Gregory ValensLuv
South Park, PA
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Gregory ValensLuv

Gregory V.

South Park, PA
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Teaching Locations:
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Teaching Locations:
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Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio
Profile-location-home Student's Home
Levels taught:
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
I grew up listening to Country. I've explored all periods of it, including Bluegrass. I look forward to showing you what you are looking to be able to play.

About Gregory V.

Los Angeles native currently looking for New Students who are excited about taking that first step and beyond! The most direct & illustrious methods to unveiling one's musical dreams! Empathic & motivating instructor bringing out the best in you and quite possibly the unexpected! I teach Voice, Guitar, Piano, Ukulele, Music Theory & Songwriting.

I am a Singer, Guitarist, Keyboardist, Songwriter & Director of Voice & Music blessed to have worked with artists & group members of The Supremes, Prince, Motown, AIC, Beck, Black Crowes, P-Funk, Tom Petty & personal instructor to families of Rod Stewart, Casey Kasem, Earth Wind & Fire..

The most direct & illustrious methods to unveiling one's musical dreams.. I am easy to be around because I don’t judge anyone, yet can be extremely motivating. I tend to bring out the best and often unexpected aspects of music in my students.

A lesson with me is much more than working on your vocal or instrumental ability. We are going to pick the perfect song for you to work on while learning and becoming confident with the techniques. I want to make sure you not only sound great, but look like a confident performer whether you are onstage in front of thousands, or at your friends wedding to sing a song that you’re totally nervous about doing.

Depending on your goals or time line, I am pretty easy going and flexible esp. with emergencies should they arise, as long as we make it up within the month has been my policy from the beginning.

Within the first month you can expect to learn:

proper breathing & breath support
vocal placement / resonance
diction / vowel modification
bridging registers & 'the high note'
mixed voice
vocal health/maintaining your voice
touring, recording, performing
screaming and real rock singing
rhythmic singing
writing songs/melodies/lyrics to suit your vocal strengths
Mic Technique and
Pop Performance styles and techniques
Yoga for singers
ear training
music theory/ music knowledge
intonation / resonance
proper breathing & breath support
Interval training
Major scales in one octave
vocal placement
understanding chest / head voice
bridging registers & 'the high note'
vowels and modification techniques
screaming and rasp (properly)
Elizabeth Sabine Voice Strengthening Method

I’ll make certain you're working with the right guitar for you and your size, style etc.. I'll lower the action if the strings are too far from the neck, which is the case 99.9% of the time with nearly all guitars (making it hard to fret a note or barre.) We can even spend 20 min of the lesson changing the strings to one's more well-suited and this will be a necessary skill you will learn.
You will be given a step-by-step approach to learning the instrument as a whole, yet in a slow, considerate to your learning pace-fashion..You'll get into it.
I'll be giving you different warm-ups and exercises which induce strength & flexibility & knowledge & technique.
Learning songs or working on developing your own song ideas
Scales, modes, shapes and patterns and how to use them to improvise
How to play with soul and not sound sterile or mechanical.


I am not your typical piano teacher. I don't use a method book. We will learn to read music but primarily we will be communicating old school, learning how to use both hands on the piano and voice them in a way which looks and sounds like a pop/ rock/ R&B, gospel and blues piano player/ keyboardist and not a classical pianist. I was trained by a Motown musician and songwriter be versed in music as to be able to speak and communicate it as natural as a 2nd language! You will learn how to read and write chord charts, melodies and rhythms and have the ability to play songs & musical motifs in all 12 keys, improvising within the structure.

Soon you'll feel a new sense of limitlessness and power when practicing, playing and performing.

Many students have gone on to form their own groups and work with major artists around the world. Within the first few lessons, you'll be able to know your way around the keyboard, and as time goes on you'll be able to naturally play what you want. I specialize in Pop, Rock, R&B, Country Metal, Music Theater, Electronic & Gospel to name a few however nothing except for classical music is off limits. I have decades of experience teaching students of all ages and experience levels.

*** Travel Equipment ***
I can provide portable keyboard, acoustic or electric guitar, access to any songs online with a clear sounding wireless speaker, learning documents provided free to you along with copies of either digitally or via paper notepad or music sheets, etc..

ValensLuv Voice & Music - To connect with you on the path of discovering your musical dreams and guiding from an open, experienced mind so as to realizing your objectives and possibly bring forth the unexpected!


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31 Reviews
Profile-location-home Student's Home

Greg is a great teacher. Made me feel comfortable in my first lesson.

Posted Jul 14, 2021
Profile-location-home Student's Home

Gregory is a great instructor! He makes lessons fun and engaging for my 7 year old son. I’m impressed with how much he’s taught him! My son looks forward to his weekly lessons.

