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Anna C.

Shakopee, MN

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Anna delivers an exceptional lesson experience and ranks in the top 15% of our teachers nationwide.
Teaches students:
Ages 18 to 70

Teaching since:
September 2010

Hi, my name is Anna. As an orphan, I grew up in Hungary in a foster home. At a very young age I was already exposed to music. It kind of blew me away. I didn't know how something could be so beautiful, and it was like a miracle for me. Then and there, I knew that something special was waiting for me ahead. When I was 3, I didn't talk for a long time, but I did do one thing: sing. At that point my life has totally changed. I began my long journey. My foster parents got me into a music school, called Janos Patzay Music School. I knew immediately what I wanted to be. I built my whole life on music. It always filled up a very special place in my heart, it still does, and it always will. I started to learn the violin when I was 5 years old. Being in a music environment always gave me strength, made me feel safe, and made me stronger as a person. I decided to learn more, and to grow, I must never give up on my dreams. After elementary school, in 1998, I went to Bela Bartok Music High School, and graduated in 2002. I continued studying music at the University of Miskolc Bela Bartok Institute of Music trough 2004-2008. Those four years were some of the best years of my life. In college, I changed my major to viola instead of violin. I am never going to forget the day of my diploma concert (April 27,2008, Sunday). It was wonderful. All the hard work and studying got me here to this point. I had no family being there for me all these years, nothing really, only God and music. Knowing the fact what I wanted kept me going in the hard times. In 2003, I met with a pastor from the United States who were on a mission trip in Hungary, in the orphanage I lived. Nothing can describe it, not even words what we had. I felt like I always knew her. I used to say I was born in a wrong place in a wrong time. After my diploma concert she and her husband adopted me. Today I am able to say that I have a family, a real family with true love. So, I came here to study English (ESL) at the University of Minnesota for a year and a half. Not having time for me to practice and not have music around me for a little over than a year, it made me really sad. I was depressed, and I thought I am going to get crazy. Music was totally cut out from my life. In 2009, I finally had my music back. I was enrolled in Crown College for 2 years. I attended the school's chamber orchestra and quartet, and I also attended other classes as well ( English, drawing, painting, and piano). I have been in different chamber groups through all of my schools (duet, trio, quartet, symphony orchestra, chamber orchestra). I also studied how to teach violin ( teaching techniques) for four years in college. I observed teaching methods at the Beni Egressy Music School once every week. In my fourth year of college, I was also teaching little ones, and after my diploma concert I also had to do a diploma teaching.

I live in Shakopee, and I've been married for six years now. I made a little music studio in my home, that's where I teach most of my students. I have a couple of music stands, and I have my own instruments (violin, viola). I will be able to teach in Shakopee, in Victoria, and on online. I would be teaching from published repertoire, and my own as well. I would be more than happy to answer any questions as it appears. I'll be always available at my email. (

It was a long and hard journey, but I never gave up. I became what I wanted to be, what I always dreamed of. With God's love and with music, everything is possible.

*** Lesson Details ***
I am a kind of teacher (person) who is more laid back, make sure everything and everybody is comfortable, yet challenging and expecting good work. I like to make a lesson be worth it: as for me and as for the child. I use a combination of fun and work together, because I think it's important for the student to feel relaxed and also have a good time.
I am really patient with my students, while helping them master new songs and techniques. I understand that every student learns in a different way that is unique to them, and I will do my best to discover each student's learning style. I do not ask for perfection, but I do drive them to do their best.This is my motto: "Do the best you can", and "Be the best you can be".
I am a classically trained musician, and I believe that it's really important to have a strong foundation of learning the basics: reading notes, rhythms, a little bit of music theory etc. Everything else builds on this, for example, like learning and playing different styles or genres in music. You have to know the basics in order to be able to play them.
In each lesson, I will have assignments for the students to work on throughout the week: 1 song for 30 minute lesson, 1-2 songs for 45 minute lesson, 2-3 songs for an hour lesson, and I will always ask for a specific scale at the beginning of every lesson. How fast or slow we can move forward, and how much we can learn it's really depends on the students. These assignments will be showed first (I'll play it to the student), then we work on them together. I'll make sure they understand what I am showing and telling them before leaving. I will also have technique exercises, and music theory sheets for students.
I take practice very seriously. The amount of time I recommend is varies according to the student's age and skill level.
Students will have a recital once a year. They will show what they have learned through the year. I also encourage students to share their talent in community and school talent shows, at church, at family gatherings, and for friends.
Note: I do have cats in my home. If you or your child has a problem with cat allergies, I can teach in Victoria, give lessons in our church.

*** Studio Equipment ***
The In-Studio lessons are taught in a finished basement which has been converted into a studio. Music stands and seating available.

Fellowship Church: Lessons in sanctuary.

*** Travel Equipment ***
Student should provide their own instrument, music and stand

*** Specialties ***
I primarily perform classical, so I would be most comfortable teaching the classical repertoire.

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Violin, viola instructor
Jun 2014 - May 2016
Forte Music Academy

violin, viola teacher
Sep 2013 - Jan 2015
Crown College Music Academy

violin and viola instructor
Feb 2013 - Jan 2015
St. Barnabas Center for the Arts


Bachelor's degree in music
Sep 2004 - May 2008
University of Miskolc (Hungary) Bela Bartok Institute of Music
High School diploma
Sep 1998 - May 2002
Bela Bartok Music High School, (Miskolc, Hungary)
Music School diploma
Sep 1987 - Jun 1997
Janos Patzay Music School


Limited Proficiency
Fluent / Native Proficiency

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Photo by Anna C.

Photo by Anna C.

Photo by Anna C.

Photo by Anna C.


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Jodanne T. Dec 7, 2014
Violin · In studio

Anna has a wonderful rapport with our son. This, I'm certain, has greatly improved the quality of the lesson and his willingness to practice. In the very short time (year and a half) that he's been taking violin, he is playing better than many of the longer studied kids in his string orchestra at school, due to the tutelage of Anna.

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Jodanne T. Jun 2, 2014
Violin · In studio

We have been very impressed with Anna and have also received feedback from our son's orchestra instructor that she must be fantastic based on the progress our son has made over the last school year. Thank you, Anna, for all of the encouragement and instruction you've given to our son.

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