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Carlena G.

Jamaica, NY

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Carlena teaches: Females 7 to 50
Males 10 to 45
Teaching since: June 1992
Last sign in: More than two months


Instructor/Trainer/Choreographer/Producer Carlena CrazyCee Gourdine is a pioneer she is world renown for her contributions to the dance industry.
With a career spanning over 28 years Still On My Grind I do not sell false hopes so therefore; I do not enhance celebrities I create RISING STARS! 3 decades to enhance others with her gifts of proper instructing techniques that has proven to be not only needed but now required.

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Dance Mogul Magazine caught up with Carlena 2 find out about her dance history & how she has managed 2 survive a male dominated art form.


Senior Artistic Director/ Producer / Choreographer / Street Dance Trainer / Instructor
Jun 1992 - Present
CrazyCee Productions/Carlena Gourdine's Learning Institute 4 The Urban Arts

CrazyCee Productions &
"Carlena Gourdine's Learning Institute 4 The Urban Arts"
Ms. Gourdine's program is in equivalent and as intense as Ballet & African dance training;
With Ms. Gourdine's Strong Discipline, Dedication, Determination & Teamwork, she incorporates teaching each student(S) / participant Self respect as she infuses her core training of helping to
improve self esteem while learning how to become strong dancers/athletes.
Join the most educational, authentic 4 Elements of our Hip Hop culture.
Receive hands on treatment from a veteran in her field of expertise!


Hip Hop Culture Award
Jan 2017
Hip Hop Culture Awards

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Carlena Gourdine
Carlena G.

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