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Gabriel G.

Houston, Texas
About Gabriel G.

Hey, my name is Gabriel. During much of my early life I was in search of what would be my passion in life to pursue. It was when I began playing the guitar that I found my true passion in life. It has allowed me to grow and develop myself both as a musician and as an individual. Not only am I extremely experienced as a guitar player, but I also have extensive In-depth knowledge about music theory, technique, and styles. Along with guitar, I also play the Trombone and Drums. My goal is to spread music to others because I firmly believe that music should be an integral part of everyone's life. Please contact me if you are interested in learning how to play guitar. I will develop you into a musician with no limits. *** Lesson Details *** In my opinion music is often misunderstood, especially when someone is beginning to learn how to play a certain instrument. You see, I believe music needs to be understood and approached as if you are learning a new language, however it is a language that is natural to everyone. I have always viewed music as the spiritual language of our soul, and often I see many musicians mistake that. They see music and play it in a mechanical, almost even robot-like way, which creates for them so many limitations to their abilities. I promise that you will love my style of teaching. I will develop you into such a strong musician that speaks the music they play with emotion, inflection, and impact. Not just "sound" it out, so to speak, which is what many do. I am very flexible and we can work out a schedule that best fits your needs. In my lessons I will teach you all the fundamentals of music, guitar techniques, styles of playing, music theory, improvisation, and composing as well as many other aspects of music and playing. Each lesson will be tailored to each individual. This means that in the beginning I will evaluate where you are as a guitar player as well as a musician in general, and create a lesson plan that focuses on identifying and mastering your strengths/weaknesses, developing your style of playing, and teaching you to play at a professional level. Yes it will be an extensive and thorough process, but I promise that I will make it so enjoyable, pleasurable, and therapeutic for you that you will not even realize how far you will progress. Please contact me so we can get started. It's all up to you.

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Age: 5+

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Good choice for 11 year old math tutor I hired Gabriel to tutor my 5th grade granddaughter, Cassie, in math in our home. We found him to be very polite, professional, and related well to Cassie, making the lesson more enjoyable for her. Gabriel came prepared, communicated to me before arriving, and spent a little extra time explaining how he works to us adults, still giving Cassie the full hour of tutoring. I highly recommend Gabriel for elementary age math tutoring.

Posted Feb 10, 2014

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