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Windsor, CT

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Bob teaches: Ages 8 and up
Special needs
Teaching since: January 1980
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Take Guitar or Bass Guitar lessons from an experienced teacher and Hartt College graduate. In person one on one private lessons or webcam lessons if that is more convenient. Your lessons will be customized for what you want to learn. Rock, Blues, Folk, Country, Classical, Music Theory, chord playing, lead guitar, music reading, songwriting etc. Lessons can be as easy or challenging as you like depending on your goals. If you are new to guitar or bass guitar, if you tried playing guitar before and it didn't work out, or if you have been away for awhile, I'll do my best to make it a rewarding experience. If you have been playing for many years but feel stuck in a rut, I can get you out of it and teach you things you have wanted to learn. Great teaching environment.

Photos and Videos

Lesson on playing lead/improvisation over a I IV V chord progression. Intermediate level but should be interesting to beginners as well.


Guitar Lesson Video Instructor

Jan 2008 - Present
Bob Porri Music

I have continued to record video instruction as well as jam tracks for students and other materials related to guitar instruction. These are available through my website.

Guitar Video Lesson Instructor

Jan 1990 - Present
Windsor Public Television

I recorded a 16 part video instruction series of Beginner Guitar, Rock Guitar and Blues Guitar about 25 years ago for WIN TV, last I was aware, these shows are still shown occasionally by the station.

Guitar Instruction

Jun 1980 - Present

Private Guitar Instructor - self employed.

Music Instructor (guest)

Apr 2013 - Apr 2013
University of Hartford

Guest Instructor.

Guitar Instructor

Jan 1980 - Jan 2004
Riccardo's Music and Arts and LaSalle Music

Taught guitar for many years at Riccardo's Music and Arts stores in Glastonbury, East Hartford and East Windsor, CT, as well as LaSalle Music in East Hartford, CT.

Guitar Instructor

Jan 1990 - Jun 1990
The Learning Exchange

Guitar Class Instructor.


BME (Bachelors of Music Education

Sep 1976 - May 1979
Hartt College

Languages Spoken


Fluent / Native Proficiency



May 1979
Hartt College, University of Hartford, West Hartford, CT.

Bachelors of Music Education degree.



Jan 1996

Broadcast Music Inc. was founded in 1939 by forward-thinkers who wanted to represent songwriters in emerging genres, like jazz, blues and country, and protect the public performances of their music. Operating on a non-profit-making basis, BMI is now the largest music rights organization in the U.S. and is still nurturing new talent and new music.

