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Andrea Z.
Denver, Colorado
If you LOVE to sing then...
Every voice is susceptible to training and development. I find people usually lack familiarity, and this is why they fail to satisfy their own ears, obey their own imagination. This is precisely what you can expect to achieve here. I will accompany you with piano or guitar in the songs of your choice. We will produce recordings, listen and learn. Videos to share with friends and family are also fun to make. Let's build you confidence by completing projects that get better and better each time.
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Welcome! One possible snapshot: With piano or guitar, I accompany my student in a song they choose and we create a rendition together, which often culminates in a video or "live studio" type of recording of it. Another possible snapshot: At the piano, I help develop a voice by vocalization, guiding them through an infinitely detailed work of awareness, technique and aural control. Yet another: A singer-songwriter student works with me on their composition. We create a printable, publishable score of their song, reviewing decisions and polishing gestures along the way. You can count on: • Vocal training (correcting the natural faults of the Voice, dissolving rigidity and confinement of the Voice) • All things COMPOSITION • Classical PIANO training • Content-heavy music literacy. Not just the mere "code" of notes and rhythm, but the patterns and qualities of music regarded as movement, gestures and character. • Integrative training for the singer including notions of dramaturgy, mimics, declamation, and most enthusiastically, FOREIGN LANGUAGES. • Guidance to a well-trained attentive HEARING that enables the rise of knowledge and control in music-making regardless of genre. The studio is a broad welcoming space located on the first floor of an old Victorian mansion in the Denver Uptown neighborhood. In Broomfield, I receive students at my living room piano. About me: I have been dedicated for the last 9 years to the historic study of the Operatic Voice. Before that I earned two diplomas in music composition and pedagogy. Composing songs and pieces of music, as well as studying guitar, piano and percussion later, has been a means to further a vital singing desire that burns in my heart since childhood.

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