Posted Jul 7, 2021
Holly P.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Great teacher. I feel very comfortable during lessons. And I also feel confident that I'll grow and reach my goals with my acoustic guitar.

Posted Aug 22, 2020
Diana Y.
Profile-location-online Online

First lesson was so informative. Jumped right in and he knew exactly where to start with me and what I needed. .Great personality and knows how to teach, that coming from a teacher myself. Looking forward to the next one!

Posted Mar 31, 2020
Profile-location-home Student's Home

Great Lesson!

Posted Mar 26, 2020
Conor M.
Profile-location-home Student's Home

Great first lesson! Was great with my 7 year old son.

Posted Mar 5, 2020
Annabelle J.
Profile-location-online Online

Super patient and very good with kids. Added on guitar lessons as I see us being long term students.

Posted Aug 29, 2019
Cole S.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Gregory is a great teacher, he is so patient! He has a great way of getting through to the student. My son really enjoys going to piano. 🎹

Posted Aug 13, 2019
Victoria B.
Profile-location-home Student's Home

Gregory was great! Looking forward to the next lesson :0)

Posted May 14, 2019
Stéphane B.
Profile-location-online Online

Great first class! Thanks Gregory

Posted Dec 3, 2018
Jondren H.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Gregory is an awesome guy who's very good at making you feel comfortable as he teaches. You can definitely see his passion for music!

Posted Jul 16, 2018
Ben W.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

After studying singing off and on for more than 30 years, i won't be surprised if anyone calls him the best singing teacher in Los Angeles. He has the best sets of vocal exercise which can relax your voice, build your resonance, and help you hit your notes accurately in your range. Very very happy to have him teaching me.
--ben wang

Posted Jun 12, 2018
Profile-location-online Online

My son loves working with Greg. He is patient, creative and encouraging. We are so happy with the lessons.

Posted Mar 10, 2018
Profile-location-home Student's Home

I learned SO much in this first lesson! I'm so grateful! Can't wait for the next one!

Posted Feb 4, 2018
Joey Gabra
Profile-location-home Student's Home

The first lesson was really great and informative.
Greg was easy to talk to and very knowledgable...and was able to show me some really great things to help me work better in my recording studio.

Highly recommended!

Posted Jul 8, 2016
Tresa Brown
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

Gregory Valens Luv is a phenomenal vocal coach. He's very detailed in teaching you structure of the body to relax you and open you up for singing. I love his technique. I find myself very relaxed and limber which brings out the best in me. He's very creative and shares various types of vocalizations to help you with every style of music. He's also got a sweet spirit and that makes it very enjoyable to come to class.

Posted Mar 3, 2016
Max G.
Profile-location-home Student's Home

Great teacher, with advanced knowledge and skill in his profession.

Posted Jan 29, 2016
Profile-location-home Student's Home

I have taken guitar lessons with Greg. He is very patient and takes extra care to make sure that I understand the concepts in the lesson before moving on. He is able to determine a student’s experience level and skill set, and teach at any level from beginner to advanced. One of the things that I appreciate very much from Greg is that he has helped me develop my own unique style. My playing and songwriting skills have improved dramatically. Much thanks to Greg. I highly recommend him.

Posted Jan 29, 2016
Erikka I.
Profile-location-home Student's Home

Greg is a fantastic teacher who clearly loves music. He makes classes fun and is very encouraging. I felt I was hopeless at music to start and when we concluded lessons I felt like I could actually sing.

Posted Nov 12, 2015


Posted Nov 12, 2015
Hayden M.
Profile-location-home Student's Home

Gregory was patient and energetic. Cry son had a good time.

Posted Jul 18, 2015
Rick M.
Profile-location-studio Teacher's Studio

It was a very good first lesson. Thanks, Gregory.

Posted Jul 15, 2015
Adam M.
Profile-location-home Student's Home

Gregory is a great teacher! Clearly has a love for what he does and teaching others his craft. He's super supportive and brings a great energy to your lessons. More than willing to go above and beyond for his students. He helped me immensely with my voice.

Posted Aug 13, 2014
laurie M.


Very good, supportive, and knowledgeable my kids love him

Posted Mar 6, 2014
Melodie H.

Great with kids

My 11 year-old son recently started electric guitar lessons with Greg. I am impressed with how patient and personable he is with kids. Thanks to Greg, my son is have a positive learning experience that's both fun and interactive. I would highly recommend him for music related lessons if you have children.
A very impressed parent

Posted Feb 27, 2014
Space O.

