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Carter W.
Tustin, California
Hello! I am a private music instructor specializing in woodwind instruments looking to take on clarinet, flute and saxophone students in the Orange County area! My lessons consist of a well balanced coverage of exercises (scales, note patterns, etudes, duets, major repertoire, etc) geared towards building a solid foundation in playing technique. This allows each student to be accurate and expressive with a sense of ease in their playing! Students of the studio are also thrown into the world of music! They are strongly encouraged to attend concerts, listen to music regularly, and attend masterclasses. The goal is not just to learn an instrument, but to also develop a life-long love and appreciation for music! I am very proud to say that my students soar through their band and orchestra programs in school and obtain a sound quality/sense of musicality way beyond their grade level! The majority of my students excel past their school music programs! They join youth/honor bands and orchestras, chamber music programs, and solo competitions! I am a music teacher with the Music Teachers Association of California (MTAC) so most of my students participate in Certificate of Merit every year. CM is a progressive music exam program made up of 10 levels of musical accomplishment in which students (based on their level) perform solos, scales, sight-reading and a music theory exam in front of a committee. This enforces a well rounded musical education for a minimal cost!
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I believe that everyone has the ability to enjoy and be expressive on an instrument. It is poor instruction and a lack of passion in music education that allows students to become frustrated and bored, ultimately pushing them to quit their instruments. My goal as a music educator is not only to teach the mechanics of an instrument, but to also inspire a life-long passion for music. Therefore I make a point to encourage students to explore all the music there is to be had in their surrounding environment! This includes attending concerts, listening to great recordings and savoring all the music that our modern-day media has to offer! I am proud to say that the majority of my students develop a great interest in music, fueling them to push past their difficulties and achieve a high standard of musical performance! With a mission in constant musical exploration I teach a thorough curriculum of scales, exercises, duets and standard solo repertoire pieces. Surrounding all this is a foundation in music theory. This pedagogical study will enable a fun and easy experience when students pick up their instruments to perform music! In addition to this private study I strongly encourage my students to reach out for extra-curricular musical activities outside their school music programs. This includes pursuing honor bands/orchestras, chamber music, music competitions and effective musical examinations such as Certificate of Merit. I believe a constant setting and achieving of goals is the foundation of growth in anything we do and music is no exception.

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After more than fifty years of not touching a clarinet since high school band, one pursuit in retirement was to perform better than my mediocre past. My instruction from Carter has given me tools to achieve my goals with specific insights as to posture, embouchure position, tongue/oral cavity form, fingering, interpretation and more. I always received functional answers to my many questions.

Posted Aug 25, 2021

I've been learning for about 6 weeks now and could not ask for more. Excellent teacher helping me reach the goals I have as fast I can yet always with excellence and integrity to the pride of the instrument. Awesome.

Posted Sep 11, 2020