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Get better at playing the piccolo with lessons delivered by an experienced piccolo player.
I have studied and performed on piccolo for many years and have helped many flutists learn piccolo for the first time or improve from their current level. My piccolo teachers were Stephanie Mortimore of the MET Opera Orchestra and Mindy Kaufman of the New York Philharmonic.
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Originally from Massachusetts, I have been teaching children and adults flute for 30 years. I teach from the very beginner student to the very advanced and I have additional training in the Suzuki Method which is especially helpful for beginning young children. I am primarily a classical flute teacher with extensive experience playing in various classical music settings. My approach is friendly and patient. As I get to know my students, I can better guide them to accomplish the goal of learning flute but, in the process, I never lose sight o the person whom I am teaching. It has to be a pleasant experience as well as challenging. I have learned throughout the years when to relax my expectations of perfection and when to intensify them. I am looking for a good attitude in my students. My students come to me trying their best during the lesson time and also making time in their schedules to practice. Every student is different and has different goals. I consider the differences while I am teaching them. My younger students don't usually know how serious they are about the instrument. For them especially, it has to be fun and interesting. I make every effort to combine my students in small chamber music groups for recitals. Nearly all of my students participate in regular studio recitals with a pianist provided to accompany them. My private teachers include: Ransom Wilson (Yale), Denis Bouriakov of the L.A. Symphony, Mindy Kaufman of the NYPhil, Stephanie Mortimore of the MET Orchestra, Linda Chesis of the Manhattan School of Music, Bernard Goldberg of the Pittsburgh Symphony and Philip Kaplan and Paul Fried of the Boston Symphony

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Teacher's Studio

Our son attended a neighborhood concert and was struck with the idea that he’d like to learn to play the flute. We knew absolutely nothing about flutes at that time, but we consider ourselves so, so fortunate that Frannie came to us by recommendation. Frannie is fun and has a great sense of humor. She is endlessly patient and relaxed, but also firm when she needs to be. She always keeps the music interesting for him – for example, after a period of working hard on the pieces in the Suzuki Method repertoire, she encourages him to mix it up and play some things just for fun, like the popular themes to Star Wars and Harry Potter. Our son, now 9, has been studying with Frannie for almost a year now, and I cannot believe how much he has grown and improved in such a short amount of time. Frannie inspires him to play his very best; he works hard to emulate her gorgeous tone. He absolutely loves his weekly lessons, he looks forward to her student recitals, and he is motivated to practice every day. It is a beautiful thing to watch your child fall in love with making music, and we credit this to Frannie. She has our highest recommendation.

Posted Feb 14, 2017
Teacher's Studio

I took lessons with Frannie for more than ten years, starting at age 4 in an introduction to music class at the Brooklyn Music School. Through her I found not just a great love for music but a lens through which I discovered and learned about the world. With Frannie, once a week for nearly my entire childhood, I would learn to practice and work at a piece or phrase, or to interpret and have and opinion on music I played, or to play like I mean every note, and so on endlessly. Those skills were some of the earliest and most important lessons I had about how to live and enjoy my life, and art, and how to work hard, and care about what I do for my own sake and no one else's. And I don't believe just any teacher could have done that for me. Since moving on I have often felt a different excitement and deep understanding of music than many of the peers I met who have spent far more time than me studying music. I'm still a musician. I graduated recently from Bard College with a degree in music and have since played onstage in a very successful off-broadway musical. I've played in many orchestras including with graduate & conservatory students at Bard, with the New York Youth Symphony Orchestra, and at LaGuardia High School (formerly Music & Art). I have moved on to other instruments, and forms of music, but I credit Frances not just for showing me how much I love music but for teaching me in many ways how to enjoy and get what I want from life. I can't recommend her enough.

Posted Mar 28, 2016
Teacher's Studio

My daughter Coco studied with Frances for a number of years. Without question Francis was the best music teacher Coco ever had, and she's had quite a few. Francis is generous, creative, and inspiring to work with, she has the perfect balance of qualities that a music student needs. She's highly motivating and makes demands of her students which stretch them to achieve their full potential, yet she never pushes past their limits; Coco never felt stressed by her practice but always wanted to fulfill the expectation of excellence which Francis instilled in her. Francis always led by example and was kind, supportive, and a lot of fun to work with. She's also disciplined, reliable, and punctual. I give her the highest recommendation.

