learning to play guitar at the age of 9 and have not stopped. The second I started learning I knew that that was what I wanted to do. Fast forward to now, and here I am loving every minute of it. I took lessons of my own as a kid, which helped shape me greatly. I then picked up bass at the age of 13.
I've taught personalized lessons for over 5 years now without a single complaint. At this point in my musical career, the majority of my experience and attitude has come from being "in the field". I've played South By South West, Westheimer Block Party, opened up for bands like the Misfits and Rage Against the Machine, shared the stage with bands like The Wallflowers, Minus the Bear, and Echo and the Bunnymen, and been on tour and lived the whole life more often than not!
YOU can be an active musician. If you have the passion and desire. The first step though, is learning your instrument. Learning an instrument is something that stays with you for the rest of your life. It's an unfaltering companion that can benefit you in so many ways. I like to toss out the strict "teacher/student" regiment and create a laid back, fun, easy going atmosphere. I want to be buds and SHARE music with each other and introduce you into this world that I have grown to love so so much. There is nothing more rewarding. I promise. So let's get started!

*** Lesson Details ***
I am very laid back. Your progress is directly linked to you. I will give it my all to teach you and help you, but if you don't practice or soak it in, that's on you! I hate having a tense, seminar type lesson atmosphere. Lessons with me will be easy going and relaxed. I don't want to have to put on a sweater vest and wag my finger as a I scold you. That's just not me.
However, I DO expect you to get things done. Why waste your time with lessons if you're not going to take them seriously on any level? The curriculum will be totally personalized for YOU. After all, not everybody likes the same music and style. The first lesson or two will be getting a handle on exactly what YOU want to learn and what YOU want out of it. Finding out your favorite bands/artists, guitar players, bass players, etc. There's nothing worse than being taught something you have no desire for, but having it drilled into your head week after week! So whether that be blues, folk, metal, whatever, that's the first step. With that information I'll begin constructing and laying out the rest of your lesson plan.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Although I assume you have an instrument of your own (if not I recommend getting one, it sort of helps), if you're looking to just try things out at first I have more than a few extra that I'd be happy to let you use. My teaching studio doubles as a recording studio as well. This means 2 things: if ever you would like to record some of your music you know where to go! And also, I have the means to record the entire lesson if you'd like. You'll need to supply the blank CD(s) of course. It's not a requirement to record the lesson, just an option! Basically, I have everything you could ever possibly need for music lessons here. So you're set.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Guitars, amps, etc. anything that would be needed I've got!

*** Specialties ***
I am versed in blues, rock, metal, folk, hardcore, acoustic-finger-style and various other acoustic styles, and more. Through teaching and experience as a working musician I have mastered most genres and styles. When sitting at home jamming in my free time, I probably most frequently find myself playing acoustic finger-style, blues, folk, or hardcore!

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Lion Among Men's 2013 summer single "The Visitor"


English/Grammar Tutor Aug 2009 - Present

Music Instructor Jun 2009 - Present

Music Instructor Sep 2008 - Present

Sustained Working Musician Jan 2007 - Present
Lion Among Men

Touring, gigging, booking, promoting, etc.


BA (in progress) Philosophy Sep 2013 - Present
University of Houston
Associate of Arts - Bachelor's in Progress Sep 2010 - Present
AA Liberal Arts & Humanities Sep 2010 - May 2013

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English Fluent / Native Proficiency
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Take Lessons Certified Jun 2009
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Honorary Member of the National Society of Leadership and Success Sep 2014
National Society of Leadership and Success
Musical Artist of the Year - Houston Dec 2013
Raw:natural born artists
Nominated for Houston Press Best New Act May 2013
Houston Press
Honorary Member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars Oct 2011
National Society of Collegiate Scholars
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17 Reviews on Andrew D.

Janet I. Feb 27, 2015
Guitar · In studio
Verified Student
I’m a total guitar beginner and have been taking lessons with Andrew for about 6 months. He’s easy going, fun, encouraging and definitely talented. I have learned so much from him and with his guidance, I’m certain I will continue to progress. I’m glad I stumbled across him, great teacher.
Jill K. Nov 4, 2014
Guitar · In home
Verified Student
In the month that I have been taking lessons with Andrew I have progressed further than I have in a year of lessons with a different instructor.
Marianne V. Sep 7, 2014
Guitar · In studio
Verified Student
He is very knowledgeable and nice!
Joslyn J. May 7, 2014
Verified Student
Amazing teacher

Andrew is really an amazing guitarist and teacher. As a female, at first I was nervous to show up at a "random" male teacher's door, but he made me feel really comfortable right away. I feel I'm really progressing with him, more than I could ever have done on my own.
Thanks Andrew!
Adam A. Apr 6, 2014
Verified Student
Andrew is an incredibly knowledgable and talented teacher

Andrew impressed me from our very first lesson. He listened to what I wanted to get accomplished with my lessons and adapted to my requests and my skill level. His knowledge of music is just one of the things that makes him such a great teacher. His patience and enthusiasm also make him the perfect instructor!

I would highly recommend Andrew!
Ron B. Feb 28, 2014
Verified Student
If you have an opportunity to study with Andrew, take it.

Andrew is an exceptionally gifted teacher. He knows music through and through. He knows guitar forward and back. His command of music theory, the guitar and performance is so complete (so second-nature to him), he can direct his conscious attention entirely to the needs of the student, adapting his teaching methodology accordingly. And he does it with such ease and comity.

Every lesson I attended was relaxed, cordial, fun and packed with tips, expertise & insight.
Richard D. Dec 4, 2013
Andrew gets you excited about learning guitar

I really wanted to start learning an instrument and Andrew has thus far been an amazing teacher. He's fun to work with and as serious as you need him to be. He is very good at explaining how everything works and how to get things done. His relaxed, hands on teaching style makes the learning fun and progressive. Don't be fooled he is very adept at what he does. He can decipher exactly what notes are playing when he listens to a song. You will learn if you try and even if you cant find the time its still a wonderful experience, I would recommend anyone who wants to learn guitar at their own pace to shoot for this great teacher and cheerful personality.
Caleb S. Jul 31, 2013
Verified Student
Andrew is a great teacher.

I was very much a beginner when I started taking lessons with Andrew. He was extremely helpful, and catered the lessons to what I wanted to pursue musically. He always made the lessons fun, challenging, and interesting. I took lessons at his home studio. It was a very comfortable and welcoming environment. The only reason I'm not taking lessons with him anymore is because I'm moving. Overall, he's a great teacher and I would highly recommend him to people of any skill level.
Danny L. May 29, 2013
Verified Student
Great Teacher and inspirational

Andrew is a great teacher. I've been taking guitar lessons for a little over six months with him now and I have learned a lot. I started off only knowing the basic chords, bits and pieces of a few songs, and a little bit of music theory. Now I understand where chords come from (and what they compose of), scales, a couple of songs of my favorite songs, and a lot more music theory. My strumming has improved and my playing has gotten noticeably better.

Teaching style is very organized and structured to build each lesson upon another. It worked out really well for me because I made sure I practiced almost every night in the beginning. You also have your option to learn what you want (for instance if you want to learn a song, few licks, etc.). He will steer you in the right path.

Andrew as a person did not seem judgmental. I was a bit hesitant to play in front of him at first but I've learned to loosen up. He gives create constructive criticism.

I would recommend Andrew for any of my friends who wants to learn how to play guitar. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot. No regrets!
Erica F. Jan 24, 2013
Andrew was the absolute best

Andrew was the best guitar teacher i knew. I was a student of his for over 2 years. He was always reliable and knew how to make a good time out of it. I will always miss him (: