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Harp with Dr. Diane S.

Walton, Kentucky

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Age: 12+
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Teaching since 2000
Ph.D. in Philosophical Theology
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All About Starting or Continuing the Harp with Dr. Diane Schneider!

Hello! I started my harp teaching life as a research doctor and therapist, using harp vibrations with patients for 9 years in Mayo Clinic hospitals. I recorded my main album, Harp Of Hope, as a harp therapy treatment to help people with anxiety and other symptoms. I began to meet many people who wanted to learn harp for healing their own symptoms. So I began to teach harp, specializing in adult beginners. I am a Conservatory-trained harpist and pianist, so I emphasize good technique, but I want my students to enjoy life. So I try to fill lesson times with peace, laughter, and joy in the music. That's what it's all about! I live on a beautiful lake in Northern Kentucky, near Cincinnati, Ohio. I teach there, and I sometimes gather my local students at the lake for an informal "harp retreat", including food, fun conversation, and lots of playing together! Most of my students are adults who have always wanted to play the harp but never knew a teacher, or had the time, until now... so, if that's you, too, I look forward to meeting you! Try a first lesson, and see how peaceful and fun it is to enter the beautiful world of harp! I will be at your side to help you with everything you need to get started. You will never regret adding this wonderful skill to your life.

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Teacher's Studio
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Teaches Online

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About Dr. Diane S.

Music gives me so much joy in life, that I simply love teaching it to others! I especially want prospective students to know that I specialize in ADULT beginners--because they know how to focus, and they have such appreciation for the joy that music brings! By age 9, I was a piano student who, at age 12, went to the College-Conservatory of Music in Cincinnati with plans of becoming a concert pianist. I won a major piano competition at 15; but by 19, an injury to my hand changed my plans, and later led me very unexpectedly into a different career--law school! After finding a wonderful harp teacher, Joan Ceo, at the University of Kentucky, I discovered a whole new world of beautiful music... that also calmed and nourished my heart and soul. Later, while living and training post-grad in Canada, I worked in churches and hospitals as a theologian and chaplain, learning the amazing effects harp can have. I moved to Minnesota and began my own harp studio in 2000, doing concerts, and creating a wonderful harp circle that is still performing together. The Mayo Clinic there hired me after I pioneered a harp therapy method that had great results with lowering blood pressure, stabilizing heart arrhythmias, calming anxiety, and bringing peace to painful situations. I recorded Harp Of Hope and other therapeutic harp CD's during that time, which Mayo Clinic patients still use. In 2004, I moved to St. Augustine, FL to work at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville. But I still tour there to do concerts and teach from my part-time home near the beach (which is also a vacation rental that students enjoy!). I came back to Northern Kentucky in 2010 to be closer to my family (YES, I have moved a lot!), I created a therapeutic harp program in the Dept. of Psychiatry at a major Cincinnati hospital. This year, I was very excited to begin teaching both harp and piano online, because I can reach so many more students this way. It is wonderful to bring people from all corners of the world together through music!
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TakeLessons Student
My instructor was so nice and so patient. I can’t wait for my next one!
Posted May 31, 2024
Teacher's studio
As a former (now retired) professional career musician, my experience in working with Diane has surpassed my expectations. Her knowledge and skills in providing technical guidance through the virtual platform has been effective and enjoyable. Her expertise is apparent and she clearly loves what she does as she exudes that in sessions with her .... her multiple 5 star reviews speak for themselves and attest to her competence as a teacher, and implicitly endorse a recommendation to select her as the person you would benefit greatly should you decide to engage her as your teacher and guide
Posted Dec 11, 2022