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North Brunswick, NJ

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James teaches: Ages 8 and up
Teaching since: January 1980
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I'm a trained Musician (Private Lessons) and have been Studying & Teaching for over 37 years. I've taught, Recorded & Played everywhere from small to Large venues from NJ, NY to CA and back. So you don"t just get the Lesson, You also get all that culture and experience along with it in every Lesson you take. I Guarantee you"ll learn more studying with me in one year, then with anyone else around. I Pride myself in giving my student 100% my undivided attention in every Lesson. All Lessons are done at UBG Music School which I am the Owner and Head Teacher at the School. The School is equipped with a Class A Recording Studio (which I incorporate into the Lessons) so you not only get a Great Lessons but you'll also get the experience of working and being recorded in a Professional Recording Studio. I do offer Lessons through Skype as well if for some reason it's more convenient for you. You will learn a lot in a very short period of time, but you will also have a lot fun doing it as well. For The person interested in learning Guitar I'll teach you to Understand that you'll Develop Correctly, and Much Faster By always practicing on the Acoustic Guitar, and then if you'd like to go and play or perform on the Electric Guitar, you'll be 100% Better as a Musician then if you just played only on the Electric Guitar. That is a Key element to what all the Professionals Musicians like myself do.
UBG Music School can be found online.
I also will give the Names & Phone Number of my Students as a Reference if you'd like to call them and ask them about their experience taking lessons from me. I Look forward to working with you to Help you attain the goals you set out to achieve.

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Jan 1994 - Present
Music Instructor

I am a Trained Musician who has been Playing, Studying, & Teaching for over 37 years. I'm Schooled through all Private lessons by many teachers and I have formulated my skills of teaching through a combination of rearranging what I've learned, to give it a more common sense approach to music and music theory. It's extremely important that the student have a clear overview, and maintains a organized perspective on how you Should think first, then apply it to the Instrument. One of the most important things is to keep the student inspired to reach their goals, keep it fun, but also help them to push beyond what they thought they could never achieve. I'm the Head Instructor for all the Lessons: Guitar/Singing/Songwriting/Bass/Drums & much more.


Trained Musician

Jan 1980 - Present
Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Jan 1975 - Present
Private lessons from teachers whom they them self were trained Musicians. You won't necessarily know their Names because in this Business it has a Lot to do with word of mouth, when it comes to teachers. Here are some of the people I studied with, Fortune Petri, Tony Scarpa (Guitar Lessons) Bill Riley, Kathy Schwartman (Vocal Lessons) Bob Ross (Music Theory) Lou Stallman (Songwriting Lessons) Big Noize Sound, RC Audio (Engineering, Live Sound, Mixing) Pulse Stage Lighting (Lighting Tech)

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Trained Musician

Jan 1979
Private Lessons

I am Trained Musician, all through Private Lessons from other Trained Musicians. I've been Training & Studying for 37 years, and I'm constantly working on improving every aspect of my Education so my Teaching Skills get better. I'm committed to being the best Teacher I can be to make the students experience fun and educational at the same time. I do all of my Lessons in my Class A Recording Studio so I can Incorporate it into the Lesson. This way it's much more then just a Lesson, it's the whole experience.

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69 Reviews on James R.

Joshua Aug 13, 2016
Singing · In studio
Verified Student
Jimmy is very locked in as an instructor.

I struggled with some of his instructions at first but he will push and guide you in the direction you need to go. With this guidance comes exercises physical as well as verbal. He will paint pictures so you understand your instrument better. Then use exercises so you can understand what those pictures actually are.

He understands all his crafts very well and wants you to be able to do the same.
Andrew Aug 10, 2016
Country Guitar · In home
Verified Student
I've only taken 5 lessons with Jimmy, but I have already learned more than a lot of my friends who have been playing guitar for years! I'm really grateful for all the help Jimmy has given me in such a short time!
walter Jul 27, 2016
Acoustic Guitar · In studio
The lessons I received were informative and useful to expand my playing of the guitar
Casey Jul 21, 2016
Harmonica · Online
Brand new music student learning harmonica. Jimmy has been great working with a new student having no background in music. He provides both music theory and simple to follow instructions for learning to play. Taking lessons online has not been an issue. Follow-up for each lesson is provided by email and Jimmy is very responsive to questions between lessons.

I'll continue taking lessons with Jimmy and expand to other instruments.
Susan Jul 7, 2016
Harmonica · Online
Verified Student
James was great! He clearly showed me some basic steps in learning how to play the Harmonica and I am looking forward to more lessons with him. He has a very pleasant and easy-going manner.
Cheryl Jun 28, 2016
Country Singing · Online
Verified Student
GREAT explaining! TY James
Doug May 16, 2016
Songwriting · In studio
I have been taking lessons with Jimmy for years now for music theory, acoustic guitar, singing, recording, and now songwriting. Its awesome to have all those options in one place. Jimmy has a lot of experience when it comes to writing songs and it shows in the way he teaches. He always shows excitement towards the new songs I bring to him, and encourages me to keep writing. He has taught me how easy it can be to create songs, while taking what he has taught me with music theory to push the song to the next level. The best part is when I decide I like a song, he has the ability to record it for me in his studio. This process of recording and listening to what you have created is invaluable. I always look forward to lessons with Jimmy and highly recommend him.
Anne May 9, 2016
Acoustic Guitar · In studio
I've been taking acoustic guitar lessons with Jimmy for a year and a half. When I started with Jimmy, I had no music theory background... none. I know I still have a lot more to learn, but now I am familiar with concepts including modes, constructing the diatonic major scale, sharps and flats, the circle of fourths and fifths... the list goes on. Jimmy has even guided me through transposing a chord progression. I could go on, but to summarize, because of Jimmy's teaching style, willingness to answer questions, and music knowledge, I now know a lot about how music works. :-)
Anthony R. May 9, 2016
Music Theory · Online
Verified Student
As Jim states on his bio, he teaches from age 8 and up. I'm one of his "up" students who's been playing guitar for a few years, but never took time to learn theory because I thought it was too confusing or difficult to learn. After being stuck in a rut for the past 30 years, I finally realized that I could be a guitar player, instead of just playing guitar, by understanding WHY I'm playing what I playing. I planned to take a few lessons to see how it would go. That was 4 months ago. Now when I pick up my guitar, I have a plan and am excited to learn more each week. Jim's approach to teaching theory makes it clear for anyone of any age or expertise. If you're young and want to learn the right way, Jim will teach you the right way. For us older folks, I found out you CAN teach an old dog new tricks... I highly recommend Jimmy!
Dave May 9, 2016
Songwriting · In studio
I have been taking songwriting with James for 4 months now. I have learned so much in that time. I still continue to grow my songwriting skills with his lessons. I would recommend James if you’re looking for songwriting lessons.
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