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Duluth, GA
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    5 & Up

    Teaching since

    August 2003

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    35.0 hours

    About Cameron


    Qualifications: 20+ years of playing experience, 13+ years of teaching experience, Winner of the international 2012 Next Bend Note Talent Competition for guitarists, Honors graduate of the Atlanta Institute of Music, 18+ years of composing/songwriting experience

    Teaching Philosophy: In all my years as a musician, I have seen firsthand how musical training benefits the student. It is about so much more than just learning to play the notes along with your favorite song; it actually enriches lives by fostering creativity, confidence, discipline, & self-expression, and it enhances problem-solving and learning skills that students carry with them outside the practice room. It is with this in mind that I take such pride in teaching! I teach students of all ages and skill levels, and I tailor each lesson to the needs and interests of the student. I help the student to continually set new goals, then break them down into small, manageable steps that will help the student grow into the musician he/she wants to be!

    *** Lesson Details ***
    It is always my primary goal in any lesson to serve the student's interests and needs. My own journey as an artist has given me a unique insight into the difficulties and questions that students face, and I use my experience to show them the way onward. I introduce students to new musical avenues that they might not have realized existed, and I utilize a broad range of methods to make the student as well-rounded as possible. I can teach a wide range of styles, including rock, jazz, classical, country/bluegrass, R&B, funk, Latin, and more. Areas that I teach include: music theory, technique, reading, notation, composition and songwriting, ear training, and fretboard organization. I also specialize in a number of technical approaches, including "shred" techniques (8-finger tapping, sweeping, legato, etc.) and fingerstyle techniques (country or classical style).

    *** Studio Equipment ***
    Spare room w/ amps, guitars, and seating for parents

    *** Travel Equipment ***
    I have guitar(s), instruction books and related materials, and an amplifier. I expect the student to have his/her own guitar and any of the assignments from previous lessons.

    *** Specialties ***
    My specialties include jazz, rock, blues, composition & arranging, improvisation

    Photos and Videos

    This is the first track from my album Between The Lines, entitled "Jackknife on a Hairpin". The album is available on iTunes,, and!
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    3 Reviews on Cameron A.

    FaimolaG Jul 11, 2012
    great teacher

    Cameron is a great teacher. It's clear that he loves music and loves teaching. I really enjoy my lessons with him
    elizabethm Jul 5, 2012

    I was looking for a guitar instructor for some time for my son who is 8 years old. And after seeing how Cameron teaches and interacts with my child I know I finally found "the perfect instructor" for him. Cameron is a very sweet and knowledgeable person and my son feels very comfortable around him. He is not pushy but has a nice/patient method to teach kids. We are very pleased with Cameron!
    LizW Feb 20, 2012
    Cameron is a talented guitar player and very patient and pleasant to work with instructor.