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Anne teaches: Ages 7 to 80
Special needs
Teaching since: August 2006
Last sign in: More than two months


Anne received her Bachelor's Degree in Music Education with a Vocal Emphasis from Oakland University in Rochester, MI in 2008. She has taught privately since 2006.

Anne uses her experience with performing solos and singing in a variety of ensembles and well as her knowledge of vocal technique, music theory, music history, ear training and piano to best aid her students in improving their voices or beginning their piano studies. She also uses her experience as a voice coach and her understanding of learning theories, specifically Constructivism, to best teach each individual.

Anne has trained under some of the most prominent names in the metro-Detroit area, many of whom have performed around the world in opera and musical theatre productions. Anne has also performed in productions throughout the metro-Detroit area. She uses many of the same methods that her voice teachers used on her, and that have allowed her to grow into a professional singer.

Anne teaches a classical method of vocal technique. The classical method is the foundation. It is up to the individual just how he or she would like to build on it. However, Anne has experience with a wide variety of genres, besides classical, and would be happy to impart this knowledge to her students.

Anne's goal is to provide high quality instruction to students of all ages in order to help them express themselves musically to the best of their combined ability, in time allowed to teach them, in order for them to become independent musicians.

*** Lesson Details ***

I am a kind and welcoming teacher! I understand that everyone's voice is personal and unique. I strive to bring out the best that your voice has to offer. I like to create a comfortable, but on task environment for my students. I understand that students of voice need continued support to develop the vocal mechanism.

The first lesson is not an audition, but a 'getting to know you' session. On this first lesson we simply do a few vocal warm up exercises. This is so that I can get a feel for your voice and so that I will be able to create a personalized program adapted to your vocal needs. I may also ask you to sing a song that you already know- such as Jingle Bells- in both high and low keys so that I can get a sense of what songs would best suit your voice. Following this, if there is a song that you have worked on in your past singing experience, I would encourage you to bring it to this first lesson so that I can get even more of an understanding of where you are at vocally.

Aside from the first day, the usual curriculum consists of theory, warm-ups, sight-reading, and repertoire.

Music Theory is the study of music notation and the rules which govern composer techniques. Depending on the age and experience of the student, they will receive a theory book from which they will do lessons independently. We check these pages together and go over any questions the student has at the beginning of the lesson.

Warm-ups are simple vocal exercises that serve multiple purposes. The first is what the name implies: to warm up your voice. Much like when you warm up your muscles before exercising, your voice also needs some time to prepare itself. Second, this is a perfect opportunity to work on breathing, posture, tone and resonance, that you can then apply to all music you sing. Warm-ups will bring your voice into peak performance mode and you will be ready to succeed on your repertoire.

Sight-reading is learning how to read music through the vocal instrument. With my help, I will teach you to sing music on a page just by looking at and understanding the notation. This helps to develop the ear and also allows you to understand the notes that are above the words that you are singing. My goal with this is that you will come to not need me at all - that you will be able to look at a piece of music and be able to sing it, with out any professional having to play or sing it for you.

That being said, the majority of your lesson will be spent on learning actual music! As stated before, I teach a classical foundation. Many students find classical music to be more taxing when it comes to technique, which is what makes these songs perfect for improving technique. For those who wish to concentrate on musical theatre, pop, jazz, or other genres, we often concentrate our efforts equally on what the student wishes to focus on and classical. As you progress we will move to more challenging or unfamiliar repertoire. It is through new, interesting repertoire, that you will not only improve your voice, but also expand your horizons as you explore and perform new genres that you may not be familiar with.


I typically use the Faber method books for both adults and children. I will insure that you get experience with composition, improvisation and listening along with theory, technique and performance training.

I will also give you ample opportunities to perform through contests and community events, if you chose to do so.

I hope that you will consider voice or piano lessons for yourself or for a family member or friend. I tailor lessons to individual students and will make them fun and worthwhile.

*** Studio Equipment ***
Maniaci Music School: Upright piano, audio cassette recorder, computer and internet, microphone and pa system, copy machine

Home Studio: New studio piano, computer and internet, speakers. ***I have 2 cats at my home studio*** If you are allergic I will not be able to teach you at that location. Maniaci Music School is pet free.

*** Travel Equipment ***
The student must provide a piano or keyboard

*** Specialties ***
Voice, Beginning Piano
I teach a classical method of singing which gives a wonderful foundation for vocal technique. However, it is up to the student how they would like to build on this foundation. After classical, I am most qualified in musical theater, though I also have experience in pop, jazz, rock, country, and R & B.