Posted Feb 2, 2016
Music Partner's Teacher
Oct 2003 - Present
Group Flute Instruction at various NYC Public Schools fostering life skills of working together, listening and group projects all based around the goal of presenting high level bi-yearly performances.
Private Flute Teacher
Sep 1987 - Present
Frannie's Flute Studio
Private Flute, Recorder and Chamber Music Instruction to all levels and ages of students. Audition preparation for College, High School and Middle School. My students have been accepted into Manhattan School of Music, Mannes School of Music, New York Youth Symphony, Inter School Orchestras of NYC, La Guardia High School, Lucy Moses Special Music High School, New York University, University of Chicago, McGill University in Canada. More recently, in 2021, a former student of mine won the New York Flute Club's Young Artist Competition.
Flute, Recorder and Music Theory Teacher
Sep 1990 - Dec 2000
Brooklyn Music School
Worked with young children in weekly private lessons on flute and developed a new class called, Introduction to Instruments Class for 5-7 year old children using the recorder as a step up instrument to their choice of instruments offered at the school. I taught music theory classes and prepared many students for bi-yearly recitals. While there, I performed regularly in The Brooklyn Music School's Concert Series from 1996-1999
M.A. Flute Performance
Sep 1999 - May 2002
Queens College
B.M. Flute Performance
Sep 1988 - Jun 1992
Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music
Diploma in Flute Performance
Sep 1978 - Jun 1982
Boston Conservatory of Music
Native Proficiency
Suzuki Level 8
Jun 2022
Wendy Stern Flute Studio
In depth training and exploration of the repertoire included in Suzuki Book 8 of the Suzuki Method. Advanced articulation including the production of "Bell Tones" through the study of Quantz's Flute Concerto in G Major and Fauré's Fantasy for Flute and Piano.
Suzuki Level 3
Jun 1999
Great Lakes Suzuki Institute for Flute and Harp
Developing the ability to produce a wide variety of tonal colors and dynamic range necessary to perform Book 3 repertoire. More focus on finger technique and duet playing.
Suzuki Level 1A, 1B
Jun 1997
Chicago Suzuki Institute
1A. Beginner Level. Use of a very specific rice spitting technique to develop the musculature necessary for correct tongue placement and embouchure formation. Playing on the Head Joint alone and listening to beginner songs on C.D. 1B. Advanced Beginner Level. Putting Flute together and Playing the Songs provided by the Suzuki Method Book and continuing listening to C.D. of repertoire.
Suzuki Level 2
Jun 1996
Western Massachusetts Suzuki Institute
Phrasing, Breath Control and more advanced finger and tonguing techniques using Book 2 repertoire.
Mar 1999
New York Symphonic Arts Ensemble
Jun 1995
Mannes School of Music
Artist Fellowship
Jun 1994
Bowdoin College Summer Music Festival
National Flute Association
Jan 2015
The National Flute Association, founded in 1972, is the largest flute organization in the world. Approximately 5,000 members from more than 50 countries join together in person, online, at conventions, informally and in forums, through publications and classrooms, in performance, in friendship and collegiality. Guided by its goals to encourage a higher standard of artistic excellence for the flute, its performers, and its literature, members include leading soloists, orchestral players, jazz and world music performers, teachers, adult amateurs, and students of all ages.
Suzuki Association of the Americas
Sep 1997
The Suzuki Association of the Americas (SAA) is a coalition of teachers, parents, educators, and others who are interested in making music education available to all children. The SAA provides programs and services to members throughout North and South America.
Suzuki Association of the Americas, Inc.
Jul 1997
The Suzuki Association of the Americas, Inc. is the not-for-profit organization officially licensed to support, guide, and promote Suzuki education in North, Central, and South America. The SAA was founded in 1972 and currently has about 8,000 members.
New York Flute Club
Sep 1982
Founded in 1920 by eminent flutist Georges Barrère, composer Lamar Stringfield, and a group of their associates, The New York Flute Club is the oldest such organization in the United States. Barrère's idea in starting the Club was to provide a common meeting ground for the professional, student, and amateur; a place where less experienced players could hear new and unusual music for the flute as well as the classic repertory played by fine artists; a place where all might find performance opportunities helpful to the development of their own talents.

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Instructor details
Teaches 3 subjects. Different subject may have different prices.
This teacher is not currently accepting students