Excelllent Music and Voice teacher

Studying with Greg was a wonderful experience. I'd sung as a teenager in choir and had studied music as a child. As an adult I wanted to study voice for creative outlet and found Greg through a friend. He got me started immediately on vocal exercises, some music theory to train my ear and we selected songs that I was interested in. I broke through some 'blocks' I had about singing in front of another person and really made progress. I feel much more confident with expressing myself through my voice. Incidentally, I saw Greg perform with one of his students who got a recording contract -- he's a wonderful musician on guitar, piano and voice. A pleasure to watch and then bring that back to the lessons. I highly recommend him as a teacher !

Posted Feb 16, 2014
Vincent R.

Gregory took me from not knowing how to play a thing to playing guitar and singing in a band in just under a year.

I didn't know what to expect from Gregory because the teachers teaching my friends all taught the same and they didn't want to practice all that much. Greg has worked with some of my idols/ rock stars and he doesn't fool around-he gets you into what you really need to know to get to where you want to go, fast. Thank God for Gregory ValensLuv being my teacher. My friends are thinking about switching to him. I highly recommend him. He's professional, well dressed, punctual, polite and knows what he's doing. Hemay be a little more expensive than the average teacher, but you get what you pay for.

Posted Jan 26, 2014
J. C.

Gregory is truely a wonderful teacher

In all honesty I can't say enough good things about Gregory's teaching. He is technically excellent, patient, generous, very knowledgeable, and a great deal of fun.

Posted Jan 1, 2014
dorit C.

Really have enjoyed working with Gregory

It has been a dream of mine to become a friend to my voice and let it delight me. Years ago I took voice lessons and remembered how freeing that experience was. When I found Gregory and started lessons it all came back, the feeling of opening, of expansion, of joy. Gregory has taught me much about my capacity to sing, skills to develop my voice and most importantly hoe to expand out to the world through song. It has been a delight to work work with him over a two year period. He is knowledgable, sensitive and very encouraging.

Posted Dec 29, 2013
Tony J.

Gregory V is the best, ever!

I didn't realize all the opportunities that were waiting for me when I began lessons with Greg. I started so I could learn guitar, but before long we were practicing vocals, bass, songwriting, music theory, piano, and singers yoga! Greg is well educated in all fields of music, and any questions you have he can more than likely help you with. Music to him isn't just a skill, but a way of life. ~ Train Girl ~ guitar, voice, piano & bass student

Posted Dec 18, 2013
Gregory V.

An awesome Voice & Guitar Instructor!

My daughter took voice lessons with Gregory around 6 years ago but for us it's as if it was yesterday. We will never forget his amazing spirit and his incredible talent. Gregory is complety connected and immersed in his lessons. He makes his students feel special while at the same time developing their voices. The results are immediate and as a matter a fact my daughters friend which I thought to be tone deaf took a lesson and the transformation was incredible. I can not say enough about him as a person or as a teacher!

Geraldine R.

Posted Nov 27, 2013

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Musician/ Teacher
Jun 1986 - Present

ValensLuv Voice & Music

Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter & Director of Music blessed to work with such artists & group members of The Supremes, Prince, P-Funk, Motown, ,Alice in Chains, Beck, Black Crowes, Stylistics, Tom Petty & personal instructor to families of Rod Stewart, Casey Casem and Earth Wind & Fire.

Teacher/ Musician
Jan 1986 - Present

ValensLuv Voice & Music

Playing music as a very young child and began teaching at age 15. Confident & encouraging in situations -sensitive and open to student as an individual, I regard this to be vital for their self confidence and artistic style.


B.A. Music Composition, Credits toward M.A. Music Education
Aug 1989 - Dec 1995

Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, Pa



Fluent / Native Proficiency


CalSAC-The Role of Staff in Behavior Guidance
Aug 2015

California School-Age Consortium

A course completed while teaching voice & music at an after-school program for children & teens in NoHo Arts District.


Certificate of Appreciation
Oct 2015

Hands 4 Hope After School Arts Program;Lydia Floyd:CEO, Diane Allen:Program Director-North Hollywood Arts District


Music Teachers' Association of California
Jan 2007
MTAC aspires to be the recognized leader in (1) Student Programs, which make a positive impact in the quality of music education and in the lives of music students; (2) Member Programs, which inspire quality teaching, the pursuit of ongoing teacher education and member involvement with community outreach; (3) a thriving Foundation, which funds Student Programs and member needs through its investments, donations, and grants.
Broadcast Music Inc.
Jan 2001
One of three United States performing rights organizations, along with ASCAP and SESAC. It collects license fees on behalf of songwriters, composers, and music publishers and distributes them as royalties to those members whose works have been performed. In FY 2013, BMI collected more than $944 million in licensing fees and distributed $814 million in royalties.

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