I also am available to teach beginning piano as I have experience accompanying my voice students.

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Voice and Piano Instructor
Oct 2006 - Present
Maniaci Music School

Voice and Piano private instruction. Assisant to studio owner.

National Federation Judge
Feb 2014 - Feb 2014
Federation of Music Clubs

Voice and Piano Instructor
May 2008 - Feb 2011
Music Achievers Conservatory

Voice and Piano Instructor
May 2009 - May 2010
Rock Star Academy

Voice and Piano Instructor
Aug 2006 - Oct 2006
AXIS Music

Taught voice and piano to students under 18.


Bachelors of Music: Choral Music Education
Aug 2003 - Aug 2008
Oakland University
Choral/General Music Education
Aug 2003 - Jul 2008
Oakland University

Languages Spoken

Limited Proficiency
International Phonetic Alphabet- English, Latin, Italian, German, French
Limited Proficiency


National Association of Teachers of Singing
May 2011

Founded in 1944, National Association of Teachers of Singing, Inc. (NATS) is the largest professional association of teachers of singing in the world with more than 7,000 members worldwide.

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amaryllis Jul 8, 2015
· ·
i also wanted to say one more thing anne if it weren't for you i wouldn't be trying new song genres and i wouldn't be who i am today -emma
amaryllis Jul 8, 2015
· ·
hi im amaryllis anne knows me as emma i love anne she was the best piano and vocal coach ever unfortunately anne is not teaching me any mre and i would love to be with her coaching skills again she has been teaching me since i was 6 and now I'm 12 we had lots of laughs and good times and she is wonderful with vocal warmups an i HIGHLY recommend her anne is the best in my opinion -anne i hope you read this
Kate G. Jul 31, 2014
Verified Student · Piano · In studio
Anne has been fabulous with my daughter. She is a non traditional student, looking to pick up as much piano skill this summer before she heads off to college to pursue a Bachelor of Music in Music Theatre. Anne wasted no time getting my daughter to a place where she is challenged, and has been flexible when we have needed to rearrange times. I'm certain we will be calling on Anne during breaks to keep up with skills learned during her first semester! We so appreciate her willingness to take on a non traditional short term student!
Crystal P. Nov 29, 2013
Verified Student · Singing ·
My singing lessons are so helpful

It is a pleasure to have Anne as a teacher for my singing lessons. I am a senior and felt very uncomfortable even signing up for lessons, Anne made me feel at ease and at home.
She is very professional and I am amazed that she can utilize what she has learned and specifically apply it to my needs.
CrystalP Jun 24, 2012
· ·
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My lessons are coming along great! Anne is a great teacher, she explains everything to me and shows me what she means. This is just what I need. She is very professional with a beautiful voice. Anne is very sincere in what she says. So glad I signed up.
KwantaisM Apr 22, 2012
· ·
Amazing instructor

Anne G is an awesome vocal instructor!! Her way of teaching is simply great.. She makes the lessons fun & she is very patient. I've discovered things I could do with my voice that I had no idea about lol. Since I've been taking lessons with her, I'm more confident, voice is stronger, & my ear is more sensitive to things, etc.. She's the BEST!!!!
BesaM Jan 21, 2012
· ·
Awesome teacher

Noah loves Miss Anne, she really encourages him and he wants to do better and better, we are very happy with Miss Anne.
LinaB Dec 18, 2011
· ·
Anne truly makes the lessons a valuable experience-- as she teaches, but also takes into account you wants, needs and goals. It's fun and educational.
KyleR Sep 23, 2011
· ·
Couldn't be happier with my instructor

If I were to try to learn piano on my own, as I did with guitar and bass, I wouldn't have made it far without Anne. She's very patient and customizes the lessons to what is most important for me. She started me off on scales much earlier than any introduction to piano book would have started me, because she knew my end goal and how best to get there. Her words of encouragement are very important too. Last week, I was feeling like I wanted to quit because I was getting too frustrated and she did what a good instructor should do and kept me going by easing up on the homework a bit so that I didn't feel as overwhelmed. I'm lucky to have her as my instructor, as she has so many students booked into her schedule already.
BasantS Jun 28, 2011
· ·
Great Teacher!

Ms. Anne is extremely patient. I think this is a great virtue in a teacher. I like working with her and in fact this is the longest I have kept learning anything in my life (other than of course mandatory things). I am glad that I chose her and I will continue my lessons with her. Also I think that my progress is good and she gives me good feedbacks.
Anne Gray
Anne G.

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