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Thumb_95112_pi_iphone June 132
Nick Sep 4, 2016
Classical Guitar · In home
Verified Student
I am a bassist of 30 years that decided to jump to classical guitar. Bob has been able to "get through" to me and help me really learn the instrument. I have been exceptionally pleased with how he has worked with me and this keeps me coming back. I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn guitar.
Mike Jul 11, 2016
Guitar · In studio
I'm a middle aged guy who decided he wanted to take guitar lessons about 3.5 years ago and I haven't looked back. I started out with Bob right from the start, as a beginner and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Learning to play guitar has been a significant addition to my life and Bob's style of teaching and demeanor has been a big part of that. Bob is happy to take you in any direction you want. If you just want to learn to play tab, that's ok. If you want to read music and learn some theory, he has you covered. Whether you are an outright beginner or someone with a lot of musical/guitar background, Bob has the patience and skill to take you to whatever level of playing you want to go.
Nicholas Jul 8, 2016
Guitar · In home
Mr. P was my teacher when I was in elementary school. I remember all the times I requested to learn a song I heard on the radio or a song for a talent show, Mr. P will do his very best and help me make it perfect. I loved to have him as my teacher. He was always kind and also understanding. He taught me how to play various songs by memory. I can honestly say that I haven't played the guitar for quite some time but I can still pick it up and play the songs he taught me like Margaritaville, Smoke on the Water, and Cheese Burger in Paradise. I think that he is the best guitar teacher.
Brett Jul 6, 2016
Guitar · In studio
I started studying guitar with Bob in May, 2013, and since then I've added electric bass and explored related topics (e.g. music production) in our lessons. Bob is terrifically skilled at helping me learn and understand specific songs that I've brought as well as appreciate the overall composition process. From our work together, I've begun to really hear how music works and how my instruments fit into it. He's also a kind, encouraging, and committed mentor with a great sense of humor, and I always leave our lessons with a sense that he enjoyed seeing me grow. Whatever your goals, Bob has a vast reservoir of knowledge to assist you in getting there!!!
Zak Jun 29, 2016
Guitar · In studio
Bob is the most knowledgeable musician I have ever known. The foundation, theory, techniques, and tricks he provides you with are priceless and second to none. Bob will guide you to success in whatever aspect of music you wish to pursue; whether that be with songwriting, recording, or even just improving you understand of the instrument and of music itself. This is my fifth year of taking lessons from Bob and all I can say is that he holds an endless supply of guitar secrets that can't be found elsewhere. Above all, Bob's patience and dedication to your improvement make the learning experience way more enjoyable.
Kevin W. Jun 24, 2016
Guitar · In studio
I am someone who decided to take up guitar later in life. I needed a teacher that allowed me to learn at my own pace, yet was able to push me into different directions without overwhelming me. He used music that fit my taste and skill level. He finds a way to keep things light hearted. All this makes his lessons a truly enjoyable experience.

If you are looking to finally fulfill that dream of playing the guitar - Bob is the teacher for you.
TIM Jun 24, 2016
Guitar · In studio
Ive had several guitar teachers through the years, and I can tell you I'm sticking with Bob! Even after moving pretty far away I mulled over stopping lessons or finding someone closer to home, and was agonizing over this decision. I talked this over with a friend who is an accomplished guitarist in his own right, and after answering a few direct questions about the pro's and con's, it was a no brainier! Bob is a special teacher. All the obvious qualities that everyone likes; patience, good teacher, meets the students needs etc. Bob has all those qualities but there is something more. Hard to put into a description but I am inspired by him. Not only as my guitar teacher but he is really a sincere, good funny guy! You absolutely will benefit from having Bob as your teacher
Patrick Jun 21, 2016
Guitar · In studio
I am an adult student and started taking lessons about 12 years ago on an off-and-on basis. I went through three instructors before I found Bob. He is by far and away the best thing that happened to my musical education. I have progressed a great deal since working with him. He has the perfect temperament for a music teacher. He’s very patient, non-judgmental, and encouraging. We work on the songs I choose but he’s thrown in music theory where applicable and made that fun and challenging. I’m working with him on electric guitar, electric slide guitar, acoustic finger picking and acoustic slide, and classical guitar, and he’s on top of all of it. I feel very lucky to be able to work with him.
James Jun 20, 2016
Guitar · In studio
I have been taking lessons from Bob for the past few months: unequivocally the best guitar instructor I have ever had. Bob runs student directed lessons that are catered to my individual preferences, techniques, etc. What I like best is he lets me choose what direction I want to take the lesson and in the process offers tidbits of musical theory to supplement lesson. Bob is always open to exploring new songs and has given me the tools needed to tab out songs independently. I have thoroughly enjoyed dissecting and discussing different songs with Bob (especially that last tricky song!).
Alec Jun 20, 2016
Guitar · In studio
I'm an adult with some piano experience and I decided to take up guitar about 5 years ago. I was incredibly lucky to find Bob only a couple of miles away. Bob is a humble guitar expert with a friendly and easy going approach. He has been great at helping me figure out the next thing I needed to work on and also perfectly happy to follow my interests and work on the styles and songs I've wanted to pursue. I've had a couple of other guitar instructors over the years when I've been out of town for long periods, but Bob's the best. I've seen lots of other students, young and old, coming and going from Bob's studio, and they are all happy to be there! Try Bob - you won't be disappointed.